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  1. Wolf18

    Jakub Marian

    https://jakubmarian.com/category/maps/ Thought some of you might enjoy this website as much as I do. Maths, physics, music, linguistics, geography... this guy provides hours worth of fascinating information (and theories) about all these topics and more. :cthulhu:, Wolf18
  2. Wolf18

    I'm Back

    Well, after a two-year foray into the realm of normalcy, I've come to the conclusion that any chance I might have of being able interact meaningfully with the majority of the people I encounter lies purely within the margin of error of any system I might construct to determine such probability...
  3. Wolf18

    The Poetical Works of John Keats

    I just finished reading Endymion yesterday, and although it was predictable, I really enjoyed it. I find that when I read his works, I end up in a sort of trance, where nothing else is happening except for the words. Does anyone else read and/or like Keats? What are your favourite...
  4. Wolf18

    The Hebrew Thread

    Hello, By popular demand, I am going to try to teach Hebrew to anyone who wants to learn. I will try to do approx 1 lesson per day, and if you come to this class late, you can catch up by reading previous posts and posting questions. Please post them in this thread, so that everyone else can...
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