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  1. Cogwulf

    Well, this is awkward...

    It turns out that I'm actually an INTJ. :o Various trains of thought have been ticking away in the back of my head for several months now, eventually leading to a slow realisation that I was failing to understand my thought patterns because I was approaching my analysis of said thought patterns...
  2. Cogwulf

    "I understand what you're saying, but..."

    Anyone else notice how many other people say this, or words to that effect? I find that it is incredibly infuriating, especially as it is almost always followed by the other person repeating their original point in a slightly different way, and showing no signs at all that they've understood...
  3. Cogwulf

    Anxiety and all that shizzle.

    I'm self-diagnosed as generalised anxiety disorder, with avoidant tendancies. Perhaps this interferes with the MBTI test, who knows, it's not particularly relevant as it describes me adequately either way. In my mid teens, seems like a long long time ago by now, I went through a period of...
  4. Cogwulf

    What is "it"?

    No this isn't about philosophy, it is about language. I've always found it strange how in the English language we use the word "it" sometimes. We say things like "it is raining". what does the "it" refer to? The word it is defined as referring to a specific, but it is often used where there is...
  5. Cogwulf

    The future of humanity.

    I just thought I'd share this. :) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1377008/Britains-feckless-father-Keith-MacDonald-fakes-death-escape-paying-ninth-child.html
  6. Cogwulf

    503 errors

    Since yesterday, certain threads keep directing me to 503 service unavailable pages, but it's always the same threads here's two of them. http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=9697 http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=9692 [EDIT] problem solved, I logged out and back in again.
  7. Cogwulf

    To all the depressed/moody people out there

    Get Some Exercise! After getting pissed off with public transport I've finally got back to commuting by bicycle again. Feels good man :D I'm always surprised by how much physical activity can affect mood.
  8. Cogwulf

    Romantically Apocalyptic - webcomic

    Here's a hilarious and brilliantly illustrated webomic I stumbled across. enjoy www.romanticallyapocalyptic.com
  9. Cogwulf

    Inception: Stolen idea?

    I've copied this from someone who copied it from somewhere else. I just thought I'd post it here. If you haven't seen the film yet you probably wont want to read this
  10. Cogwulf

    Insanity & poetry

    An interesting read I thought I'd share: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-12368624
  11. Cogwulf


    Did you know that it is a scientific fact that 99.9% of statements including the term "99.9%" have absolutely no factual basis? :phear:
  12. Cogwulf

    Endhiran: High budget Indian action movie

    http://www.boingboing.net/2011/01/27/repost-indias-most-e.html Basically what the Terminator would have been like if there were hundreds of him. I've mainly just posted this because of the ludicrous scale of the scene in the link above. :D (Go Go Gadget Death Sphere)
  13. Cogwulf

    *sneaks in*

    I have returned, possibly temporarily, or not, depending on how bored I am. :phear:
  14. Cogwulf

    The hayfever club

    I think that's meant to be a coughing smiley, you'll have to use your imagination and pretend it's sneezing :mad: <- this is me in the middle of sneezing
  15. Cogwulf

    MBTI type and voice

    I have noticed that INTPs tend to trail off towards the end of phrases, from time to time I've been trying to spot similar vocal traits in other people and pin them to specific functions but I'm not doing very well because I've nearly always got something else to concentrate on when I'm with...
  16. Cogwulf

    Google Wave

    Anyone want an invite? I've got 8 to give out at the moment, just PM your email address if you want one.
  17. Cogwulf

    It is now time for me to upgrade to windows 7

    I'll see you on the other side, hopefully
  18. Cogwulf

    INTPs with OCPD...

    INTPs with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder easily mis-typed as INTJs. Discuss.
  19. Cogwulf

    Do you chew pens?

    I've always chewed my pens, pencils, and anything else I have which is relatively disposable and wont break my teeth or poison me. It helps me concentrate on things. Is anyone else a prolific pen-chewer as well?
  20. Cogwulf

    I've just noticed...

    that my timetable says "Firiday"
  21. Cogwulf

    Fictional characters and MBTI

    I had been trying to deduce the MBTI type of Dr Gregory House, and I came to the realisation that some fictional characters have no type, it was already obvious to me that there are many characters who don't have a type simply due to having random changes in personality that make no sense. But...
  22. Cogwulf

    Which is your dominant eye?

    This is something normally only paid attention to by people who play shooting sports such as archery as you're meant to ignore whether you are right or left handed and go by which eye is dominant. Eye dominance isn't which eye is strongest, it's which one your brain prefers processing...
  23. Cogwulf

    I've just noticed that google can translate this site into Welsh

    (Rydw i wedi sylwi yn unig y gall cyfieithu google y wefan hon yn Cymraeg) :storks:
  24. Cogwulf

    The psychology of map reading

    I've seen numerous explanations of the differences between the map reading skills of men and women. The main explanation seems to be the differences in what men and women see when they look at a landscape, men apparently break the scene down into distance and direction, but women focus on the...
  25. Cogwulf

    What I hate about modern science fiction

    DNA. Just about every mainstream science fiction film/tv show/whatever I can think of from recent years uses altered DNA to explain superpowers, whether it's through laziness or obsessiveness, writers nowadays seem incapable of original explanations. The fantastic four had their DNA altered by...
  26. Cogwulf

    The club with no apparent purpose, club

    Hello there. :elephant:
  27. Cogwulf


    Hi, I'm Cogwulf, aka Cog, aka Dave, aka that quiet guy in the corner. I first found out I was an INTP a few years ago, but I didn't read any of the descriptions and forgot about it. Then I did the test again recently, read some profiles, was briefly terrified by it's accuracy, then somehow I...
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