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  1. Firehazard159

    MBTI "Debunked"

    As is common in IRC, I was linked to a cracked.com article, which lead me to clicking on several other articles, eventually leading me to this: http://www.indiana.edu/~jobtalk/HRMWebsite/hrm/articles/develop/mbti.pdf It's an article attacking MBTI's validity. I may be wrong, but I was...
  2. Firehazard159

    Hai Gaiz

    So I'm new here... err wait. Oh shi. I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Finally out of basic military training.... *ponders if his personality has really changed much* Possibly, but probably not really too much. I am more confident now though! In public I mean. I'm probably the...
  3. Firehazard159

    wanderlust! wandering while wondering! not all who wander are lost...

    Well, I came to the realization today that I change jobs or direction or location about once a year. Knowing how we intps like our freedom and spontaneous thought, I was curious it any of you shared my sense of wanderlust? Or, at least the desire if not the reality of it? My assumption is...
  4. Firehazard159

    New smiley!

    I has been creative! It is an piece of artistry, behold the visual: ,':^| ^ incredulous face man! ,':| - Is ok too if you don't liek beak-nose. Ok I doen with art sho. Edit: For visual impaird, it is eyebrow raise.
  5. Firehazard159

    Good Authors = Good Psychologists?

    So, upon reading this thread, and more specifically these quotes: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=237&page=2 I've often thought some of my favorite authors have a great grasp of peoples personalities, which is in part what makes their writings so grand. It pulls you in because it...
  6. Firehazard159

    Human level AI: One step closer.

    This innovation is a huge step in the right direction towards developing the AI we all dream of. Basil, the robot - so awesome. Start here: http://www.westword.com/2008-12-18/news/hed-the-gundersons-get-us-ready-for-basil-the-robot-of-our-dreams/ Then here, for action...
  7. Firehazard159

    Internal Emotional Personification

    I know there's been quite a few threads on how we perceive and interact (or don't interact) with our emotions, and this thread will be similarly along those lines, but slightly different. In my head, there is an entire fantasy world. I rule from a large castle, but the world is empty, and so...
  8. Firehazard159

    Which INTP type are you?

    I thought this was pretty intriguing at the very least, might be fun to see which 'types' we are by whoever created this... doubtful on it's precision, more makes me think of one those facebook quizzes. (Original link: http://forums.intpcentral.com/showthread.php?t=36491) P-type "The...
  9. Firehazard159


    Firehazard159, at your service. Only, not really serving anyone... I figured I should do my own intro thread rather than attempting to hijack someone elses. So... hello all :) I look forward to gaining insight and debating and, well, everything that we love to do.
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