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    Ever consider being a living donor?

    Okay, I was thinking about becoming a living liver donor for my mom. Yeah there is the fear of losing my own life and I'm not bullshitting either. I'm not trying to reveal a moral in this post I am just seriously considering this and am posting it here because I think as we should have the same...
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    Thinking the words "you" and "we"

    I know I'm weird but I'm not crazy. I daily think the words "you" and "we", like "you should" da da da da, or "we should" blah blah blah blah I say in my head. I know it's not a split personality thing but I was doing this alot today so I wonder what your take on it is or even if you do it too...
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    Love Song favorites

    Post your favorite love songs, they don't have to be in any particular order. Utube vids embed/url's or just text. Jackie Wilson - To Be Loved 500 Internal Server Error Linda Scott - I've Told Every Little Star 500 Internal Server Error FIONA APPLE - You Belong To Me YouTube- Fiona Apple -...
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    Cat Person or Dog Person? for pet people...

    Take sides... I don't know how to play with birds so I didn't include them. btw Just wondering.
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