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  1. Everyone come in for a quick bow

    Howdy everyone.... I'm a INTJ, my name is Chuck.... I figured instead of saying hi like a normal human I would make purpose of a thread. Since this is suppose to be a INTP forum... then obviously we have gathered a distinct group of intellectuals... Why not use that for a purpose? If we get...
  2. INTP personality and school

    I did terrible in school. I was so close-minded I just ignored it. Somewhat a typical kid who was "8 years old going on 30". The only problem is.... being a INTJ I was so independent I was actually naively convinced I was ready for life enough. Strongly elitist somewhat, I basically just...
  3. Waht types do you meet most and least often?

    I be this young grasshoppers brother hahaa...... Its hard to judge someone because everyone has a hidden agenda. I basically classify people as..... Smart-narrow path... Smart-open path... Smart-no path People dependent- extroverted... People dependent- introverted Giver... Seeker... Taker...
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