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  1. RaBind

    If humans were the size of ants

    If all humans were suddenly changed to the size of ants, lets say in 1700 after the steam engine was invented, would we have come to become as "dominant" a species on Earth as we are now? if not would we have been able to in the further future? The miniaturisation grants no special feats than...
  2. RaBind

    Socionics INTx descriptions vs functional stack

    Based on the socionics functional stack I've self typed myself as an INTj, which shares the functions with MBTI INTP. However apart from the descriptions of the functions themselves, I've found that other descriptions of the INTj aren't very accurate. Going by behavioural descriptions I fall...
  3. RaBind

    Do you have to learn to smile?

    Pretty much anyone can smile genuinely but being able to smile at you bidding seems harder. I always seem to just make a flat smile whenever I try to smile. I "feel" like I'm putting on an okeyish smile and it "feels" right ( i.e. muscles not to stressed) but my smile is flat. Flat smiles look...
  4. RaBind

    At what point or when does the end justify the means?

    It's understandable that what is agreed upon generally and in the eyes of the law is that "the end doesn't justify the means" for a variety of reasons, a critical one being that in many cases the "end" is not guaranteed and even if it is achieved it may not be enough or all that we thought it...
  5. RaBind

    Sam Harris with Jordan B. Peterson - What is True?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gdpyzwOOYY I listened to this podcast though only as something in the background and without painstakingly trying to make sense of it, which is probably needed because they talk in very abstract and obscure terms. Jordan B. Peterson is questioned on and...
  6. RaBind

    Type frequency statistics

    http://www.careerplanner.com/MB2/TypeInPopulation.cfm This says that SF types alone make up 42% of the population. All four SF types make it in the top 6 most common type list. SJ make up another 44% of the population, that intersects with the above SF group. NTs make up around 10.5%...
  7. RaBind

    Show us your facebook ads

    I've noticed, in quite a lot of places, shit that talks about or hints to how facebook knows a lot/everything, depending on how hyperbolic they are being, about you. I remain somewhat sceptical about these claims. Of coarse facebook has a lot of information about their users but not...
  8. RaBind

    I want you data to invade your privacy

    Plz give me data for hacking reasons https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7M8WPPS Does this count as spam? I hope not. I want data to play around with, how will I play around with it? I have no idea, but that part of the thought process comes after...
  9. RaBind

    Machine learning related to MBTI

    I'm looking for any websites that take a machine learning approach to MBTI assessment or any other such topics related to MBTI. As far as I understand it assessments currently are made with the cognitive functions and their interplay, as told by the theory, in mind. Two sites I've found...
  10. RaBind

    How one type of intelligence correlates with the individual's intelligence in other fronts

    I had a discussion about the topic with my siblings and I argued for: 1) High intelligence and specialization in one area is likely to bleed and seem into other areas of the individual's life. The general ideas and skills picked up from their area of expertise allow/aid them to become a more...
  11. RaBind

    AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol

    Google Deepmind's AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol tomorrow morning at 03:30 AM for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFr3K2DORc8 It'd be nice to use the chat box to discuss the game while it's going on. Any one who knows a thing or two about either the game Go or the AlphaGo system...
  12. RaBind

    Golden Compass Daemon Test

    Would've thought this test would've been on here already, but apparently not going by some quick searches. http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/the-golden-compass-daemon-test My result: Curmudgeonly Soul I feel like this description is surprisingly fitting for intps.
  13. RaBind

    Dual Process Theory for AGI

    https://player.vimeo.com/video/111967600 Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't know enough about the subject to resolve the useful bits from those that might not be useful.
  14. RaBind

    How many projects do you have right now?

    So I keep seeing this reoccurring expression where a lot of the people in this forum self report having difficulty making sustained progress in one single project, and they chalk this up to them being an intp. Personally I've also experienced similar difficulty in keeping my focus on one goal...
  15. RaBind

    How difficult is it to type family members?

    I've read quite a lot of posts here saying that second hand typing as opposed to self typing can be very difficult and inaccurate. This is mainly due to the vast amount of information that may be hidden which observers may never be exposed to, these may be private feelings/emotions, thoughts or...
  16. RaBind

    Hate on a movie

    The hangover movies we shit. I couldn't bring myself to suspend my disbelief to even come close to being able to go along with it's story. When other's saw a light-hearted comedy about going through fubar experiences within the confines and security of their own homes I saw protagonists that...
  17. RaBind

    8^8: Find your soulmate?

    Found this in reddit: http://8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8.com/ It attempts to find other people who are as similar to you as possible apparently. Why don't you/we here give it a go and post our results? I've registered for it just a while ago but no results so far.
  18. RaBind

    Mayweather v Pacquiao Fight

    Mayweather v Pacquiao. Happening at around 4am on Sunday at UK time. A fight 5 years in the making. I hope Mayweather's record gets stained. more info- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/boxing/mayweather-vs-pacquiao/11577282/When-is-Floyd-Mayweather-vs-Pacquiao-what-channel.html
  19. RaBind

    Sam Harris's proposal of making morality scientific

    I've been have a conversation on YouTube about the topic and it's pretty interesting. Reading opinions would be interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuuTOpZxwRk By the way I haven't read his book and so pretty much all my thoughts are conjectures, so maybe someone who has read the...
  20. RaBind

    Complete Nihilism

    How does complete nihilism work? Note that I might come off as autistic, especially around the end of the middle paragraph. The only answer I can think of to this is that it doesn't work, because complete nihilism necessitates already being dead, as a consequence of not having the beliefs that...
  21. RaBind

    INTP advisors/evaluators any good?

    Do people in your life come to you for advice on life? When I say advice I mean the evaluation sort, as in like what's being done well and what needs improving in their life. I understand a number of people in this forum may be really quite young for give others advice about their lives, but I...
  22. RaBind


    I might or might not have seen this quiz here already. Well I did a 5 sec search and didnt find visual dna thread on the tests section, so here you go. I feel like its really quite accurate.
  23. RaBind

    passing Turing test through acting human stupidity matters?

    I see articles sometimes where claims are made about passing the Turing test, but it is only because said ai is imitating pretty crude forms of intelligence, like a 12 year old. Do you think it matters in the philosophical and moral sense of how the ai should be treated whether the ai is...
  24. RaBind

    Failure of will or doing what you want?

    What is the cause when people don't do things? is it a failure of will or are they just doing what they want? This subject, I think, applies to intps a lot, it certainly does for me and my continuous struggle with procrastination and following through with things. I have some vague preconception...
  25. RaBind

    It is better to do nothing then to do something

    This could very well be in politics, or psychology, or be about illnesses. It is better to do nothing then to do something, if there isn't enough knowledge available to guarantee a good outcome, and more crucially if detrimental outcomes cannot be adequately avoided. Discuss.
  26. RaBind

    RaBind's type me

    Guys can you give me an indication of what type you think I am. I know I'm not the most prolific of posters but any input would be appreciated. I would like it if you gave a reason as to why you're inclined to type me a certain way though, even if it's very brief. I myself suspect that I may be...
  27. RaBind

    criticisms of the singularity&kurzweil?

    Is there a site where I can see the list of arguments against the idea. I've read quite of few discussions and criticisms about the idea by both laymen and people from their respective fields of study over the last couple of years. A huge amount of them are straw men that just sort of attempt to...
  28. RaBind

    An agreeable feminist

    I just discovered Christina Sommers today and find her very much agreeable. I suppose if I looked harder or put any significant effort at all I would've found loads of feminist writers who have agreeable views. However she does seem to be actively examining and fighting against bad research...
  29. RaBind

    I wonder if this should be in psychology, it's about memories so why not?

    How are you meant to remember memories? describe your recollections of life. I find that I can only remember fuzzy glimpses of images, some of them with me in it. I highly suspect they've been heavily skewed or entirely made up by my thoughts at the time.
  30. RaBind

    MBTI dating visual novel sim

    http://lightgreyartlab.com/great-personality-exhibition-game/ For anyone interested it's basically what the title says. It's interesting to say the least, attempts to give you a glimpse of insight into how relationships with different types work. Only the first of a four part series is out...
  31. RaBind

    Gender issues seems to be a sensitive issue even on here

    Well after seeing several threads on the topic with discussions being more riled up then usual, I would come to such a conclusion as the title. And this thread being on the discussion of the discussion that can't seem to unfold correctly. Identifying what leads to low quality discussions so much...
  32. RaBind

    Productivity/self-betterment advice from ryans01 on reddit

    Just read this awesome piece of a post on reddit's r/bestof subreddit and thought I'd share it here, knowing that procrastination is a defining characteristic and one which is a huge obstacle for many of us in this forum. original link and...
  33. RaBind

    Lose everything to know the truth?

    The title sounds like I'm about to dupe gullible people into giving me money to let the in on some retarded conspiracy theory. But no I'm not about to do that, however I'll do something a bit similar for FREE. A thought experiment to see how important the people on this forum think knowing the...
  34. RaBind

    Void of meaning and Procrastination

    This year is a gap year for me, before I hopefully go to university next year. I was wondering what I should do to make this year meaningful. What goal I could move towards (Damn, I've been institutionalized to think lineally). Why this year of my life should exist (I feel the same way about my...
  35. RaBind

    Reddit Futurology

    Just wanted to share the futurology site in reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/Futurology/. It's a pretty good site to look for all stuff related to technological advancements. Here's two things shared in the site...
  36. RaBind

    Modern Feminism/Feminism Problematic Merge

    I always thought that feminism was a movement in support of gender equality. Taking a closer look at it has been interesting and left with me a bit confused. The problem is that the modern feminism is not similar to Suffragettes movement of the late 19th century, in that they don't really have a...
  37. RaBind

    Joint? Single? I don't know?

    I'll hopefully, or maybe not so hopefully, be going to university next year. I've applied for a joint degree with computing and psychology. I've got a conditional offer and I accepted it (I can probably defer it or change the course). However today my teacher in ICT told me that joint degrees...
  38. RaBind

    Daydreaming Simulations

    So I have noticed, quite a long while ago, that I run simulations in my mind a lot. I mean a whole lot, at least 50% of my waking time. A lot of the time I daydream simulations when I have time (not doing anything). I used to do this a lot in class, when I was in high school, but I've...
  39. RaBind

    Fuck it test

    Well my exams start next week, and I've just been, I dunno, daunted I guess, so just like always I wasted another day over the internet. After a break, from snaking on the junk in internet, I just typed in whatever came first into my mind. This was "Fuck it", and to my surprise there was a whole...
  40. RaBind


    I made a previous post about true evil quite a while ago. I wanted to share some ideas on the other side of the spectrum as well. I know that true/pure states of anything cant really exist in the real world, as everything is only in being relative to everything else. However i find it...
  41. RaBind

    Learning style quiz

    http://www.edutopia.org/node/6140/done?sid=132159 DONE! Here are your results. Linguistic 50% Logical-Mathematical 44% Visual-Spatial 42% Intrapersonal 38% Interpersonal 38% Musical 38% Bodily-Kinesthetic 25% Naturalistic 25%
  42. RaBind

    Online Marketing

    Does anyone here have websites or online business that they have successfully generated income from? There are a lot of article on this topic, but so many that it almost seems unreliable. I have noticed that some of you have your own blogs, please share your experience with me. I am trying to...
  43. RaBind

    Exam or Coarsework

    I had an exam today and got another one the day after tomorrow and as the title suggests I want to hear from you which one you are in favor of. I don't like exams and I have asked several friends, they also think alike. One reason is that exams only test a person for a short duration of time...
  44. RaBind

    Why do I care?

    INTP, we are supposed to not deal with emotions and feeling well right? Well if so how do you guys manage, or how did you guys manage in your teenage years? I am 16, get no encouragement from my parents. When I do well in exams and stuff like that they just keep their thoughts to themselves...
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