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  1. Star Trek MBTI WebPage

    Found this website. INTP's are like Worf. http://www.wischik.com/damon/Texts/myersbriggstrek.html
  2. An experiment

    Smile :) <- See that facial expression? Try to emulate that onto your own face. With your fingers, lift your lips on both sides. That is a smile. :) Now. For a challenge, see if you can replicate that effect without the aid of anything but your facial muscles. :) :) That is what is...
  3. Blessing or Curse?

    This vision in excess of ourselves beyond the present, here, now, I, to what is and what was projected to what could be unsatisfied with the superficial looking deeper to what lays beyond is amazing, scary, wondrous, frightening. Does it trap us and freeze us in a perpetual state of fear and...
  4. My Fear

    It seems to me, that my greatest fear, is that one day, I will wake up and not be me anymore. That ineffable core, that fountain from which I can impart thoughts and feelings, that well of creativity might one day run dry leaving me empty. Each post I make, each work of art, anything that...
  5. Text Speech

    All those little emoticons and rofl and bad grammar drives me insane sometimes. Especially lol for laugh out loud as I doubt seriously as to whether that person is actually laughing out loud. And then, I saw lol and I saw a tie fighter. With the round body and two panels on each side. And I...
  6. Happiness

    People seek happiness. Yet, would you want to be happy all the time? Perhaps the happiness sought is not a state of exuberance, but more an inner joy, a contentment, a satisfaction. Thus there is nothing wrong with feeling sad, as long as you do not let it consume you, and extinguish the inner...
  7. Best MBTI Test

    It is not a test, but it describes the differences between the 4 types very very well, the best I've seen so far. You can go through this page, and the next page, and compare each of the four functions against each other. Examples included. http://www.enotalone.com/article/3783.html
  8. Exercise

    What do INTP's (in general, and specific) think of the notion of exercise? Now I don't go to the gym, for one; I am too unscheduled and kinda find the whole notion a bit too 'structured' for my tastes. That is not too say I am against exercise, I enjoy it. Runs, swims, pushups, situps...
  9. Forum Poster Types

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Hub-Pages-Special-How-To-Win-On-The-Forums- Interesting. Wonder what that makes us?
  10. 100th post!

    Weehoo. This is my hundredth post! Sure, it may not seem much, but for me, that's a lot of chitchat.
  11. Opinion?

    I have made some posts here so far. Am I intp or infp? I used to be very sure I was INTP but now I am not sure at all. I am starting to think that I was always INFP, but that I developed my T strongly more as a self-defense mechanism than anything. So that with reason, I can will these...
  12. Enneagram

    What are your enneagram results? I took it twice, got the same result. (at different websites) I am type 4, the Artist.
  13. This is so bad, I'll put it here.

    Just watch the first minute. At around 47seconds in, there's No10IDts! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=5623914 Or maybe it is a mixture of several people.... Couldn't stop laughing.
  14. In praise of the feelers. Let them come!

    So, I have been thinking, like I always do about the reason we all are here which is the MBTI typing system. (obviously) After learning about it, and attempting to 'type' others, I like to think I have learnt something about this system. It is an interesting way of viewing others along with...
  15. Sayings of the INTP

    Write your thoughts and sayings here. I'll start with my thought of the week. "Life is a beast. You can try and control it but it has a life of its own." By me. (I am post happy today. Weirdest thing ever. I am also ubertired.)
  16. INTP trait?

    I think this is an INTP trait. Do you ever see some saying on an ad or billboard that is supposed to be 'intelligent' yet isn't (doesn't fit in with you worldview) and it makes you so angry that you just suddenly snap and freak out everyone around you. Sometimes I do, and my friends who know me...
  17. Oh! I need a subject apparently.

    Keyword description of INTP at http://similarminds.com/jung/intp.html does not think they are weird but others do does not like happy people more likely to support marijuana legalization familiar with the darkside Flippin hilarious me thinks. Let's get high on marijuana and study the dark...
  18. Thank You

    Just to say Thank You for your interesting conversations. Ever since discovering formally that I was an INTP, this forum has helped to 'define' what being INTP is all about. Issues that I have that I didn't know about in a forefront sort of way and thus, with the knowledge, the ability to take...
  19. Faith in our INTPness

    Does our constant questioning of ourselves create a lack of faith of the inherent power within each of us to effect the lives of others? So that, when we can, and should act to better the lives of others and ourselves, we draw back, question ourselves, and do nothing. Thus falling in a cycle...
  20. Christmas Bleh

    Christmas is so depressing. I walked downtown, people shopping like busy bees chatting and giggling; mindless drones. Christmas music blaring, suggesting, influencing. Stupidity. I'd hate to be one of those salvation army jinglers attempting to collect change. Having to smile the whole...
  21. ESTP?

    How do INTP get along with ESTP? I was with an ESTP (pretty sure) female for a while, and I had the longest running conversation of my life, and I was interested in conversing till near the end (4hrs!). We were doing some work together. I just can't get over how much I enjoyed chatting.
  22. Love

    I love my family. They love me. Sometimes, it's hard. I phoned them, said I loved them. They were happy. And I'm distressed and in turmoil. It is a war within. I open up, and I clam up. Why can't I just be? What I need to be, what they need from me. I am alone. I sing, I dance, I...
  23. Another 'Hi'

    Hi. Am INTP also... knew for a few months, but takes time, time, yeah. Well, I say Hi, how are you? Just signed on, looked it over, looks intriguing. Not much else to say, ... Oh, I made the forum bigger, most users online yesterday. I enjoy being able to blame things on my INTPness now. I...
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