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  1. Perseus

    The Fabulous Team

    Sociology: The Fabulous Team The Fabulous Team: ENTJ as Boss, INTJ as Deputy, INTP or ENTP as Architect of Ideas/Legal Advisor, ESFJ as Salesman, ISTJ as Security/Line Manager, ENFP as Researcher, ESFP as Performer, ENFJ as Teacher/Graphic Designer, INXJ Messenger, two ISFJ helpers...
  2. Perseus

    Disagreement with Government Policy English Medieval

    Brainstorming Dialogue I am not interested in problems, I have got solutions: Guido (ISTP). A Rattlesnake ENTP (TP Projector: could be a Lion ESTP) came disguised a a Wolfman (ENTJ)
  3. Perseus


    The Perseus System basics have been uploaded to: http://www.glaucus.org.uk/Perseus.html
  4. Perseus

    Sacred Home of Dragons

    A Messenger (FJ) sends you this link: http://travel-hounds.com/dragon/quiz.html http://personalitycafe.com/personality-test-resources/1894-inner-dragon-quiz.html
  5. Perseus

    Sacred Home of Dragons

    A Messenger (FJ) sends you this link: http://travel-hounds.com/dragon/quiz.html http://personalitycafe.com/personality-test-resources/1894-inner-dragon-quiz.html
  6. Perseus

    Are you a Deviant (Vegetable Test)?

    Are you a Deviant (Vegetable Test)? This is a variant on the standard, count down from one hundred in sevens, 93, 86 etc until you reach a minus figure and then, think of a vegetable ... Carrot: Neurotypical Deviants: Orange: Fruit Turnip...
  7. Perseus


    Hello, An alternative view of the system. Instead of following the conventional system, you could (if you so desired) arrange your attributes in the order of highest importance. e.g. (in my case) PNET So I could say my MO of my type is to first perceive (collect information rather than...
  8. Perseus

    Match for a Lazy Toad

    Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, the INTP's natural partner is the ENTJ, or the ESTJ. The INTP's dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Thinking. The INTP/ENTJ...
  9. Perseus

    Driving the Animals Crazy!

    Strategies for balancing your type Recognize that your Perception habits can drive Judgers crazy. http://www.neurocareusa.com/Temperament/Hints%20to%20Balance%20Your%20Type.HTM Literally in some cases.
  10. Perseus

    Perception to Heart

    Perception to Heart Rationals (NT) operate in finding mates and friends on the Head (Thinking) to Heart basis. Psychedelics (NP) work on the Perception to Heart basis. Although with a high Intuition I can work on Intuition to Heart, but this is in the extrovert mode and this can depend on the...
  11. Perseus

    Psychedelic (NP) Frequencies

    Hello, Psychedelic (NP) Frequencies The personality test percentages are skewed I think because some of the commoner types (ISTJ) refuse to take the tests. INTP are variously described between 3% and 1%. About one in 20 are NPs. ENTP, ENFP, INFP as well. So the % is between 0.6% and 0.2%...
  12. Perseus

    Heathen Chess Games

    Your heathen chess games, ones that are not ecclesiastical, where all the Bishops are removed at an early stage. All Bishops must go before Move 20 to qualify. http://www.stansco.com/cgi-bin/nc_game.cgi?452647???large How would an Archbishop move? A combination of Bishop & Knight?
  13. Perseus

    What type was Robin Hood?

    What type was Robin Hood? INFP ? The Sheriff of Nottingham was ENTJ and his deputy INTJ. And Little John, Much the Miller's Son and Will Scarlet, Maid Marian or Friar Tuck.
  14. Perseus

    Are you a Sponger ?

    Hello, Do you absorb information like a sponge and repeat it as written or observed, or do you synthesise the information and rearrange it like a composer, or do adsorb the information like a collector and incubate it for a long time? One vote each asks for the principle method, but there is...
  15. Perseus


    Hello, It is the Testosterone levels that are reponsible for the Male's Thinking prowess statistically ahead of the Female of the species? Practically such advantages are negated by boozing on alcohol.
  16. Perseus

    Feathering Up

    The trouble with being an INTP Eagle is that I am afraid of heights, cause there is a long way to fall with a broken wing. Extroversion ENTP slithering around like a Snake is much safer, but as Snakes are deaf, there is the continual risk of being run over and squashed. INFP Dragons are not...
  17. Perseus

    Rock 'n Roll Genuises

    What do you reckon are the character types of the following: John Lennon Bob Dylan Jimi Hendrix or onto lesser souls: Paul McCartney Bruce Springstein Mick Jagger Leo Sayer John Mayall or other songwriters you may wish to choose?
  18. Perseus

    Question for Clever People ?

    What does it mean when I say "It is written in the stars" ? This is the Extreme Logic of the INTP. Others: What does it mean when I say "I slept with Lisa" ? The is is not horseplay (ESFJ) testimony, or any of the lies of the Fraudians (SJ + Freud). This is Rational NT thinking.
  19. Perseus

    Background/Social Class ?

    What Background/Social Class do you come from ? Andy from England
  20. Perseus

    Psychedelic Personality Forum

    Psychedelic Personality Forum Using the Jungian four letter system, Keirsey or Myers-Briggs, Quenk etc, this is a group for iNTuitive Perceivers, who score highly on this two types, and are the opposite of Guardians SJ. Could be ENTP, INTP, ENFP, INFP. Excludes Scientists NJ...
  21. Perseus

    Perseus Supplementary System

    Perseus Supplementary System Temperament Psychedelic (NP) Creative, Vulnerable Scientist (NJ) Directive Absurdist (ST) Manipulative Irrational (SF) Violent http://www.glaucus.org.uk/Perseus-System.html Main reference: Keirsey Personality Types...
  22. Perseus

    Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue

    There was a geezer on BBC Radio Five boring everybody rigid with tales of his cocaine habitation which said he spent £600K. I don't believe him for a start and he came across as an average bad type of Horseman (ESFJ). Horsemen prefer Horse (Heroin) which might not be a surprise. He said...
  23. Perseus

    Eagles as a Social Being

    "Socializing with large (or sometimes even small) groups of people for extended periods of time is not a reasonable request. This is normal behavior, not something you need to fix. It is not personal. If you like to socialize a lot, you have two choices: be willing to leave him at home with some...
  24. Perseus

    Hurt to the Core

    http://tinyurl.com/ahfs6o Last time, I relaxed I was ambushed and nearly kicked to death. So you ask why I am reticent. The Green Turtle
  25. Perseus


    Crown of Thorns a thorn in one's side or flesh a source of irritation: he was sufficiently bright at school to become a thorn in the side of his maths teacher [Old English] #Thorn# The runic letter þ originally representing either sound of the Modern English th, as in the and thin, used in...
  26. Perseus

    Tom & Jerry (the Cartoon)

    Do you love or hate it or could not care less?
  27. Perseus

    The Killer Mouse that Contaminates

    The Killer Mouse that Contaminates Beware the ISFJ, for if you want a taste of hell before you die, they will give it to you with a sweet smile and a kiss. http://tinyurl.com/btgq6x
  28. Perseus

    Type Distribution

    Type Distribution Approximate type distribution as reflected in a 1998 random sampling of 3,009 out of 16,000 completed Forms M. ISTJ - 11.6% Inspector ISFJ - 13.8% Protector INFJ - 1.5% Counselor INTJ -2.1% Mastermind ISTP - 5.4% Crafter ISFP - 8.8% Composer INFP - 4.4% Healer...
  29. Perseus

    Slow Hand

    Religious Fanatic: http://tinyurl.com/yb4ufj This type has given internal logic up for the external imposition of logic. This is usually due to severe bullying and ridicule as a child, which causes this INTP to be crushed to an empty shell – the perfect vessel for religion. These INTPs have no...
  30. Perseus

    One Night Stands

    Personal preference: Bad sex is better than no sex ? Yes or No ? Perservere: might get it together in the end. Except the Pony (ESFJ) girls don't understand this and all they want is a rough service. They can stay on the "D" train and I can keep my reputation.
  31. Perseus


    Re-assessment Extroversion - Introversion Support (or lack of) for self expression in the community Sensing - Intuition Observation - learned Knowledge of the world Feeling - Thinking Applied IQ (as measured by tests) Judging - Perception The most difficult one to explain. How...
  32. Perseus

    I am not a Fucking Mechanic

    Hello, Has anybody been mistaken for a ISTP ? Sport I do not want to go to the Cathouse, Teddy's Bear's Picnic or the Barbecue (Ceremonies of the Horsemen).
  33. Perseus


    Does anybody use Powerpoint for presentations? I am not very keen on this limited software. Is there a better program for presentations? The Speaker Notes on my old version could not be seen very well on-screen.
  34. Perseus

    Dealing With Stress From Work

    Dealing With Stress From Work How do you deal with work-related stress? Each personality type has different stressors and copes in different ways. Better understanding of your own stressors and coping mechanisms can help you reduce the tension and anxiety work stress often creates...
  35. Perseus

    Change is Now

    ANALYSTs are anti-authoritarian iconoclasts, continually questioning how and why things are done a particular way. The ANALYST sees life's journey as architecture and invention: ``building the better mousetrap.'' ANALYSTs are revisers, critics, planners, boat-rockers, changers, idea-people...
  36. Perseus


    Hello, A separate group for relationship discussions.
  37. Perseus

    Wild Cathedral Evening

    Hello, Late at night debating about the only card-carrying INTP, with excessive NP, which album of Bob Dylan's is mostly Eagle distress screeching without modification to the tastes of musicians rather than nature? My vote is for Another Side of ...
  38. Perseus

    Virgin Soldiers

    Hello, "He is not a Packy, he's an Anorak" Could you join the Army and take orders? Could you become a bureaucrat? Taking orders without getting killed so often. Phoenix XNXP from Neptune http://soredragon.blogspot.com/
  39. Perseus

    LSD Thread

    Hello, Lysergic Acid Bath Murderer Thread I occasionally get used of being on LSD because of my fantastic imagination (which annoys the Guards). Has anybody else been accused in the same way? This usually happens when I am in a temporary Extrovert mode and then I am Snake ENTP mode...
  40. Perseus

    Scenes in Films

    What are your most memorable scenes in films? The first one that comes to mind is the ending of "Easyrider".
  41. Perseus

    Choose your Four Type Charecteristics

    MY TYPE: NP: Psychedelic cf. SJ: Guardian NT: Rational cf. SF: Irrational NF: Idealist cf. ST: Absurdist SP Artisan cf. NJ: Dictator
  42. Perseus

    Important Questions

    What are the following in book terms. My invented terms are included. SF: Irrational cf. NT: Rational NP: Psychedelic cf. SJ: Guardian ST: Absurdist cf: NF: Idealist NJ: Dictator cf. SP Artisan Ref. for known terms (Keirsey): http://tinyurl.com/7un9qy
  43. Perseus

    How many books do you possess?

    How many books do you possess?
  44. Perseus

    Bewildered (Coughing Blues)

    Hello, Do you feel bewildered and even get badly defeated by stupid Rodent types (ESXJ) because the Guardians (SJ) in charge of the resources cannot see where you are at, and you cannot explain. The Rats (ESXJ)being fellow Guardians can connect better and the Hawks (INTJ) lack the Perception...
  45. Perseus


    Hello, Do you ever feel lonely, even in a crowd? Looking for another NP as a friend &/or mate.
  46. Perseus

    The Unruly Hedge

    The Unruly Hedge If you are a Rational (NT) and your Boss, Mother-in-Law, Parents are Irrationals (SF) you are in for a horrid time. The irrationals are the Cats (ISFP), Butterflies (often musicians) (ESFP), and the dreaded Horsemen ad Pony girls (ESFJ) and the Rodents (XSFJ - ISFJ).
  47. Perseus

    Intuition (Inductive Leap)

    Intuition Darwin's Origin of Species flashed complete in one second, and he spent the rest of his life backing it up; and the theory of relativity occurred to Einstein in the time it takes to clap your hands. This is the greatest mystery of the human mind—the inductive leap. Everything falls...
  48. Perseus

    Simple Quiz Question for INXPs

    This is is more pertinent for INFPs. What are Crocodile Tears? This is along the lines of "is the glass half full or half empty" It is , of course, "half full of liquid and half full or air"
  49. Perseus

    What type of profiles of offenders and victims do Forensic Psychologists use?

    What type of profiles of offenders and victims do Forensic Psychologists use? Conventional psychiatric or the Millon existential system? Or Myer-Briggs? Or a mixture? Or something different? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081212075530AAvZnFO Specify nation please?
  50. Perseus

    You Know Don't You?

    You do know the Engineer's answer to question is the glass half full or half empty?
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