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  1. Do you actively try to be the worse person?

    I wouldn't say actively being the worst person, but I do get what you're implying. I tend to do the same thing for observing people in order to see how they act in a non-threatened/non-competitive state. I don't think this is specific to INTP's though as I've seen all sorts of people employ or...
  2. INTP Nomads/Wanderers

    Most of my life has been spent traveling around every 1-4 years. I quite enjoy traveling around the world and seeing different cultures and landscapes... Is this affinity shared by any other INTP's on this board?
  3. How to stop being a fattie fat fat?

    Stop eating all foods with dairy, wheat/wheat products, sugar. Walk 1-2 miles a day, report back in 2 months.
  4. Knowledge Management

    I'm not going to Columbia. I just included the aforementioned links as an example of what Knowledge Management is. Well, for me I'm trying to figure out what sort of career I'd like to enter after I finish my undergrad at the end of this year. I double major in International Relations and...
  5. Knowledge Management

    http://www.kminstitute.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge_management http://ce.columbia.edu/information-and-knowledge-strategy http://www.sharepointreviews.com/sharepoint-reviews-articles/sharepoint-business-productivity/1417-sharepoint-knowledge-management I take it no one works...
  6. Knowledge Management

    Does anyone work in this field?
  7. I need intp advice: Version 2.0

    You need to figure out a way to manage your time. Something that works well for me is the utilization of web filtering at fixed hours to prevent myself from viewing non subject related websites when I should be studying. I suggest using a priority matrix as a 'may do' list instead of a 'to do'...
  8. Caloric vs protein restriction

  9. Caloric vs protein restriction

    I've cut out all wheat, sugar, dairy, legumes in my diet for the last 3 weeks, and my mind has never felt more sharp. I think that those who argue against eating meat/fat need to realize that perhaps the animals they're eating may not be the ideal animal to be eating. If you can ascertain the...
  10. Obsessive Interests...List Yours!

    The Internet/Computers - More into exploring insofar as to continue developing my personal theory/framework Psychology of users on the internet E-Commerce Mapping/Geography/Geographic Information Systems Utilizing the internet for learning Ergonomics & Human interfacing to gain efficiency in...
  11. I like your posts. You're a true INTP for sure.

    I like your posts. You're a true INTP for sure.
  12. Sensor types

    That is another predicament altogether. I currently live in a 'majority' buddhist country, and well, the political situation I'd imagine is probably fueled by buddhist SJ types (I can only speculate).
  13. Sensor types

    Often times, I avoid them unless I need to work with them personally, or I need to interact with them through an institution or organization to get something done. But when we encounter each other and they see my way of doing things, there is inevitably conflict. I know through experience that...
  14. Overrated Intellectuals - Michel Foucault

    Well, I think Foucault is interesting insofar as to his theories about power being determined in the relationships as opposed to power simply emanating from an entity. Though, I might not understand this theory correctly, don't chastise me. I've been reading some of his lectures & will probably...
  15. What's Good?

    Eating a late in season ripened thai mango from one of my trees ^_^ And it tastes good too!
  16. Hey guys

    I really love Israeli food...i haven't had it in forever :( Hello, welcome, this place certainly has a few gems.
  17. Hierarchy of knowledge

    I think for most people in our world it is something that can be mulled upon from time to time. I'm no psychologist, but I do enjoy reading different peoples articulation of this phenomenon you describe. I think this may be related to what you're trying to describe...
  18. I Took the Drug Coffee

    I've never personally tried Khat, but I have seen its effects firsthand in East Africa; woman, man & child users. Here is an entertaining article you might enjoy reading. http://www.esquire.com/features/travel/ESQ0906KHAT_182 I also know that in the countries of Yemen, Ethiopia, and Kenya...
  19. I Took the Drug Coffee

    I can't believe no one on this forum has heard of Yerba Maté :p http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yerba_mate I too recently had an iced espresso today for the first time in a month and didn't enjoy the experience. I usually don't drink coffee, but I will if I need a quick burst of energy; though I...
  20. Career for INFP?

    My brother who is your type has started working in the culinary industry after highschool (he is getting into molecular gastronomy, avant garde type stuff), he works in steakhouses to make money, and works for free at many of these innovative type establishments to get the experiments he wants...
  21. http://spectrum.ieee.org/

  22. INTP's and Cognitive Disorders

    I think I'm pretty much in the same boat in terms of mathematics. For instance, if I try to find the percentage of a number say 20% of 360. I think in my mind 10% of 360 = 36*2 =72, which probably is very inefficient. The only math related things I've done at school have been related to the...
  23. Digital Currency,

    Yes, this is true, it is straightforward. Why not have economic value derived out of that process? I believe it could only add more to the value and practicality of a 'digital currency'.
  24. climate viewer 3d

    I found this looking for a pollution model. It's an activist oriented website, but the guy does have some very interesting data that can be downloaded into kmz form from the viewer. Anyone ever seen this? A search on the forum didn't turn up anything. http://climateviewer.com/3D/...
  25. INTP's hands

    I agree with what Base mentioned earlier, wang is plentiful here. But Gay I am not. Sorry to dissapoint you, bemused. :elephant:
  26. Thanks for the links, looks like a few gems there ^^

    Thanks for the links, looks like a few gems there ^^
  27. Rank All The S-types from best to worst:

    1. ISFJ 2. ISTP 3. ISFP 4. ESTP 5. ESFP 6. ESFJ 7. ISTJ 8. ESTJ
  28. Civ V

    I've been playing the 'hotseat' mode (single player on one computer hooked up via HDMI to 42inch) that was introduced a while ago with all of the expansions available on Steam. I really think the Brave New World, and other expansions polish this game up with tourism, trade routes, etc etc etc...
  29. Career advice?

    Hello, I guess I am currently at a crossroads in terms of where to head off towards after I finish my current degree... I am an INTP, weak math skills (go figure), very well traveled, wealth of useless knowledge, etc... To elaborate, I graduated HS six years ago, went to university straight...
  30. Robotic Traffic Cops in DRC (Real/Humor)

    http://www.engineering.com/DesignerEdge/DesignerEdgeArticles/ArticleID/7229/Traffic-Robots-in-the-Democratic-Republic-of-Congo.aspx Proceed <____< :king-twitter:
  31. INTP's hands

    What does it mean if your ring finger is much longer than your index finger? I have short fingers, I think I'd fit best with knotty or mixed?:confused:
  32. Future Visions

    What about information assurance with this sort of phenomenon. What you described is similar to how I often imagine the future of computing, but the question that keeps coming to me is about the security of such a system and that of its technologies. What safeguards can be implemented? Or will...
  33. I love this concept. Computer desk(literally)

    Pretty cool, but I agree with architect. I personally would prefer a minimized appearance for my workstation. I feel this could be improved if it were built on jacks to easily transition from standing to sitting desk, but that is just me <_<
  34. Digital Currency,

    Hello, I'm very much a layman when it comes to digital currencies as I've never utilized them or read anything beyond the basics, so please forgive my ignorance on the subject :o. To backup, I had an idea a few months ago about incorporating distributed computing and crypto/digital...
  35. Surveyors?

    Hate to revive a dead thread, but are there any INTP's in the GIS field out there?
  36. another ASEAN based INTP? I'm in thailand myself. Thanks for the link, I'm reading it now.

    another ASEAN based INTP? I'm in thailand myself. Thanks for the link, I'm reading it now.
  37. What are you all reading?

    'On China' By Henry Kissinger.
  38. Kerbal Space Program

    Great game, I'm planning on downloading it after Finals to waste some time playing it :)
  39. Hey

    Hey, I saw the forum and it looks interesting. I guess I've recently discovered that I fall under the INTP mbti type. For the longest time I operated under the fact that I was an infj or intj, not that I took too much of that knowledge to heart or anything. I guess recently due to the stressors...
  40. About you?

    What is your name? james Where are you from? That is a difficult question to answer. I was born in Texas, but I live in South East Asia currently How old are you? 23 What's your gender? male How did you find out that you were INTP, or other type? For the longest time I thought I...
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