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  1. Wolf18

    Are any of you good at poker?

    If you can remember that you're playing people, not cards, the game is easy. :cthulhu: Wolf18
  2. Wolf18

    New books?

    Foundation by Isaac Asimov Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (really, anything by Neil Gaiman) Dune by Frank Herbert (long, but excellent) the short stories of HP Lovecraft the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe the Narnia series (and the Screwtape Letters) by CS Lewis Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow by...
  3. Wolf18

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I tend to repeat conversations in my head for hours after I have them, rearranging the letters in the words until the sentence changes. I actually annoy myself with it sometimes, but I can't help it. I also have an obsession with maps, and can stare at them for hours. I can put all the...
  4. Wolf18

    Are any of you good at poker?

    I've always been pretty good, but I'd imagine ENTPs might be the best. The ability to read people is at least as important as the ability to calculate probabilities. :cthulhu:, Wolf18
  5. Wolf18

    What are you all reading?

    I assume you read on the road as well. Which did you prefer? Kerouac's a fascinating fellow. He was my grandfather's best friend, and that whole crew was very adventurous in their youth, but later in his life Kerouac really went off the edge, refused to see anyone, and pretty much never left his...
  6. Wolf18

    I need a job

    How long term are you planning? The farmer I'm thinking of usually prefers taking on new apprentices/farmhands for only 1 season at a time, but he might be flexible if you want to stay for longer. Also, it helps to have a vehicle (although I managed without one). Not sure what you mean about an...
  7. Wolf18

    I need a job

    Excellent. Any interest in working as a farmhand in Vermont? You do pretty tedious work all day, but have few interruptions and can think for hours. Very little interaction if you don't want it, and it's very important work! The pay isn't great, but you'll get free room and board. :cthulhu...
  8. Wolf18

    I need a job

    I might be able to help. Do you mind telling me what region of what country you live in? :cthulhu:, Wolf18
  9. Wolf18

    Tips for buying LSD

    He doesn't want his first acid experience to be a freakout. I'm not saying he shouldn't trip at the show, I'm saying he should know what to expect first. And @PaulMaster, don't buy a vial, @Happy is joking. :cthulhu:, Wolf18
  10. Wolf18

    Tips for buying LSD

    You can almost certainly buy it at the concert, but if not, your best bet is probably to buy it online via the dark/deep web (make sure you use Tor or something). There are a ton of black market websites there; the better ones allow customers to leave reviews. Make sure you buy something with a...
  11. Wolf18

    Jakub Marian

    https://jakubmarian.com/category/maps/ Thought some of you might enjoy this website as much as I do. Maths, physics, music, linguistics, geography... this guy provides hours worth of fascinating information (and theories) about all these topics and more. :cthulhu:, Wolf18
  12. Wolf18

    Dark web

    If you use something like Onion/TorBrowser, you should be good. I know people who have purchased "items" with Bitcoin using Tor, and did not have a problem. :cthulhu:, Wolf18
  13. Wolf18

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    The Bed Song -- 8/10. Not the kind of thing I usually listen to, but I found myself really liking it. She reminds me of a very dark Joni Mitchell. And you did not rate the song I posted. So I repost it (this time without a spoiler, so you can't miss it)...
  14. Wolf18

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    6.5/10. Really like the offbeat percussion -- MCR's drummer is (oops -- was) the strongest piece of their band. Found the vocals a bit extreme and hard to understand, and their bass and guitar a bit weak, but overall not bad at all. I'm going to listen to the Amanda Palmer you posted next. I...
  15. Wolf18

    INTPs & the military

    Just got medically discharged from the US Army after a week of basic training because I had an asthma attack on my first ruck march (worth noting I nonetheless completed it). Any disappointment I felt was nullified by my relief at being out of such an incompetent (dis)organization. Anyway, due...
  16. Wolf18

    You know you're an Intp when...

    I do that as well, as does my mother (ENTJ, I believe). Drives my brother and father mad (especially the time when I forgot my own hoodie, was borrowing my brother's, and got sand in the pockets). 2197. You are frustrated that Nofriends ended the numbering system, so you attempt to fix it like...
  17. Wolf18

    I'm Back

    :gott0: :cat: Then, perhaps my best course of action is to emulate robots, politicians, and parrots. Or perhaps not. It's nice to be back here. :cthulhu:, Wolf18
  18. Wolf18

    I'm Back

    Well, after a two-year foray into the realm of normalcy, I've come to the conclusion that any chance I might have of being able interact meaningfully with the majority of the people I encounter lies purely within the margin of error of any system I might construct to determine such probability...
  19. Wolf18

    How are you holding up during finals week?

    Procrastinating. Just not bothering with my history assignment. Trying to do as much work at school, and as little at home, as possible. I won't stress it, though. I've been trying to read books that I really want to read, listen to music and the like to keep myself sane. SW
  20. Wolf18

    Pearson-Marr Archetype test (unofficial free version)

    Cool quiz. Seeker. SW
  21. Wolf18

    How far have you been in deepweb?

    Pretty deep, mostly when I'm bored. I've been on 4 or 5 drug sites, but never bought anything. I found some crazy anarchists, though. They were fun. SW
  22. Wolf18

    INTP Drug and Alcohol Tolerance

    As Cherry Cola said, I think maybe it's harder for INTPs to show that we're drunk/stoned etc. Or perhaps INTPs resist intoxication more than other types, if that makes any sense. I've personally found that I require significantly more of a substance than most people for me to feel its effects...
  23. Wolf18

    Welcome back, own8ge. SW

    Welcome back, own8ge. SW
  24. Wolf18

    Are you a jerk?

    I am nice when I believe it is merited or warranted. Likewise for being a "jerk." I think that makes me fair, and thus "nice." And introverted. SW
  25. Wolf18


    Hi, welcome! Tell us about yourself. How did you find out about INTP? SW
  26. Wolf18

    Aliens and common sense

    I'd say it goes the other way, too. We haven't discovered most of the universe. Therefore it is illogical to assume that there is no ET life in the universe. It was be an extrapolation. SW
  27. Wolf18

    Top 10 Albums

    Top 10, one album per artist. Not sure about the order: Pink Floyd – The Wall Moby Grape – S/T Joni Mitchell – Blue The Doors – Waiting for the Sun Steppenwolf - The Second Cream – Disraeli Gears Led Zeppelin – Runes/IV The Who – Who's Next The Beatles – White Album Jimi Hendrix – Are You...
  28. Wolf18

    Which Rock star are YOU?

    I got Young, too. I don't much care for AC/DC, but I suppose I have nothing against him. SW
  29. Wolf18

    Music used to concentrate

    I can concentrate best listening to relatively simple garage rock. The Sonics, Blue Cheer, ? and the Mysterians, The Litter, and MC5 are top of my queue. They're not so mesmerising that I can't concentrate, but they're good enough to listen to for hours. SW
  30. Wolf18

    Hello, It's been a long time since I was here. The rules seem to have gotten stricter. What's up...

    Hello, It's been a long time since I was here. The rules seem to have gotten stricter. What's up with that? SW
  31. Wolf18


    Wow. Staring at those cats feels very… strange. I foresee hours of wasted time. SW
  32. Wolf18

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    The lyrics aren't very interesting. However, the instruments (vocals, guitar and drums?) are quite good. The M&P manage to pull it off quite well. I'd listen to it, again, but I wouldn't buy it. 7/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgiLT_b8StY SW
  33. Wolf18

    Phenotype: What is your eye color?

    Hazel, but more brown than green. I picked "I". What are you gathering data for? SW
  34. Wolf18

    Do you belong here?

    Interesting results! I voted 6 because no one seems to hate me, and no one seems to love me, but I leant towards belonging – I suppose because I am an INTP. I've gotten into some arguments, but I think they were all well-meaning. SW
  35. Wolf18

    Absent Minded Professor (Anti Math)

    I have. I said, I don't think in "order." SW
  36. Wolf18

    Absent Minded Professor (Anti Math)

    My problem with maths is that it I do not think linearly (which is apparently a word!). My mind is more like a string that you dropped, and loops over, then switches direction, etc. To be good at maths, I think you need a linear mind. Thus, I love number theory and theoretical mathematics, but...
  37. Wolf18

    Absent Minded Professor (Anti Math)

    @Cavallier, yes. I fit very well into it too, but maths are definitely not my strong point. I'm more interested in language, philosophy,astronomy, psychology, etc. Also, do you fit into cloudcuckoolander/bunny ears lawyer as well? SW
  38. Wolf18

    Electron – spin – quantum vacuum fluctuation.

    Sorry, I'm not an expert, but can't the rotation of the particle cancel out the C=1 of its spin? SW
  39. Wolf18

    Like button?

    I think that a "like" button would turn threads about interesting and important (ok, maybe not important) ideas into popularity contests. Several people have already mentioned that it could force people with different opinions out of the forum. It would ruin the diversity of viewpoints that I...
  40. Wolf18

    INTP: weak memory

    I use various memory techniques to, well… memorise. I am relatively good at looking at a person and associating a name with him/her, so I tend not to have too many problems with that type of thing. My problems come with schedules (what class do I have at 10am on Tuesday?). Generally, I can see...
  41. Wolf18

    Hardcore Pornography Sub-forum?

    Apologies, my mistake. I thought I might have been misquoting, but I wasn't sure. I first saw it attributed to, simply, "Churchill." @Cavallier, interesting point. Maybe part of the problem with censorship is defining the "line." No one will ever be able to agree on one. SW
  42. Wolf18

    Hardcore Pornography Sub-forum?

    I concur with House. I think that people need to decide whether they're looking for pure physical pleasure, or a relationship and an emotional/intellectual bond as well. If you are looking for pure physical pleasure, then watch all the porn you want, I suppose. However, I suspect that most...
  43. Wolf18

    Hardcore Pornography Sub-forum?

    I think there are already several threads dedicated to redbaron's question. I side with Dr House if this is going to be another one, but I'd say we should first decide whether a debate is what we want. Redbaron, my thoughts on the matter have nothing to do with religion, if that will affect this...
  44. Wolf18

    OK, cool. Thanks.

    OK, cool. Thanks.
  45. Wolf18

    I don't spend as much time as I used to on the forum, but would very much like to discuss ISTJ v...

    I don't spend as much time as I used to on the forum, but would very much like to discuss ISTJ v INTP with you. SW
  46. Wolf18

    ISTJ Appreciation Thread

    The ISTJ in question is very big on organising, outlines, and, well, responsibility. I am much the opposite, as I like organising things in ways that would look random to most people (e.g. no two objects on my desk can touch one another ), but am obsessive about those internal rules. I have...
  47. Wolf18

    ISTJ Appreciation Thread

    I thought I was an ISTJ for about a year. Then I realised that I was much more of a big-picture thinker than I thought, and I decided that I was an INTJ. Then I started to learn about functions, and I came to the conclusion that I was an INTP. Some people are obnoxious and some people just...
  48. Wolf18

    Recent Forum Outrage

    Re: Recent forum outage - "Account Suspended" Of course the forum had to go down when I was home sick from school. I had to lurk on INTJf instead. I guess now we can all boast about our low number of posts per day (assuming that such a thing is boast-worthy in the first place). SW
  49. Wolf18

    Hi, nice to hear from you again. Funny, I was just on russianforeveryone.com before I came here...

    Hi, nice to hear from you again. Funny, I was just on russianforeveryone.com before I came here. I've been slacking, but I'm rather busy. I'll try to update the hebrew thread soon. I've been getting quite lazy on that one. SW
  50. Wolf18

    Interesting. I didn't know it amplified your mental state. Thanks for the information. SW

    Interesting. I didn't know it amplified your mental state. Thanks for the information. SW
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