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  1. Dissident

    I'm nobody

    I thought you were happy with your previous name, even N dispersion and all that :D
  2. Dissident

    My Friends and Family!

    Good post FP. I want to add a different aspect to this. Certain kinds of interaction between people require trust, mostly when sharing personal deep feelings and ideas which puts you in a vulnerable position. In order to do it it's natural to want some kind of evidence to support the idea that...
  3. Dissident

    Suggestions for a puppy?

    Suggestions for a puppy... let me see... *Watch out for cats, they will take their revenge on dogs upon the little ones. *They say toilet water tastes nice, you may want to look into that. *Master the puppy eyes technique, it will provide you all kinds of goodies. *Your thin pupppy teeth are...
  4. Dissident

    Sex, Drugs, and Stupidity

    Indeed, marihuana has never directly killed anybody, it's way less toxic than, for examlpe tobacco, which kills thousands of people evey year around the world. People need information about it, not fear, not hysteria. Each drug is different, some you will certainly want to avoid, others are...
  5. Dissident

    Did you game your myPersonality INTP test?

    At the time I did the test the first time I didn't know anything about MBTI, so at least that one was innocently made. After getting INTP and reading the description I had no doubt that it was my type, then I read more about MBTI. The subsequent tests could have been biased, I'm not really sure...
  6. Dissident

    Most used question: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

    ORLY? :D After that one, yeah, probably "why", sometimes because I want to know, sometimes because I want the other person to think about what he said.
  7. Dissident

    AFC: "Haibane Renmei" from 9.5 to 16.5

    Re: Anime Film Club Let's just watch Paprika and get this thing started, shall we?
  8. Dissident

    Who are we?

    Hello Alok, welcome to the forum. You may want to drop by the introit section to tell us something about yourself or just go ahead and step into whatever catches your eye.
  9. Dissident

    My secret...

    ... I hope you have more interesting secrets than that.
  10. Dissident

    My Fear

    Off-topic: I searched for information on that parasite but didn't find any, found this tho, which is quite interesting: Cat Parasite Affects Human Culture
  11. Dissident

    snapvine box!

    Funny, I mentined that poem almost a year ago, there it was the translation. I think I will follow Kidege steps as well and read something (it beats not knowing what to say :p)
  12. Dissident

    INTPforum Slogan

    I really like that one.
  13. Dissident

    Invisible Boundaries - the discussion

    Yes, I think that is a bad bad idea.
  14. Dissident

    What songs are you listening to?

    Jorane with Bobby McFerrin YouTube- Bobby MCFerrin With Jorane Also: YouTube- Bobby Mcferrin improvisation with Richard Bona (Bobby is awesome)
  15. Dissident

    Precognition, Do You Think It Exists?

    Short answer: No. Long answer: .... No. I dont think bringing up physics helps, the fact that in some theories, under some extreme conditions, specific situations, and non daily life scales weird things are proposed as possible, doesn't mean that your neurons can do them on demand.
  16. Dissident

    Being unknown

    Introspective time: This is mostly my case, but it probably applies to other INTPs as well. I think that one of the causes for this is that we are intellectually precocius and blunt as kids, so we are usually perceived as cold and mean and not behaving the way we "should". This leads to...
  17. Dissident

    RPG Help

    Is this for a videogame or P&P? Do you want help with the system or the story/setting?
  18. Dissident

    What are you playing?

    Final Fantasy XII on an emulator (yes, it works fine), Assassin's Creed and some Dynasty Warriors 6 every now and then.
  19. Dissident

    Chat in IRC

    Noone is "above" anything, that's a bad way to see things.
  20. Dissident

    AFC: "Haibane Renmei" from 9.5 to 16.5

    Re: Anime Film Club I watched A Wind Called Amnesia and it was decent but didn't quite deliver hat it should have, so I'm taking the proposal back.
  21. Dissident

    AFC: "Haibane Renmei" from 9.5 to 16.5

    Re: Anime Film Club The parenthesis was left out of the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paprika_(2006_film)
  22. Dissident

    AFC: "Haibane Renmei" from 9.5 to 16.5

    Re: Anime Film Club The first one or Ex-Machina?
  23. Dissident

    Learn a Word!:– Neglected Vocabulary Thread

    I think we need less words and more discussion about the words. Maybe creative examples of sentences using them, some related issue that involves the word in order to help relating and incorporating the word, etc. For example: Circumlocution is not always negative, it is used a lot in poetry...
  24. Dissident

    AFC: "Haibane Renmei" from 9.5 to 16.5

    Re: Anime Film Club Awesome thread. I propose "A Wind Called Amnesia", which I've been wanting to see for a while (but I haven't so I dont know if it's actually good), the premise is interesting and should fire up some discussion. From Wikipedia: "The Apocalypse didn't come with a BANG...
  25. Dissident

    Board Reshuffle

    This is pretty exciting :D I'm eager to see how it's gonna be when its done.
  26. Dissident

    Word of the Week - Start

    We haven't started yet, QSR. Maybe FP will do it after all.
  27. Dissident

    User Titles.

    True, maybe I should get one. Mhh.. *thinking* Any help would be appreciated
  28. Dissident

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    Blob, that was quite brilliant.
  29. Dissident

    Reading the INTP

    I think there is a decent chance that those feeble, awkward signs are in fact massive, audacious efforts of the guy to try showing you that he is interested. Yep, we can be that inept.:o
  30. Dissident

    Invisible Boundaries - the discussion

    I think that having specific projects and goals in which members could work together would form a sense of comradeship and respect naturally. For example: There were good ideas in Da Blob's University of INTPIA thread also, like the "Linkbrary". I think that this kind of thing would add a lot...
  31. Dissident

    Invisible Boundaries - the discussion

    Re: Invisible Boundaries Oh, I have faith, on she (and us all) managing to do it without a list of rigid, prohibitive rules.
  32. Dissident

    Invisible Boundaries - the discussion

    Re: Invisible Boundaries We'd be in trouble if she got a rash, Jules. :D
  33. Dissident

    Event-related panic.

    It seems a bit odd the scheduling and planning everything part, that doesn't seem very INTP. We are not good at that at all, so no wonder why it doesnt work out. Analyzing the situation is one thing, but planning and scheduling seems like a mistake if you want to have a good time.
  34. Dissident

    Event-related panic.

    Yeah, too much Ti can drive you nuts :p I think developing and engaging your Ne should help, but I'm certainly not an expert on that. Anyway, welcome to the forum.
  35. Dissident

    Melkor 2000 - hugs!

  36. Dissident

    snapvine box!

    Banyo?? But like Chimera said, I was just joking anyway. Chimera, you sound as if you were older, like twenty-something, that kind of surprised me.
  37. Dissident

    Word of the Week - Start

    Hey, I had forgotten about this thread, this one was going to be pretty constructive. I hope it gets done eventually.
  38. Dissident

    yay my roommate went to jail!

    Why on earth would he plot to kill you? People are not random, they usually have clear motives to do that kind of things.
  39. Dissident

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    Oh, I didn't know. Let's enjoy the peace then :D
  40. Dissident

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    For what I undestood the ban was temporary, how long will it last then? Or is it not decided?
  41. Dissident

    snapvine box!

    I was referring to wisp when he said "hello, I talk like this" whith the serious voice :p
  42. Dissident

    snapvine box!

    I hear it complete in the box too Wisp, maybe you could try with a different browser or something. That was a bad impession of me you did there by the way :D
  43. Dissident

    Eight Functions

    I remember doing this some months ago and getting pretty high Fi, must have been a mistake. ***************- Ti ********- Ne ***- Si **- Fe **- Fi **- Se *- Te *- Ni
  44. Dissident

    snapvine box!

    Uploaded mine :o
  45. Dissident

    Drum roll puhleeese....

    Sounds like you are. Welcome!
  46. Dissident

    Naberus's Gender

    The avatar seems to say male, but the "guess my gender" thing says female louder, so I'll go with female.
  47. Dissident

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    Makes sense, since the condition is so clear and easy to know if broken and it wouldn't disrupt other threads, so no extra work for the mods. Sounds good to me.
  48. Dissident

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    Yes, it could be. There is no way to actually know. What we do know tho, is his/her behavior in the forum, which was a mod-pissing-off recepy :D
  49. Dissident

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    Exactly, sometimes. That's what you'd expect from someone who is acting.
  50. Dissident

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    Even though FP claimed to be a little ESFP girl, it's obvious to all that he/she was a very smart, pretty grown up person. Even if it was authority issues, I dont see why the mods have to work several times as hard than usual splitting threads, editing posts, etc, because of it, or other users...
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