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  1. Color Test

    This test is depressing. Focuses on issues and problems, ech. Did a similar one at colorquiz multiple times and all it gives is depressing answers that are so bloody depressing that makes me realize that my life can't really be that messed up and so I feel better about myself in some absurd...
  2. camera discussion topic

    Do you want a camera to play with, to shoot with, to take wherever with, to pontificate about quality with, for close-ups or landscapes or nights or general... dslrs are nice, but then again so are compacts, and they now have those 4/3 interchangeable lens models that are smaller than dslr but...
  3. Learning A New Language: Russian

    www.masterrussian.com is a useful site also. Has a list of common words/popular verbs (with pronounciations mp3) links to other sites, etc..
  4. Find your Spirit Animal Test!

    You are a Swan! (your score: 22) Fox (18) Crow(17) Cougar(16) definitely not spider/wolverine
  5. Too Many Clubs, Club.

    why am I posting here?
  6. Learn math

    http://betterexplained.com/ Not comprehensive but goes over commonly misunderstood basic math concepts in an intuitive manner.
  7. Any of you grown up with extroverted parents?

    On a similar vein... I am staying with my relatives for a short while at the moment, and we get along fine. But there is a new person who visits every once in a while (typed him as esfp) and just... wow.
  8. Caffiene makes me more "F". Or maybe just "E".

    Wow. 10 cups. I drink 2/3 cups/day on average. Makes one more 'hyper'. I may know what you mean though, I am more inclined to do energy using activities, such as interacting with others in real life with caffeine. (edit: on a side note, it is recommended to drink coffee before doing a race...
  9. Are you a hero?

    I've never been a hero, not in any way as can be constituted 'heroic' on my part. Neither have I been saved in any 'heroic' way. Yet can it be that all those seemingly every-day 'good' deeds, those little boosters (this metaphor sucks by the way), add up to more than any big grand 'heroic'...
  10. Who is/are your favorite singer/music band?

    Collective Soul. Totally relates with me. Anyone else?
  11. College students, what's your major?

    Civil Engineering. Diverse.
  12. Character Analysis Test

  13. 2

    that made me wonder... If we use negative numbers 8 = 2x2x2 = -2x-2x2 = 2i x 2i x -2 Why do factors have to be positive whole numbers?
  14. INTP's and ESTJ's?

    My sister is estj and we get along wonderfully. But then again, we grew up together and can thus understand each other better. I could see myself marrying an estj potentially. I need someone to drag me out socially and organize me up a little. I just don't have any idea how something like...
  15. Beds

    As long as it is dark and quiet and I can conserve body heat, who needs a bed? I remember sleeping on the spiky rocky side of a tent, with no mattress of any kind and sleeping fine, though a bit bruised. Satisfying in a masochistic sort of way. Hammocks are nice.
  16. MYST [Riven, Exile, Revelation, End of Ages]

    mmm Riven tried myst uru, the 3rd person perspective, and the 'jumping' ruins it for me :(
  17. Spot the Fake Smile

    11/20 not a clue.
  18. You know you're an Intp when...

    When you put milk away under the sink and coffee in your cereal bowl. and When you know exactly where the milk is upon wondering where the milk is, it is not in the fridge after all. Well maybe I didn't really know exactly, but my instincts knew I guess. Good thing, else bad milk.
  19. college

    There's other people go to school? :o I hardly knew.. Nothing can say to help. Sorry. Usually if I know something is happening, everyone else knew two weeks ago
  20. The order of your functions

    Guesstimation!! out of 10 Ne 11 Ti 8 Fi 8 Ni 6 Si 7 Te 7 Se -1 I live in my own world. I notice something for the first time after a year of walking by it. edit: I forgot Fe uhhh Fe 4.5
  21. Which INTP type are you?

    IPNT - The deadhead Interesting titles they have here. I'm a hippy. But I knew that. It has a premise. Let's play with other types? I don't really see the point. It is trying to make a barrier based on strength of preference, not the preference itself. The INTP = the PTNI really. They may all...
  22. Can you read eyes?

    23 Damn! I miss the flirtatious ladies :(
  23. :) Another Mithril Dragon

    :) Another Mithril Dragon
  24. I feel stupid here

    :evil:I'm stupid for inventing you all in my twisted little universe. :angel01:But, really, a lot goes on here, and a lot flies by, and a lot I miss. I can only focus on so much! (ps. I'm happy :p) This is one of the top places I've ever found online. It is not a sanctuary. It is a jungle...
  25. Your username

    :) Well, you can guess what my name is... but I won't reveal my last name. Use on other forums so easy to remember. I can't remember.
  26. S vs N

    That helps explain why I don't enjoy chess that much. My Ni is way lower than my Ne and I just see possibilities and am frozen.
  27. New Member: Introducing Rain

  28. Lurker Unlurked

    Hello :) :p
  29. You know you're an Intp when...

    When you forget you have deodorant until you see it. That is why you need multiple deodorant.
  30. Accepting losing

    Losing is not fun.
  31. Culinary Prowess

    I tend to cook something nice to eat once a week. Other days, just have quicker to make items. I was always good at baking, just follow the recipe... I am new to cooking though. I got a cookbook (Joy of Life) that helps immensely, and I look at it, even for making an omelette (just to make...
  32. Attention Spans

  33. Back from the Grave

    Hi. To both you, Lightspeed, and I guess Ragnar too.
  34. CHANGE --- Smilies of the Damned

    (so cute)
  35. 12:34 and 56 seconds on 7/8/09

    Darn. I missed it.
  36. Sacred Home of Dragons

    and your inner dragon is a .... Mithril Dragon In the war between good and evil, Mithril Dragons take the side of the noble and good. When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos. As far as magical tendancies...
  37. I'm awesome!

    Oh, hi ziggy.
  38. Are you a Deviant (Vegetable Test)?

    I eat bananas rather often. I prefer them yellow. I'll pick one up, peel it, and ingest it orally.
  39. Are you a Deviant (Vegetable Test)?

    BANANA! (edit: does this mean anything good or do I not want to know?)
  40. Music and mood?

    Music and mood is a mystery that continues to baffle me... I used to never listen to music much because I did not understand how it can seem to affect emotion and because I was disgusted by its attempt to conform me to it, when I was younger. Now... I enjoy it for what it is and listen...
  41. Star Trek MBTI WebPage

    Found this website. INTP's are like Worf. http://www.wischik.com/damon/Texts/myersbriggstrek.html
  42. Adventure Games?

    Love the myst series. Riven is my favourite. Little else has given me that 'high'.
  43. do you look different than you think you do?

    I just never think about how I look until it is brought up, then I am surprised.
  44. An experiment

    Smile :) <- See that facial expression? Try to emulate that onto your own face. With your fingers, lift your lips on both sides. That is a smile. :) Now. For a challenge, see if you can replicate that effect without the aid of anything but your facial muscles. :) :) That is what is...
  45. Silence is Golden

  46. How do you like to read?

    I read. The problem is I don't remember how I am situated when I read. I just remember reading. Bed or chair or walking or floor or...
  47. Quick Poem

    It scares me. I enjoyed it.
  48. Reading the long posts...

    I find them daunting. But I do read them every once in a while, and then I am more inclined to frame a response; I might as well after exerting that effort. I find though I have a hard time with concentration at times... :/ (My brain just jumps all over the place) Usually, I don't leave long...
  49. A challenge- critique INTPs

    ENTJ: They just need to realize that if they were just more like me, more extroverted and perfect, they will be just fine.
  50. Identity Play and the "True Self"

    Self is vague, a cloud in a sky. One sees a tiger, the other a car, yet is the same cloud in the sky. Whence the difference? Can a definition act as a cage?
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