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  1. pjoa09

    Are Introverted Functions Less Natural Than Extroverted Functions?

    I have literally no science or facts to back up whatever I am thinking here. I just have anecdotes. I thought what would a dog's MBTI be. I am thinking it wouldn't care of traditions or feel nostalgic. It'd be aware and in the moment. Thats extroverted sensing I suppose. It'd be upset if...
  2. pjoa09

    Should I get a job or work for my dad?

    It's the age old question for me. A decade ago I graduated from High School. I accepted my "fate" and went straight to my dad's office. I was certain I would fail university like I had with High School. (get a low GPA) Then after four and half years of grueling labor, I wanted to know what...
  3. pjoa09

    Do you guys forget passcodes, numbers after sharing it to someone?

    I don't know if I have caused permanent brain damage by drinking every Friday and Saturday night for the past decade. I have on two occasions told a friend my passcode or described my pass-pattern?(Android don't know what its called) and immediately I would forget my passcode and I'd have to...
  4. pjoa09

    Any thoughts on that Northwestern University study of 4 personality types?

    This study. I don't fit in it, in terms of the big 5 at all. I am open, introverted, not conceited at all (by big 5 definition), and not neurotic nor calm. Which absolutely doesn't fit anywhere. The way its performed leads me to believe it would be valid but the results are crap.
  5. pjoa09

    Please help me destroy the depressive thoughts.(/rant (I think))

    I am taking a leave of absence from university because of some curriculum problem. I'll be back next term. In the meantime I am working on my senior project which was going really well until this cloud has started to lurk over my head. Whats the point? My last job, before joining university...
  6. pjoa09

    HELPP : Frustrated with University

    Came back here to write again. I just don't get it at all anymore. I had a General Physics exam today. I showed up to every class. Tried to participate every time. The lecturer thought I was on a roll too. I tried spending all yesterday studying for it. But I just stared at my slides all...
  7. pjoa09

    University is just too fucking hard

    I am in my second year, first trimester. CS degree. Took Data Structures, Discrete Math, Calculus, and some other useless shit classes. I am pretty sure I am going to get an F in Data Structures. I dropped Calculus. I just don't know why it's so fucking hard. I feel retarded. It's come to the...
  8. pjoa09

    Elementary Logic by Willard Van Orman Quine : Is this really hard or am I retarded?

    Yes. I am struggling. Do the more intelligent INTPs suffer with this? I feel like a retarded brute in class and a retarded brute while reading the book. Insights. If any of you have been through this, study tips? Don't plan on drowning and withdrawing.
  9. pjoa09

    Is There An Introvert Craze Because of Technology?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtGscT3l-bs&feature=share&list=PL69BD06CC757E1D61 I just think this is very important for INTPforum. I have always thought Mike Rugnetta is an INTP and I literally watch every single episode.
  10. pjoa09

    Self Defense vs. Biking as a class

    Which one is better? I thinking Biking is way more conveniently timed because I wont have a Friday class then. But I would have to wear this biking stuff and get all sweaty riding everywhere then change back to my uniform. My university requires a uniform. Opinions?
  11. pjoa09

    Car Project vs College

    I am about to go to college at the age of 22 to pursue a degree in Computer Science and to avoid driving through painful hours of traffic I have gotten a small affordable apartment near my college. Which is great because it's away from family. Programming has lately been a bit of dying hobby...
  12. pjoa09

    Any ideas on resetting a sleep cycle?

    Ever since I quit my job and have been on this summer before school starts I have ended up sleeping whenever I felt like. This has actually resulted in me having a completely new sleep cycle. I sleep at 6 am and wake up at 1 pm. I can't seem to get out of this sleep cycle no matter what I do...
  13. pjoa09

    /rant : iOS7 UI is disturbing the hell out of me

    What the fuck is up with Apple. Fucking goddamn piece of shit android looking UI as well now. I mean where has the line gone that distinguishes a piece of shit and Apple? Fucking android whores. The one dependable thing you can buy and expect it to work perfectly is now chasing the look of...
  14. pjoa09

    Do any of you feel adopted?

    I have a nagging thought that I could be adopted. The more I think about it the more I see intense personality differences between me and my family, extended family, and every ancestor I have. However, I can see a few similar features between me and my mom but as far as I can tell they...
  15. pjoa09


    Ok. sorry. BUT yeah I am getting fairly immature. I wanna be 5 again. PISS AND SHIT EVERYWHERE. Not even get disturbed by it. I wanna be a hobo. FUCK MY JOB SERIOUSLY /rant #yolo lots of other hashtagged shit. i wanna be a tree. lol wtf trolol
  16. pjoa09

    Do any of you experience Panic Attack symptoms mildly on a daily basis?

    Excuse the long title. You know, sweaty palms, heart palpation (choking sort at times), light headed, tingly sensations, and muscle aches. Habits may include, nail biting, twirling of hair (I have twirled by hair in some quite private reigions, as odd as it sounds), and head/face touching...
  17. pjoa09

    Fi-ish? 7 years ago?

    So I got a hold of my old homework and it seems like I could have been an INFP! I am going to give you an abstract of the ridiculous opinions I had back when i was in 9th grade, 2005. You need to contribute, let me know if this is Fi-ish in your opinion or still Ti Fe. These are...
  18. pjoa09

    Repressed Self?

    Does anyone have or thinks they have a superego? In the sense that they can notice its habitation within themselves and notice decisions that don't reflect their normal manner of behavior? I understand this could be a bit Freudian but I am rather talking about some personality...
  19. pjoa09

    certain is now uncertain, uncertain is now certain

    I have been observing and pondering over my 'society'/'peer group'/'modern young adults'. I joined this forum at around the time that I was plagued with the uncertainty of my identity (I still don't know, but it doesn't bother me as much). I had done the unthinkable, graduated from High...
  20. pjoa09

    Finally watched Pulp Fiction : Can you relate to Vincent Vega?

    SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERERMGHRHDFRKK If you didn't watch it I can't help you. You have now read some material that may ruin your experience with an IMDB's top ten movie. I think it is, I am not going to bother to check. Actually there seem to be extremely few spoilers. It is quite a movie...
  21. pjoa09

    I really think I have ADD. Should I get it checked out?

    Or should I try omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and magnesium to sort it out? I am not sure how serious is it. I really think the stimulants can cause dire consequences. We all know the amphetamines and methylphenidates are notorious stimulants that are abused quite often for their...
  22. pjoa09

    What is your favorite color?

    So I ran around trying to figure out why I liked my favorite color and I walked over two things, Luscher's and this link. There is a description of a personality associated to a color. As rubbish as it sounds I would say it had a >50% correlation to my personality. So I am holding a poll to...
  23. pjoa09

    Creepy Rage

    I mean, I am sitting their being normal and it get's mildly heated and then I start to think the conversation has escalated to the point that I think I am absolutely correct. I start pointing fingers , talking in a rough loud tone, and I am completely out of myself. I start swearing and...
  24. pjoa09

    Type This Please?

    Extremely Confrontational (he wages his 'wars' against customer service and confronts others for me even if I didn't ask him to) Does Charity Concerned about AIDS and Cancer as a threat and an epidemic Very broad range of interests Short Tempered Takes serious issues too seriously Quick to take...
  25. pjoa09

    Obsessive Thoughts

    Trying to put things once again into sense. More of a rant that I am putting up and here because I need the mild interaction and the advice that I probably won't heed. Affirmation that such behavior is expected among people. At times I still do doubt my personality traits. They are very...
  26. pjoa09

    Any child pyromaniacs around?

    Well I recently discovered that serial killers used to burn things for the hell of it. Now I am no serial killer but what came to my attention was that it is what is supposed to get a psychologists attention and point out a disorder. I saw other kids on youtube video tape stuff like that and I...
  27. pjoa09

    Rant/Advice Request : Lack of Confidence Stemmed by Poor Performance

    I have been out of INTP discussions for a while when I got absolutely obsessed about buying a 1992 BMW 318i E30 and then I realized that I wasn't happy with it and sold it for a tad bit more than what I bought it for. Now I regret it like shit but I will be getting another one and maybe even buy...
  28. pjoa09

    INTPs and the subsequent hangover

    I was at a club and got really shit faced for no other reason than trying to blend in. Didn't intend on drinking that much but I felt like a real odd ball standing around and incapable of enjoying myself. It's just so damn awkward otherwise. Relate?
  29. pjoa09

    Hazed in Interests

    Scroll down for "ABSTRACT". If you don't like stories. Long interesting or uninteresting ramble: I don't know where to put this. I am not entirely INTP, I am kinda ISTP wannabe INTP with a hint of INTJ. Same goes with Socionics. Anyways, I am not to stuck up on that anymore. I am probably...
  30. pjoa09

    Poll: 2D:4D Finger Ratio ( Index vs Ring Finger Length)

    This whole 2D:4D ratio for prenatal testosterone thing has driven me up the walls. I noticed my index and ring finger are just about the same length. Now I am a bit upset that I am not a manly man but I am not sensitive and I do get quite angry at times. So I am putting up a poll and really...
  31. pjoa09

    C++ : Elementary Chooser

    I hope this is the closest it can get for asking a C++ question. I am not into it far enough to think I can post a question on a C++ forum or I am just lazy as its night and I dont have much time left to get back to home before everyone starts yelling at me. (at home) As you will try out this...
  32. pjoa09

    Strategy vs. Tactic

    I have spent lots of time pondering over INTP vs. ISTP until I was asked why do I ponder over it. Then I spent a lot of time pondering over why I ponder over it. The title sufficiently restates the reason to my pondering. As I meet the crossroads of my life (20 years old), I have found myself...
  33. pjoa09

    Help : I am still doubting my Ne/Se preferences a year later

    It's been at least a year since I tested INTP. I am still very unsure about these preferences. I often test INTP simply because I am not usually aware of my surroundings and spend a lot of time staring at walls. After reading Cognitive Functions 100 , I have found myself still uncertain...
  34. pjoa09

    Intuition : 6th Sense Superpower?

    Followed by this very arrogant title are definitions from wiki : Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data...
  35. pjoa09

    Final Show Down : INTP vs. ISTP (I hope)

    I got to finally notice myself in thought. This is a repost of an ISTP and INTP thread. Ok, I was thinking out in the living room for sometime and I caught myself in an argument over the movie Wall Street II. They quoted Einstein on in the context of doing something repetitively and...
  36. pjoa09

    Loss of Interest : The Frustration

    A long while back, I used to enjoy playing my electric guitar. It broke and was given away. My parents decided to make me happy by giving me a new acoustic guitar. I no longer have the desire to play it. It's odd because I would normally play a guitar every chance I get but then when it came...
  37. pjoa09

    Math Abilities Don't Add Up

    I suck at math. Bad. Really bad. So bad, that I was degraded into simpler math classes. It just doesn't make sense. I have spent all my life with this disability. I swear I've been trying to make sense out of SAT books and what not, but I really can't get a grip of it. Yet, I produce...
  38. pjoa09

    any of you enjoy go-karting?

    I enjoy Go-Karting but I notice it isn't a typical INTP or nerds way to go about with hobbies. I often test as INTP I have only two accounts of testing out ISTP. At the same time I am caught day dreaming, thinking, and at the same time being impulsive. I would wish to go-kart forever however...
  39. pjoa09

    Personality Type : Predetermined?

    Speaks for itself. I am starting to think its not nurture. I see a whole lot of ADHD sufferers here and I as a hypochondriac thought I had ADHD and Asperger's. There are so many similarities between ADHD, Asperger's and being INTP that I am starting to think it's all "part of the plan"...
  40. pjoa09

    ADHD Really?

    To what extent would you say is ADHD? What would you consider ADHD? I ask on the basis that their subscribed drugs have effects similar to and are street drugs. As well as the symptoms are so vague any NP could consider themselves suffering from ADHD. I diagnosed myself as a sufferer of ADHD...
  41. pjoa09

    Taking Heat : Laziness and being "in your own world"

    I have been taking a lot of heat in my family business for being lazy and phrases have been called out such as "idiot" and "where are you?" (rhetorically). Is there any hope? Or I should just go to college?
  42. pjoa09

    Give Personality Type from Description

    Yeah, I can't figure out my brother. General: A short fuse. Hot temper. Achievement and praise orientated. Aggressive. Looses temper at change. Very concerned about health. (there is a word I can't remember) Needs peoples attention. (he can't sit by himself and be happy)...
  43. pjoa09

    Any Motorheads Fanatists here? or am I really IXTP?

    Engines? Motorcycles? Cars? Or am I some sort of strange S/N hybrid that imagines hes speeding on a highway while walking on a sidewalk? Well ok, walking at a speed above the average speed that everyone else is walking at. Not someone who owns a Car or a Bike and loves it but actually someone...
  44. pjoa09

    decisions:guitar vs. multi-monitor

    ok. My guitar broke a while back and my dad gave it away out of pure generosity to his friend's son. I feel like I need two screens when I am at work or learning how to program. One screen to look at the tutorial and the other to type up the code. Now a guitar would cost around $330 and...
  45. pjoa09

    Yet Another MBTI vs. Socionics Confusion:Money and Business

    I first learned I was an INTP. I refused to study Socionics as I felt I was being sufficiently described other than a few protruding factors ( money,cars, nice modern artitechture,speed,desire to be in clubs partying/fantasize meeting women, obsession with girls,hip-hop and techno music). Then...
  46. pjoa09

    Destined to Doom?

    I've started to ponder, probably I am the only one destined to doom. But judging by the letters I-N-T-P , I have noticed we barely can get any motivation to work. Apparently, I dont seek knowledge I happen to trip on it and get consumed so its pointless to exist for me. I - I am concerned with...
  47. pjoa09

    Fit INTP description but very different music taste?

    Okay.. I have been wondering whether I am an INTP or not. Ive considered ISTP but I am not very well fine tuned with what is going around with me and often drifting somewhere far. I enjoy RnB, HipHop, Electro, House and when I am on linux, ambience. Specifically Groove Salad. I find...
  48. pjoa09

    Really an INTP?

    I don't know if I should be posting this here, or on another topic. But my doubts start from my school. Despite constantly taking the test and trying to be as truthful as I could be. I am an INTP. I see freakishly similar negative traits described of this personality type. What does profound me...
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