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  1. Cogwulf

    A problem from oxford interview

    I'm not approaching this from a programming perspective, but the simplest approach I can see is to add all the numbers together. If there is a single missing number, then it will be the difference between that and 999,999. If there are multiple missing numbers, then doing this will have made a...
  2. Cogwulf

    favourite meme

  3. Cogwulf

    Do you respond to depressed individuals with hostility?

    I feel hostility towards depressed people, but this is because I'm seeing myself in them. I realise this and avoid actually responding to them with hostility.
  4. Cogwulf


    I took a gap year working for an automotive parts companies development lab. About a year or two before I started they had a lab manager with almost a lifetime of experience who knew every piece of kit inside out, he asked for a sabbatical and this was refused so he took early retirement...
  5. Cogwulf


    I might go to the wolverhampton show. Haven't thought about it yet though.
  6. Cogwulf


    Forget the music. I'm just waiting for my epic tshirt. :storks:
  7. Cogwulf

    Liquid lunch

    I'm quite interested in intermittent fasting. The method which seems a good starting point is one where two to three days a week you restrict your diet to a single 600 calorie meal. However I'm fairly active at the moment and this is incredibly hard to achieve, I have done it unintentionally in...
  8. Cogwulf

    Liquid lunch

    Liquid lunches will make you ill if you do them with any regularity. The lack of fibre will just start messing with your digestive system in unpleasant ways. The closest thing to a wonderfood you can get is a bag of mixed fruit and nuts, it's pretty much just as convenient as a drink, you can...
  9. Cogwulf


    It hasn't even been released, you wouldn't download a car that hasn't been build yet would you? (I've pre-ordered the vinyl. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'll be downloading it anyway)
  10. Cogwulf

    I'm becoming INFP O_O

    You strike me as being an extravert.
  11. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    Is there any penalty if you pause for too long? Either way, you would probably find that some simple meditation and breathing exercises would help you a lot.
  12. Cogwulf

    Ask me any question and I'll answer it.

    Indeed :D Not homework, actual work. Not so much the change in friction, as whether there is a point where the friction suddenly changes. Although it is actually very complicated and depends on a lot of things such as temperature and humidity. There's plenty of scientific literature on the...
  13. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    It's horrifically out of date. Modern operating systems and alternative choices of browser just confuse it.
  14. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    Most likely, it encourages the body to stay in "repair" mode mode which means it prefers using fat to storing it. It also cuts the levels of insulin-like growth factor.
  15. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    Instant is indeed foul. If you want to try proper coffee without going to a cafe, the easiest method is a coffee cone, and a bag of decent quality grounds.
  16. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    I've always believed that being able to drink coffee right before falling asleep is less to do with the individuals metabolism, but instead is just a sign of addiction. This is only anecdotal evidence too, but most people I know who regularly drink coffee or tea in the evening are always quite...
  17. Cogwulf

    Ask me any question and I'll answer it.

    What transitions occur in the friction of graphite-based materials as they are subjected to progressively increasing loads and speeds?
  18. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    Got about a third of the way through so far. I think the general gist of what she is saying is correct, but she is grossly uninformed and opinionated. For example she is saying no fruits or vegetables contain any vitamin A, that we can't digest protein in plants, and that there are no fats in...
  19. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    The biggest problem with the modern diet is the focus on cheap carbs. The positive effects you have experienced are probably mostly due to cutting out grains. We can't digest parts of the grain properly -our bodies produce antibodies in response to gluten- which aside from causing coeliac...
  20. Cogwulf

    Odd tastes

    Could be worse. Far too many people have an obsession with mayo for some reason. :mad: Hmm... let's see... Does mixing chili and chocolate count as odd enough?
  21. Cogwulf

    who wants to talk? (intp social thread)

    Whilst I agree a general chat would be good, there are forum categories for each of those things already. I doubt you'll get anything different here than elsewhere.
  22. Cogwulf

    I hate you because you're a Republican

    Because the human race evolved in tribal and familial groups. It's in our nature to separate ourselves into "us and them", it doesn't just apply to things like politics, our entire society is built upon it, from the school playground to the world leaders. There is a double whammy here, as we are...
  23. Cogwulf

    Well, this is awkward...

    I was always decisive, however my decisions were flawed due to incomplete data.
  24. Cogwulf

    Well, this is awkward...

    It turns out that I'm actually an INTJ. :o Various trains of thought have been ticking away in the back of my head for several months now, eventually leading to a slow realisation that I was failing to understand my thought patterns because I was approaching my analysis of said thought patterns...
  25. Cogwulf

    Research shows the universe is NOT a fractal

    We can say this because we've mapped about 200,000 galaxies in a 3-billion year chunk of the universe. In other words this is not a "theory" this is a direct observation. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/08/120821094032.htm
  26. Cogwulf

    Is this romantic or sick?

    No, just immature.
  27. Cogwulf

    Can music help you produce more Serotonin

    I'm afraid I have no link to this, but I have read that the inherent repetition in pop music, or the repetition of listening to more complex music repeatedly, means that when we listen to such music our brains are constantly pre-empting what will come next, each time our brain correctly predicts...
  28. Cogwulf

    Is possible to be INTX?

    No. Stop thinking in terms of P or J, think in terms of cognitive functions. Are you Te or Ti, Ne or Ni?
  29. Cogwulf

    To be confident or not to be confident

    At the risk of a Wildeian phrase not quite coming across as I meant it to: You "should" be confident, but you shouldn't "be" confident. Lots of people decide to become more confident, but conscious attempts at confidence always result in either lying to themselves and behaving just as...
  30. Cogwulf

    Any electrical engineers?

    I think a Not gate is what you need, for the first bit at least. I might be wrong though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverter_(logic_gate)
  31. Cogwulf

    time spent in front of computer

    Including work, I can easily spend 10 hours a day on the computer, however I disagree with the "Pretty much the only thing I do." option.
  32. Cogwulf


    Out-of-sequence interjection time. Layers are definitely one of the key points of his work. He is also very good at combining many different techniques in particular ways which other artists do achieve, but never with as much regularity. For example, chorus, falsetto, disharmonies, off-beat...
  33. Cogwulf


    The entire Discography of SYL could essentially be described as a parody of metal, but I don't see Deconstruction as a parody. His own explanation of Deconstruction was that he wanted to show people that he has developed as a person; he can no longer do metal because he doesn't have the...
  34. Cogwulf

    What's your typing speed?

    I was correcting a lot as I went, so there were only two incorrect words but quite a few wasted keystrokes.
  35. Cogwulf

    What's your typing speed?

    I think I can do better, I was rushing and making a lot of mistakes.
  36. Cogwulf

    How Autism Is Changing The World

    But the autistic and aspergers spectrum people have always been the ones changing the world. The only difference now is that we've started labelling these people, and we seem to be fixated on "curing" them rather than helping them do what they do best.
  37. Cogwulf


    He may not be "on a different level", but he is definitely one of a kind. Unless of course, you can point me towards a few similar artists; last.fm has let me down so far. Devins moved away from metal himself. I can't really class it as anything now, other than prog, the sheer scope of his...
  38. Cogwulf

    Olympics disinterest

    Dis-regarding everything else that has been said for just a moment, the single biggest problem with the olympics is the corporatism. McDonalds the food of athletes? Nuff said. I sort of disagree with the nationalism argument. This sort of thing will always happen, humanity will always possess a...
  39. Cogwulf

    What are you all reading?

    Currently on the Sisterhood of Dune. The writing style isn't quite up to the standard of Frank Herbert, but the content is still interesting enough to be worth reading. Also been trawling my way through the Game of Thrones saga, odd bits of Pratchett too. BTW, I highly recommend The Long Earth...
  40. Cogwulf

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    I recently read a post on another forum by someone claiming to be a professional counsellor, he said he sees a lot of mid to late teenagers, as well as some older people, who are claiming to watch the show and are learning these things from it. He said he believes that it is very good that they...
  41. Cogwulf

    How many of you use conditioner?

    I just condition my beard (just kidding). Most conditioners are based on silicone oils rather than natural oils, and whilst silicone is wonderful stuff, it's not really what your hair needs. It makes your hair look nice and shiny but doesn't keep it in good condition; most cosmetics...
  42. Cogwulf

    Smoking Cigs vs. Ramen Noodles -- which one kills you faster?

    The hunter-gatherer diet has appealed to me for a long time, but at the moment I'm just making small steps towards it. It makes perfect sense, not because it has been determined that it is what we "need" to survive, but because it is what our ancestors ate for millions of years, we evolved on...
  43. Cogwulf


    The one thing I don't like about Devin, is that I never seem to listen to much else any more. He should never have got rid of the beard either.
  44. Cogwulf

    how you wake up?

    I have a peculiar habit that 9 times out of ten I wake up about 5 minutes before my alarm. If I change my alarm it takes me a day or two to adjust. Or sometimes if I have an important reason to be awake earlier than usual I still wake up before my alarm anyway. However when I'm on holidays and...
  45. Cogwulf

    [:] Sounds from space, again? [:]

    The "sound" isn't "interference". It is the complex electromagnetic output of the sun which has been converted into a signal which can be heard by humans. But I'm not quite sure what you're referring to about the CGI?
  46. Cogwulf

    [:] Sounds from space, again? [:]

    I wouldn't read too much into it. Bear in mind that we have had these sorts of technologies -both the equipment picking up the "sounds" and the ability to listen to it in our houses- for a tiny span of time. Last time the sun was at this stage in the cycle we couldn't listen to it like this, we...
  47. Cogwulf

    Unban artsu tharaz plz

    I sort of guessed something along those lines was going on. There's not really anything anyone here can do. All that is possible is to offer advice, but we cannot even do that unless he helps us to help him.
  48. Cogwulf

    Fuck ASPD assholes

    http://www.aspd.co.uk/ :confused:
  49. Cogwulf

    Forgetting your age

    I was 18 for two years, I can't remember ever being 19 and I'd barely realised I was 20 by the time I was 21. I'm only a year behind at the moment.
  50. Cogwulf


    'twas me. The update speed is terrible, he seems to post a lot a once then disappear for weeks.
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