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  1. Cosmic

    5 Favorite Bands/Music Artists

    Iron Maiden Nightwish VNV Nation Infected Mushroom Tool
  2. Cosmic

    Have you experienced INTP loneliness & isolation?

    yes. i was an outcast as a kid for being overwhelming, eccentric, and insensitive (well-intentioned for the most part, but insensitive nonetheless). the lingering social anxiety, shyness, and hate for loneliness shaped me into a self-conscious individual who tried very hard to be polite...
  3. Cosmic

    Do you listen to music for the meaning, for the tune, or both

    ^this is why i love this forum
  4. Cosmic

    Do you listen to music for the meaning, for the tune, or both

    tunes and atmosphere for the most part, but lyrics can either make or break a song for me
  5. Cosmic

    How to be less serious (if you're INTP)

    mindfulness exercise and meditation helps, i've read
  6. Cosmic

    why are INTP's partial to drugs? i thought INTP's didn't like emotional manipulation. . .

    hi Words, the consensus among the profiles i've read would seem to suggest that manipulation by inanimate objects are indeed relevant. i should've stated it earlier, but the examples i illustrated regarding movies and music are ones that are presented often enough regarding the topic of INTP's...
  7. Cosmic

    why are INTP's partial to drugs? i thought INTP's didn't like emotional manipulation. . .

    based on INTP profiles, it seems that INTP's don't generally like our emotions to be manipulated. i myself can attest that i am picky with the music i choose to listen to at any given moment. it depends highly on how i'm feeling, and i'm not too open to change the way i'm feeling and accommodate...
  8. Cosmic

    Staying Up Late

    i stay up late because i always have stuff i need to or want to do before the day ends. and then if i have the ability to sleep in, there's no way in hell i won't as much as i'll tell myself otherwise. due to my habits, being free during the day is a luxury for me, and i get caught up in the...
  9. Cosmic

    Sleep Deprivation

    72 hours. i was cramming for finals, and it was honestly as easy as poppin' caffeine pills. then i took ephedrine to be ultra awake for my last final and i got lost three times getting there due to loopy absent-mindedness. and i looked cracked out when i got there half an hour later. =x aced it...
  10. Cosmic

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    7/10 partial to more melodic stuff, but the intense clashy ambiance is pretty sick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHTxCquyn14
  11. Cosmic

    What are you all reading?

    took a break from Crime and Punishment to start Dracula. took a break from Dracula to reread Demian in Spanish.
  12. Cosmic

    you obtain a time machine. what do?

    party with flappers and brag about it when i'm back
  13. Cosmic


    Sarah Jarosz is full of win.
  14. Cosmic

    What's on your mind right now?

    uhhh spacetime, relativity, radioactive decay, sequence, planck epoch. no links, but all things that can be entertaining to look up on wikipedia if you have hours to kill
  15. Cosmic

    What's on your mind right now?

    dear ego, fuck you. why am i such a pussy and wtf was possibly going on in my head that justify rejecting the opportunity to dance yesterday with he who continues to underhandedly give my thoughts and daydreams direction the moment i let my guard down. asghjdglkj gonna watch some cowboy bebop...
  16. Cosmic

    An INTP Run Society.

    extroverts: would either be adored and admired or completely be seen as completely annoying depending upon the extrovert in question. extroverts would form their extroverted cliques and raise hell as adolescents while society at large judges their uncalled for guts and shenanigans. other...
  17. Cosmic

    according to this chart, we like DMT

    ^ o__O that's intense, mate DMT strikes me as more ISTP than INTP for whatever reason. It feels like a roller coaster that completely fucks with your Se so profoundly in ways that can't be described that you then spiral into a Ti-Ni loop with the speed of a thousand super-excited hyperlight...
  18. Cosmic

    are the types more/less extreme in different countries?

    i don't think she's a leech; she just sounds like a lonely, detached individual with an identity crisis. sorry, this is all i can contribute to this interesting thread atm =x
  19. Cosmic

    Effects of Amphetamine (Adderall, Dexedrine) on an INTP

    nah, it's all good. it was my own choice to start taking cheat-pills. i see a lot of room for change within the field of psychiatry, but i don't think it's fair to call it a pseudo-science. even within the context of ADHD and stimulants, there is plenty of science to support existing theories...
  20. Cosmic

    Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms?

    good luck to you! i had a similar dilemma regarding school. i was wasting so much money and time taking classes. my financial aid got dropped after withdrawing from too many classes. all out of fear of disappointing my family and fear of financial insecurity (i graduated from HS the the year the...
  21. Cosmic

    Effects of Amphetamine (Adderall, Dexedrine) on an INTP

    i've been prescribed vyvanse and adderall. vyvanse was nice lol. so much concentration, motivation, no social anxiety, etc. very ready to take ont he world. no appetite, though, and my doctor switched me to two adderall XR's because the vyvanse would wear off within five or so hours, after which...
  22. Cosmic

    Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms?

    i'm on the same page as synthetix. i've tripped mushrooms twice, each of which was awe-inspiring, erratic, and so humanly raw. mind you, i am usually a reserved, insensitive, chem-majoring-wikipedia-whoring analyzer, but what may come off my keyboard as hippie-inspired-bullshittery very much...
  23. Cosmic

    How do you cheer yourself up/boost your confidence?

    read textbooks if it's appropriate (i'm usually behind, so it's almost always appropriate lol), read whatever i want. . . i don't force myself to finish books anymore (i'm really good at starting them but not finishing them), but i'll come back to them if it feels right later. i used to not...
  24. Cosmic

    ADD and P'ness(is)

    One of my closest friends most definitely types as an INFJ and is most definitely ADHD, (if you believe in ADHD, that is) as well as dyslexic. He's more much inattentive than hyperactive, but he fidgets. He's not impartial to planning, if anything he's always got some kind of life goal or...
  25. Cosmic

    Ni and Ne

    from my own interpretation, it's depth vs. breadth, where Ni is partial to different perspectives of the same reality to achieve a more solid understanding of an idea. Ne is its ADD counterpart that goes from one idea to another stringing things together and picking up on patterns and...
  26. Cosmic


    I wonder if schizoids ever feel like psychopaths. . . must suck either way. =x
  27. Cosmic

    INTPs' friends types

    My most intimate friends test as INFP, INTJ, ENTJ, ENFP, and ESTP. Among my larger circle of friends, SP's and N's are overrepresented with a few SFJ's and an ESTJ or two thrown in. I don't really gravitate towards people for the most part; I just meet people and then form connections or not...
  28. Cosmic

    help me choose a major? MOAR MATH

    thanks for the suggestions. i didn't realize there was such a thing as biomedical engineering. having looked at the curriculum from my school (i'm fortunate enough to have it as an option at the undergrad level), it looks absolutely fascinating. awesome lead; thanks again. going to have to look...
  29. Cosmic

    help me choose a major? MOAR MATH

    hello and good day, intpforum. i'm in a pretty crucial point in my academic life right now. i'm almost done with my surveying program and need to find something else to pursue. i REALLY like chemistry, but i've heard that in practice you don't really use all that much math? i've been considering...
  30. Cosmic

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    lol @ meow instead of now xD how did that start? i don't really do anything eccentric per so except maybe bike at night because there is no traffic at that time, but my friends tell me my way of interacting with people is really strange. like even if i'm not being awkward (which i am pretty...
  31. Cosmic

    The effects of marijuana on an INTP

    It's EXTREMELY unpredictable with me. Sometimes it makes me really silly and extraverted, sometimes it makes me really paranoid, sometimes it makes me feel on top of it and lucid, but usually it just makes me detached, derpy, apathetic, shy, and incompetent. I also feel out of it for the next...
  32. Cosmic

    Will you always be the same personality?

    your personality will change over time. this is not to say that you personality type will change (which is also possible), but your brain is still developing, and you will continue to be shaped and defined by the intricate set of circumstances your life will encounter along with the choices that...
  33. Cosmic

    INTP worst fear: Dancing.

    i learned how to dance on ecstasy
  34. Cosmic

    If Money Wasn't An Issue...

    i'd go to school and become a chemistry wizard
  35. Cosmic

    Does Your Mind Race Constantly?

    nah, i'm probably the odd one out among INTP's in that i'm pretty much an airhead. if anything, my mind gets caught in these weird loops where the same thought keeps repeating itself :confused:
  36. Cosmic

    Two different types of speech

    definitely. i have several forms of talking: fancy schmancy articulation i use to talk to myself, write, and use sometimes with my friends when we're having intellectual discussions; slang i use for almost everything else (inappropriately so at times, by habit); and a whacky, flamboyant voice i...
  37. Cosmic

    Autopilot / Not All There

    i nearly missed one of my final exams because i missed three, yes three, exits/turns on the way and ended up getting lost as a result. got there thirty minutes late and ended up making the professor stay there later than he would've otherwise. he was a good sport about it though, much more than...
  38. Cosmic

    What wikipedia tabs

    /mysticism /plea_bargain /Codex_Mendoza /fetal_alcohol_syndrome /derealization /mutual_intelligibility not sure if INTP anymore :confused:
  39. Cosmic

    Darwin Awards

    I find this KIND of humor funny, but not when it involves real people and actual incidents. TOO MUCH.
  40. Cosmic

    Dream 'Job'

    Travel the world study fungi specimens. =) Particularly their chemical compositions in hopes of finding compounds of pharmaceutical interest. Or any interest. Or maybe the next LSD.
  41. Cosmic

    aha, sorry, i mistook you for somebody else ~_^

    aha, sorry, i mistook you for somebody else ~_^
  42. Cosmic

    Do you (INTP) find other INTPs to be weird?

    The INTP's I know really aren't all that weird (including myself). But then again, I'm from Austin. Our threshold for strangeness is already quite high, let alone if you yourself are an INTP. I suppose this is something I take for granted.
  43. Cosmic

    Why can't I get a FUCKING JOB!

    It's our job to suck customer cock, and we don't do that all that often because 90% of customers are courteous to begin with. What is a pet peeve of mine is when arrogant customers come in, treat our greetings as rhetorical questions, give us "shut the fuck up" looks, and leave as quickly as...
  44. Cosmic

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    Yeah, naturally occurring deliriants are particularly risky as the concentration of alkaloids can vary greatly by individual plant. I think there may be a way to extract or otherwise standardize the dose, but it's very dangerous to ingest it any other way. Anything in particular you wanted to...
  45. Cosmic

    "Speed" medication/drugs

    Ephedrine, MDPV, BZP, propylhexedrine
  46. Cosmic

    Austin, TX?

    I LOVE Ruta Maya! I would go there and take salsa dancing lessons with my mom and brother when we were younger, haha. Haven't been there in forever. Linsejko, I didn't even know there was such a thing as four-way chess. What I do with my life is probably what I would do in any other American...
  47. Cosmic

    Austin, TX?

    South Austin is definitely best Austin. I bet a lot's changed in those thirty years.
  48. Cosmic

    lololol you and your intp internet forums i find /b/ to be quite INTPful

    lololol you and your intp internet forums i find /b/ to be quite INTPful
  49. Cosmic

    Time is precious

    First off, I haven't read (and probably won't) much past the OP due to the sheer length of the entailing discussion. Having said that: Zago, if your existence reflects the ideal life your OP calls for, then I commend you. However, I feel as though the thoughts and feelings reflected in your...
  50. Cosmic

    5 Favorite Bands/Music Artists

    The Gathering The 69 Eyes Regina Spektor Shearwater HIM VNV Nation Liv Kristine Nightwish Five seemed liked an arbitrary number. . .
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