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  1. Chad

    Chad the sick twisted Lunatic.

    So, what is the consensus. Is Chad a sick and twisted lunatic. I am curious, I have never been called sick twisted lunatic. I am wondering how well accepted this definition is.
  2. Chad

    What is your favorite supervilline?

    My would be the penguin. The sophisticated thief that out smarted the Bat on several times. Also he embodies the likeness of penguins which are awesome.
  3. Chad

    Socionics Test

    So, I am currently out of work so I have much more time on my hands. My newest research protect is socionics. Here is any interesting test. Here is the test I took the test twice the fist time I got ILE with 94% chance of ILI The second time I got ILI with 94% chance of ILE ILE =...
  4. Chad

    Who are You?

    Basically, I am wanting your opinion of the person you are. Detailed and examples are appreciated. This is not about typing however is you chose to use that language you may. Mostly I am doing some personal research about the in depth psyche of anyone who is willing to participate. I...
  5. Chad

    What constitutes manipulation?

    Were do you draw the line between manipulation and help?
  6. Chad

    What bird are you?

    Theoretically if you could be any bird what would it be (conciseness counts) and why. I would be an African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) This is because it is my favorite penguin and penguins are my favorite bird. Like me they are different and they embrace it they are more confortable in...
  7. Chad

    For the love of all that is random.

    I going to use this as a dump for all that is random. Kind of a Chad's Blog of everything. I will start with a bunch of awesome quotes. Happy Father's day Darth Vader sorry that my card is so late but thanks to a certain Dad I had to learn to write with my left hand. I thought you idea...
  8. Chad

    Death of extended relatives.

    It seem like deaths happen in weird succession in my life. So far this week Both my First Cousin Husband and my Sisters Father In-law have passed away. My Uncle (which is my cousin's father) almost died (was found not breathing in his bed) two days ago. I don't really "Feel" bad about it I...
  9. Chad

    What is you Code?

    So here my Code of Ethics which I try to fallow and I am nearly 90-95% successful. However you should know that these are all personal and for the most part I didn't expect anyone else to fallow my personal code (unless of course someone breaking my code happen to effect me then I do get...
  10. Chad


    I am writing this thread because I am worried about my own lack of empathy. Here are my questions. What do you think/feel about the 9/11 attacks? What do you think/feel about the Boston Marathon bombing? What do you think/feel about the Columbine High School Attack? What do you think/feel...
  11. Chad


    I have to say this is one of my favorite hobbies. Its might sound kind of weird but I only know so much about my motivations and personality. This is what attracted me to MBTI. First I was mildly interested by a random test I ran into on line. This test said that I could be classified as...
  12. Chad

    The Dream of superpowers.

    I am hoping to collect some Ideas about superpowers. The kind your would find in a comic book. My wife and I keep on having a continued conversation on what kind of superpowers we would want if we had superpowers. I change my mind weekly at least and my wife is always the same. She...
  13. Chad

    Pandora's Box

    So there is the a jewelry in my that mall here called Pandora Therefore I wish to purchase a box for said store with nothing in it and present said box to my wife. Knowing full well that she would never open Pandora's Box. Is this evil or a very clever way not to buy my wife jewelry?
  14. Chad

    Is Chad an INFJ?

    The Claim has been made that my online presents appears as INFJ. I am not starting with any assumptions and if anyone wish to jump in and type me I am fine with that. So far I have been typed as INTP (most common and the type I currently prescribe to) ENTP (I am still exploring this...
  15. Chad

    The difference between INTP and ENTP

    So, awhile back someone suggested that I should look at ENTP as a possible alternative to my assumed INTP personality type. After looking into I can see some traits of both INTP and ENTP. They share all the same cognitive functions they are just ordered differently. So as a form of...
  16. Chad

    The Darker side of INTP

    http://www.intpexperience.com/page9.php Okay someone else posted this link already but I just went threw and read all of his articles. Strictly speaking I found his insights about the pitfalls and the Bind-spots on INTP-dom incredibly enlightening. The most interesting Chapter "CHAPTER 4...
  17. Chad

    So what have I missed?

    Well, my hard drive fried on my computer nearly a month ago and I haven't really been able to stay in the loop form my smart phone. So basically could someone give me the abridged version of the last month. I would greatly appreciate the help as I do not wish to read threw 100's of new...
  18. Chad

    The reality bubble.

    He is one of my newest concepts I have been working on for a few weeks now. I have been trying to put into words how I view individualize reality. Basically because this one view explains how I see and understand other people in also myself as I fit into the whole of the human race...
  19. Chad

    How I meet your Mother.

    So, my wife just described that the characters of the show How I met your Mother are similar to me in many ways. She says that I have Ted Mosby's personality. Marshal Erickson's Personality quirks. A Barney Complex and a Lilly Erickson's sex drive. Although I don't have anything in common...
  20. Chad

    The greatest question of all. Why?

    Here is the only rule. You can attempt to answer any question you see posted in this thread however, you need to end you post with a question starting with the word "Why". Lets see if this can work. I will start. Why do some of us feel the need to correct other peoples understanding of...
  21. Chad

    Juvenile Intellectuals.

    Honestly I have been there before and I am wondering how many of you can contest to the teenage angst that many intellectuals go threw. I was 14-21 once I remember it quite clearly. I may have not believed that I knew everything but I did believe that I knew anything that was important to...
  22. Chad

    What makes you any different?

    Okay, Here is my newest thought about this forum. Meany of us came here to find a place to fit into. This is attractive mostly because as INTPs we really don't fit in with the average crowed. However, the more time I spend on here the more I realize that I am not like other people on...
  23. Chad

    New Job!

    Historically speaking I have hated every Job I have ever done. This job seems promising mostly because its new and I always enjoy learning new things. I am going to be working for Corning. They make plastic products. I will be working in the division that makes plastic pipettes for...
  24. Chad

    Calendar function.

    This is a question to the mods can we update the Calendar fuction it still believes that it is 2010. I think it should be updated or removed. Just my .02
  25. Chad

    Are you Arrogant?

    Its a simple questions put I have give a range of responses. Are you Arrogant? Yes, (You believe that you are better than any other human alive or dead) Yes, (You believe that you are better then any other human alive today) Yes, (You believe that you are in the top 10% of all humans either...
  26. Chad

    What MBTI do your relate to the most?

    basically there is no way to tell what type people claim to be on this forum (maybe there is but its not apparent to me.). Therefore I desired to add a voluntary poll/thread were people can claim there typology. I believe my self be be INTP I have reason to believe that my personality...
  27. Chad

    The importants of Lyrics?

    Just out of curiosity who hear believes that the lyrics are just as important to a song (with lyrics) as the music itself? Personally I have no problem with Musical arrangements with out words. I can appreciate almost any kind of music (other then country music). However, I get really...
  28. Chad

    Book Review "Serial Killers (Philosophy for Everyone)"

    I have just starting reading the Book Serial Kills (Philosophy of Everyone) Edited by S. Waller, Series edited by Fritz Allhoff. Forward by John M. Doris (Being and Killing). copy right 2010. ISBN 978-1-4051-9963-6 I haven't finished the book but I am planing to use this as a rolling book...
  29. Chad

    What if there were letters for the balanced functions?

    Extended typology ( E ) Extroversion, ( A ) Ambiverion, ( I ) Introversion ( S ) Sensing, ( R ) Realization, ( N ) Intuition ( T ) Thinking, ( B ) Balanced, ( F ) Feeling ( J ) Judging, ( C ) Cycling, ( P ) Perceiving IN MBTI a would be a balance between E and I so when the score...
  30. Chad

    Akinato, the Web Genius

    This is a full site were you try to stump the genie by answering questions about a character (form a book, movie, tv show, video game, or real life celebrity). So far It has guessed correct on all my characters twice I took had to guess 2 time instead of getting it write of the first time...
  31. Chad

    Reality as express through math.

    Okay, I am wondering if there are any middle ground people here. As far and the issue of Mathematics is concerned. I have noticed two distinct sub groups on this forum. 1)Hates mathematics and see no practical use for the subject in there life. 2)Romanticizes mathematics to the point...
  32. Chad

    Okay try to type me if you can?

    I have gone through a few conversations now and I have seen the value of the cognitive functions and the disadvantage of pigeonholing yourself as one dormant function without exploring your other functions completely. I am not comfortable with adding a video of myself right now but I can...
  33. Chad

    what intersts do you have?

    From my brief 3 month spat in INTP foruming I have come across many eccentric interests. This is what fascinates me to continue my endeavors here. However, recently I've been trapped in by one singular interest of mine. I wish to go somewhere new with this forum as I am bored with the...
  34. Chad

    Character typing.

    This is an honest request in complete sincerity. Can some on please explain the different means of typology? The two that I have seen the most on this site would be. Behavior analysis. Visual Indicators. I am find the information very fascinating and one day I might even feel...
  35. Chad

    Online Journal.

    Okay so today I decided to start an working on an online journal today. I have never really journal before but I believe this will help me understand my mental process. I forget most of my ideas relatively soon after thinking of them. I also forget precise detail about my daily experiences...
  36. Chad

    Dealing with other people's anger.

    First off I am not sure if this I the right place for this post however, it appears to be neutral place so I hope it works. I am not posting these post for critical evolution of how I dealt this particular issue. It more about how would you deal with a similar issue or how have you dealt with...
  37. Chad

    This explains me.

    I was doing some research on INTP and I came across this description of INTP on the website BestFitType.com it was very eery like I had somehow written this about myself years ago and just now reading online. What do you guys think? Is this a good description of INTP? "I want to know the truth...
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