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  1. Firehazard159

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    You are on INTPf, but he is an ENTP. :)
  2. Firehazard159


    Hello everyone, long time no see ^_^ And @Cognisant - I can speak to this topic pretty extensively, though I'm not as much up on the current stuff, feel free to ask whatever - my latest equipment is the Rift & Vive, and I have an omni-treadmill and a few other peripherals. What you really...
  3. Firehazard159

    worst possible career

    I'll never understand this, but maybe it's because it's just a means to an end for me. I can work any job and not particularly hate or like it. I do try to pick jobs that teach me something or help me grow in some way, but now I do do a paper pushing job. And most of the work isn't pointless...
  4. Firehazard159


    It sounds like you haven't been to hell yet :l (Also, sorry if you updated the thread with hell visitation later on, I mostly just skimmed the beginning of this thread :P)
  5. Firehazard159

    The art of an INTP

    http://firehazard159.deviantart.com/ I don't do art often but I usually enjoy it. I suffer the same as others; none of my stuff is ever good enough in my eyes. Also pretty musically inclined, but I never record anything I make up.
  6. Firehazard159

    Okay :-) I'm not online that often, usually play by request, so I'll make an effort to be...

    Okay :-) I'm not online that often, usually play by request, so I'll make an effort to be online this weekend :-P
  7. Firehazard159

    The Hip-hop Thread.

    A lot of good stuff there, completely agree. I've always personally classified "Rap" as being the main stream crap, and "Hip Hop" being more the underground stuff that actually has a beat and good lyrics, but I don't know how widely accepted that distinction is :P
  8. Firehazard159

    The Hip-hop Thread.

    Main two Hip Hop artists I've liked are Deltron 3030 (Also, del the funky homo-sapien, same guy in the Gorillaz album) See: YouTube - Deltron 3030 - Mastermind and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7r2X94iBbg As well as RJD2, which is sort of an electronic/hip hop crossover. I think a...
  9. Firehazard159

    You have a most enjoyable name ^_^

    You have a most enjoyable name ^_^
  10. Firehazard159

    DT - Read that "BannEd" very carefully :P

    DT - Read that "BannEd" very carefully :P
  11. Firehazard159

    Functions Roleplay Story - Discussion & Reactions

    Same :/ 'tis a shame. But then, it is free form enough for any of us to continue building on it... I already know I lack the confidence to attempt it though :P
  12. Firehazard159

    Coincidental Dreaming

    I do this, but the feel of the dream almost assuredly changes once I taint it with my conscious mind. Typically it takes a turn for the worse, the magic being broken.
  13. Firehazard159

    Songs to Play Twice

    YouTube - Electric Violin and Beatbox: The Devil Canon and YouTube - Pornophonique - Sad Robot (High Quality) I find much enjoyable :D
  14. Firehazard159

    To all the depressed/moody people out there

    Actually, since I've stopped exercising regularly, I've started feeling better. However, I don't think it has anything to do with exercising, just saying that it's not really an answer to all depressed/moody people. It definitely is something people should try, but really, there's plenty of...
  15. Firehazard159

    Foot Thread

    I have a longer second toe too. And no way am I posting my feet, they are atrocious >.>
  16. Firehazard159

    Problems with choosing 'Role Models'

    I was never able to choose real life people with any accuracy - I still can't, but I do have a book character that is my role model, I suppose. If I had to do it again, I'd probably just pick that character and pretend he's my uncle or something, and transfer all the fantasy situations into...
  17. Firehazard159

    Google Ad Prefs a.k.a. Google thinks that I'm a bigger nerd than you!

    I actually updated my preferences to be more accurate. :P
  18. Firehazard159

    Suicide. Why not?

    I've tried this, and to some extent have been successful. But, it doesn't work entirely. Family, for better or for worse, manages to drop some contact in around every 3-6 months. At this point, the only people who really experience my life, is my coworkers.
  19. Firehazard159

    Suicide. Why not?

    I can't actually fathom that. That people don't recover, I mean. I've never really seen a person *not* recover, and it hasn't affected me. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, mind you, just that I can't actually process it and relate it to being a good reason not to commit suicide. I'd have...
  20. Firehazard159

    The Anti-coffee and -Melkor Club

    Best. Club. Ever.
  21. Firehazard159


    You don't just happen to be a miniature giant from space do you? Or have an owner named Minsc? (I'm sorry, when I see "boo" and "hamster" in the same vicinity, it's impossible to think of anything else!)
  22. Firehazard159

    What books have influenced your world view?

    R.A. Salvatore's series on Drizzt and companions. For some reason, those books affected me greatly. ^ Yay for someone else finding the gems I did :D (The new books have taken a decidedly dark turn, though, my life parallels his thoughts, so it's ...comforting, in a way.) Schopenhauer's...
  23. Firehazard159

    Knowledge or wisdom

    Well, considering the preface to wisdom is knowledge, wisdom is inevitably going to preferable. Without knowledge, you can't have wisdom. Though maybe I'm being unfair in the spirit of the threads question, but I was arguing this point with my friend the other day, and that was something...
  24. Firehazard159

    What do INTPs dislike in games?

    Actually, if you pay any attention to the gaming sphere, the demographic is in general adult males, averaging 35 - a quick google pulls up this: http://www.bizreport.com/2009/06/esa_releases_gaming_demographic_facts_and_figures.html I actually really enjoy stealth in most games I play, namely...
  25. Firehazard159

    Any musicians?

    Euphonium, Violin, Bass Guitar, Vocals, a tiny bit of harmonica and I mess around with music production software on my phone and computer, though not much comes of that (yet?).
  26. Firehazard159

    New (third?) intro for me! (:

    You'll probably get bored of this site too, it's just another to the list of 4-5 so you'l have 5-6 boring sites to peruse.
  27. Firehazard159

    Witnessing a Suicide

    Odd, maybe it's just that ... i forget the term, where something happens in your life, and you continually notice it, but I'm seeing a lot of suicide threads pop up here and there. @OP - In regards to why, I can't tell you why he did it, but I never really understood the point of asking why -...
  28. Firehazard159

    The He-Man Woman Hater's Club

    I was actually going to say I hate men and women both equally! And decided to actually read the first page before doing such. Funny you beat me to it :D But, when it comes down to it, I don't really hate, just have a general apathy and lack of understanding them. /me trots back to his...
  29. Firehazard159


    In the 'Vicious photo thread' or whatever it's now dubbed, most of the posters (if not all, actually - I haven't been there in a while XD) are attractive rather than not. Same with the youtube video thread.
  30. Firehazard159

    Do you think of yourself as an ultimately attractive person?

    Not at all for me. I mean, some days I ego trip, but whenever I really sit down and think about it, I mostly dislike everything about me and where I'm going, but cannot bring myself to change it very readily, and am baffled as to why some people *do* like and appreciate me. I feel like saying...
  31. Firehazard159

    what is the most dominant/aggressive type?

    Since we're only using anecdotal evidence for our scientific proof, I figured I'd throw in that in my personal experience, ENTJ's and INFJ's I've known have all been extremely nice, pleasant, laid back people. Granted, I only know of 2 confirmed INFJ's and 1 ENTJ personally. And, I saw someone...
  32. Firehazard159


    Wait, what? I thought vases were clear glass oftentimes, and jars were solid clay pot type things XD - that's been my experience at least :P But now that you mention it, I guess I'm familiar with *that* kind of jar as well, although we always called it "canning" (which didn't ever really make...
  33. Firehazard159

    Could use some "serious" advice...

    My bad there, then. It's more the comment that you suggested I was pretending to understand - I'm not pretending anything - as in, that is how I really feel, and I sense a correlation. I might be misunderstanding something, for which I said I might be. There's a huge difference, to me, and I...
  34. Firehazard159

    Friend committed suicide

    And along that line of thought, if it's selfish to commit suicide, is it not also selfish for others to expect you to live in pain when you do wish to end your life due to the struggles you face? A bit of a double standard. Some of the views expressed in this thread rather shock me, and...
  35. Firehazard159


    Aww, I'd feel abandoned too, and I rather like cookies! Any kind shall do, I'm not picky :D You should definitely keep me company while the nommings of said cookies happens! <3 Anyway, welcome Jar ^_^ I'm not really fond of those letters either, I think maybe because it is similar to...
  36. Firehazard159

    Could use some "serious" advice...

    Obviously, you didn't read my post, because I addressed that issue, by saying later on that I didn't wish to be presumptuous. But, I do identify with his main points, shall I break it down for you? Point A: Relation: For myself, I also the seek the same sort of connection - Ideally, I'd...
  37. Firehazard159

    time spent in front of computer

    I always go the extreme minimalism route. I'd probably be farming, living in some fashion like that off the land, and probably meet a girl that, due to there not really being much else available, we'd end up getting married and having a family, and continue working to live, living to work, kind...
  38. Firehazard159

    Doing terribly in High School.

    I lol'ed, and quoted for truth. I think I ended up with a 2.8 GPA, because I refused to do homework outside of school itself - aka, school was work, and work was to be done at work, not home. I'd get about 25-75% of most assignments done in class, working on them in classes unrelated to the...
  39. Firehazard159

    time spent in front of computer

    quoted for truth. I left my computer only to sleep, get food (ate it at the computer) and to draw for a little bit this weekend. :/ I wouldn't consider myself an addict, though. I just don't have much else that's appeals more. Because, everything has lost it's appeal to me mostly, so...
  40. Firehazard159

    Could use some "serious" advice...

    I don't get how people keep missing and misunderstanding what he's saying - if he doesn't make sense to you, don't reply? Obviously, many of you aren't reading what he's saying, because you're continually suggesting he's INTP when he's clearly stated several times on several threads that he is...
  41. Firehazard159

    The INTP XBL Gamertag Thread

    Firehazard159 for everything for me too ^_^ PSN, XBL, Steam, etc...
  42. Firehazard159

    Fantasy RPG Class Test

    He's working on it :P Apparently his ideas of warriors are not-coolheaded people, only bloodlusty ragers XD (Jay kay <3, but semi true!) I'd venture to say more warriors are coolheaded than hotheaded, at least skillful oriented ones over berserker types.
  43. Firehazard159

    Fantasy RPG Class Test

    It just seems to me like if you pick equally sword and equally magic, you end up with magic, I felt like I picking almost entirely sword options to get the paladin :P (Much more fitting result though, yay <3) Took it a second time: The War Paladin 48% Strength, 14% Bloodlust, 33%...
  44. Firehazard159

    Fantasy RPG Class Test

    I didn't realize you made this. I'm curious, where's more of the spell sword / melee magic combined options? (not talking enchanters, talking like, throwing fireballs and slaying with swords - there were specific questions geared towards it, but they all seemingly lead to the diviner?) I...
  45. Firehazard159

    Fantasy RPG Class Test

    The Grand Diviner 33% Strength, 10% Bloodlust, 48% Intelligence, 43% Spirit, 38% Vitality and 0% Agility! Masters of predicting the future, Grand Diviners are deadly opponents. Using their foresight, Grand Diviners can easily and effortless outmaneuver a foe and launch a flurry of countercounts...
  46. Firehazard159

    An approximate number sense test

    Me: You had a score of 84% correct on this test. Based on the results we have so far, the average person who takes this test scores 76% correct. Your percentile score on this test was 84, meaning you scored higher than 84% of people who took this test It took you an average of 0.51...
  47. Firehazard159

    The MunkySpanker Phenomenon

    What's even more fun; Compare this: Usually trolls are defined as attention seekers too, which is exactly the kind of behavior he's pointing out in his personal thoughts.
  48. Firehazard159

    Brain Works Test

    I hate being the last post on the first page, no one will see me now </3 XD
  49. Firehazard159

    Brain Works Test

    Your Brain Usage Profile: Auditory : 71% Visual : 28% Left : 47% Right : 52% Bam, dominates the auditory category! You're not alone ana, though he can't see this anymore anyway XD And, it looks like at least a few people have joined the 50-60% range... For the rest: Christopher, your...
  50. Firehazard159

    The MunkySpanker Phenomenon

    And only slightly better grammar, but still an atrocious pattern of speech.
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