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  1. FusionKnight

    GURPS GM in the house?

    Is anybody interested in GMing a GURPS play by post game? I used to play tabletop games back in high school, but haven't had any friends since who are interested in that kind of thing. I'm wondering if anybody here might be interested in willing to run a game using the GURPS rule set...
  2. FusionKnight

    Ever OSL Final: Flash vs. Movie

    Anybody else watch the Ever OSL final between Flash and Movie last night? Everybody knew Movie was going to get handled, but they were amazing games to watch none-the-less. Unfortunately, the match started at 2am CST, leaving me very tired this morning... :( The match-up this week between...
  3. FusionKnight

    Breakfast Club

    I just love this movie. I think for INTPs it's almost like a peek under the hood. The interplay between the various characters in many ways reminds me of the internal struggles we face. The various characters could almost represent the various functions we contain, both are primaries and our...
  4. FusionKnight

    Work and Self-doubt

    I had a kind of strange thing happen to me at work today. I'm not sure what it means, or how I should react. However, it did kind of get past my NT armor and hit me right in my "retarded" F. I have a bachelor's of science degree in mechanical engineering. I have worked in 6 different...
  5. FusionKnight

    Sneaking back quietly

    Or not, I guess, since I'm posting right up front... (sigh). I have not posted since April of this year (2009), and have not really lurked either since June or so. My departure was not for any pre-meditated reason, but rather a combination of forces from elsewhere in my life. I got busier at...
  6. FusionKnight


    Anybody see the first two episodes of the new show Kings (loosely inspired by the Biblical story of David)? What do you think of it? Do you think it will survive network television (NBC)?
  7. FusionKnight


    See?! It really ISN'T my fault!! :p;):D http://www.ronpaulmarket.com/Don_t_Blame_Me_I_Voted_for_Ron_Paul_Shirt_p/500.htm
  8. FusionKnight

    Being unknown

    Something Noddy and I were talking about, I wanted to bring up here: I often feel like the person I present to the world is only surface-deep. But it's more than just a mask for the public world. I feel like I am 99% unknown even by the people closest to me (my wife, my parents, my brother, my...
  9. FusionKnight

    What were you like in the womb?

  10. FusionKnight

    Tom Sawyer

    A song for INTPs: Tom Sawyer by Rush A modern-day warrior Mean mean stride, Todays tom sawyer Mean mean pride. Though his mind is not for rent, Dont put him down as arrogant. His reserve, a quiet defense, Riding out the days events. The river And what you say about his company Is what you...
  11. FusionKnight

    Fusion's 1,000th Post

    So... do I win something? :p
  12. FusionKnight

    Top Language Picks

    Okay, a friend asked me this recently, and now I ask you. If you could snap your fingers and wake up tomorrow being fluent in 5 languages, but those 5 languages would be the only ones you'd ever know, which 5 would you pick? If you could add a sixth, what would it be? Mine: 1. English - ranked...
  13. FusionKnight

    Forum Sigs

    So, how the heck is everybody getting those mypersonality.info badges into their sigs? Every time I try, it gives me a "Bad URL" error, or the picture doesn't show up... Help? :confused:
  14. FusionKnight

    A future for AI

    AI, if you had the opportunity to go to college, where would you go, and what would you study? What would you want to do when you graduated?
  15. FusionKnight

    Concealed Carry

    I'm fairly certain most of you Europeans aren't allowed to carry concealed (or open carry) firearms, but for those who live in a place where it is legal, do you? Would you be interested in doing so? If it's not legal now, would you if it were legal? Would you regardless of its legality? Do you...
  16. FusionKnight

    A little get-together

    So, I was reading somewhere about an INTP mini-convention where a dozen INTPs got together to share their INTPness with each other. I actually would find it pretty dang fun to hang out with you folks in the real world, especially around January where there's nothing to keep me entertained in...
  17. FusionKnight

    Favorite Beer

    So, of those of you who drink beer, what's your favorite? Of those of you who don't like beer, which is the least intolerable? My favorites are from a small brewery in southern Wisconsin called New Glarus Brewery (in New Glarus, WI, would you believe it?) The particular brews I like are...
  18. FusionKnight

    Challenge the next poster, repurposed?

    I've been thinking about this conversation that happened over in the "3 wishes" thread, and about the "Challenge the next poster" thread. INTPs are very resourceful, and the world's natural polymaths. After watching some pretty cool knowledge come to light through the "Challenge" thread, I...
  19. FusionKnight

    A different perspective...

    From a conversation I had with my brother:
  20. FusionKnight

    Personality and humor

    So, do INTPs like the same kinds of humor? I like Monty Python, Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse, Napoleon Dynamite, Sealab 2021, Mystery Science Theater: 3000, XKCD, and the Zombie Thread... Does this sound familiar?
  21. FusionKnight

    My Favorites: Annotated

    We kinda did this in that other thread, but I thought a more focused approach might be insightful as we spar with each other. I have 3 categories of favorites: books, films, and music. I'd rather talk about things that have been influential, rather than simply entertaining. So, for example...
  22. FusionKnight

    A proper introduction

    Okay okay, I guess I'll introduce myself now, since I've been wrestling with some epic threads for awhile, and people are wondering "just who is this profoundly amazing genius of a person, anyway". :D Okay, I'm kidding. But I'll try and give you an idea of who I am. :) I wonder what...
  23. FusionKnight

    Reality, Patterns, and Personhood

    Thank you, Cognisant, for that wonderful segue into a topic that fascinates me. I thought I'd break it out into its own thread, so we could more fully explore it. I'm going to double-post here, because my initial thoughts on this topic are a bit long. I thought it'd be better to split them out.
  24. FusionKnight

    INTP Engineers?

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but it's strange to read though some threads and feel like I already know you... creepy! :phear: Anyway, I wanted to throw this out there: I'm 26 years old, and have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and have been working in the field since I graduated from...
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