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  1. dwags222

    Wasted potential and squandered intelligence

    its not like its your duty to use your potential for anything other than doing what you want. if you really want to use it, then use it, but if you don't then thats totally legit too.
  2. dwags222

    Theme Song²

    girls just wanna have fun, by none other than the great cyndi lauper.
  3. dwags222

    MBTI in relation to Archetype and Enneagram

    i thought i was 4w5 for a long time. but eventually i realized i was actually a 5w4. to be honest the two are pretty close in some ways, but i kind of find it hard to believe that an intp could be a 4w5 even though i used to think i was one. looking back now, it is easy to see i was not a...
  4. dwags222

    Movie - Seven Pounds

    i remember that movie, but to be honest i dont think will smiths character was an intp, because even if an intp thought of such a crazy thing to do, the chances of them actually carying it out are slim to none. to be honest will smiths character, though it has been a while since i've seen it...
  5. dwags222


    there are actually theories of humor. the main theory i believe is the incongruency theory, which i think aristotle might have started but i might have made that up. basically, anytime the mind experiences something that is different then what it expected in a novel way, it causes us to laugh...
  6. dwags222

    Dependent Personality

    i definitely used to do the whole obsession=love thing when i was younger, and i would be horribly depressed for very long stretches of time if things didn't work out with whoever i was "in love" with. now i realize that even though i thought i was in love at the time i definitely was not...
  7. dwags222


    i robotripped once. i don't really remember it super well, i don't think i really took enough to get the full on hallucineogenic effects. there were some mild hallucinations and i definitely got a kick out of listening to music, i think i listened to modest mouse. however, i deifinitely would...
  8. dwags222


    yo what up people, i don't come around here very often so yeah, just saw this. uhm, hmmmm. yeah. well i'll say this. i used to be really messed up the way some intp's can tend to be. basically i think it boiled down to this . . . well not just this but this is a big part of it. The intp...
  9. dwags222

    Maturity in the INTP

    I think my silliness (which i have moreso in my social life than on this forum) definitely has to do with my sense of humor. but it also sometimes has to do with my fear of letting people understand the real me, i mean the real real me that is purely my mind and thoughts. but at the same time i...
  10. dwags222

    Biggest Source of Frustration as an INTP

    i also want to be a writer, well at least sometimes i do. i would love to write a novel, but that just seems like such an insanely huge comitment i can never get motivated to do it. and then i tell myself i should start with short stories, but i don't really want to write short stories so i'm...
  11. dwags222

    INTPs and Leadership

    i think, like citizen x was saying, there isn't much motivation. i do think intp's can potentially make great leaders, but only in situations where they are extremely motivated to reach the goal towards which they are leading.
  12. dwags222

    do you look different than you think you do?

    haha i think you can really get a good insight into how much people do or don't care about their own projection and what part of themselves they prefer to project. people who care about how they project themselves mentally will always use good grammar and spelling and what not, people who want...
  13. dwags222

    do you look different than you think you do?

    its all about projection. if you don't like something about yourself that you notice in a picture, then just project yourself as how you really want to be. at first you'll have to do so with a real conscious effort, but after a while it just becomes habit. of course this only works for the...
  14. dwags222

    Sports as a form of Meditation

    even though i completely understand the feeling you are talking about, the feeling you get from sports is the same as you get from meditation, but i think sports doe not equal meditation. In sports you are focusing your consiousness completely on the real physical world, pulling you away from...
  15. dwags222

    Calling over-20-and-marrieds

    WTF? seriously . . . i need more cookies. haha, troll.
  16. dwags222

    National Kiss a Pig Day is Tomorow!!!

    oh wait, lets try this on for size. here is a human being who knows some decency!
  17. dwags222

    National Kiss a Pig Day is Tomorow!!!

    oh sure blame the pigs for the worlds problems. you are such a specieist. i would call you an intolerant pig but i despise such a pun.
  18. dwags222

    How can you gently let down an F type?

    the only thing i've learned from reading this thread is that seto_kaiba or whatever his name is a douche. more proof that people who purposely avoid colloquialism suck.
  19. dwags222

    National Kiss a Pig Day is Tomorow!!!

    insensitive jerk? those pigs need love DAMNIT!!!!!
  20. dwags222

    worst possible career

    i had this job for about a week where we were creating fireworks displays for stores on a type of assembly line. it sucked because the boxes of fireworks weighted 40 pounds each, and you had to lift them up and over the display box and then carefully arrange them. it took anywhere from 8-16...
  21. dwags222

    National Kiss a Pig Day is Tomorow!!!

    I just want to encourage everyone to go and celebrate this holiday by going out tomorow and kissing a pig! Pigs deserve apreciation too you know.
  22. dwags222

    Sensory versus intuition?

    i don't think you should base whether you are an s or n on being a daredevil. i'm a very big daredevil, always have been, but am very much an n.
  23. dwags222

    How do you like to read?

    Where do you like to read? in bed, on the couch. What is the most comfortable way to read? How do you read when you're in bed? laying on my back. used to always read on my side with head propped by hand, and still do once in a while, but then my arm gets seriously numb. What special items do...
  24. dwags222

    Scary as Hell

    because AI could eventually lead to artificial consciousness and then we'd all die! haha too bad artificial consciousness is impossible (opinion). wasn't there a movie about gamers as warriors in the 80's? i think it was called war games.
  25. dwags222

    Astrological Signs for INTPs

    i'm a cancer too. astrology must be real.
  26. dwags222

    Human motivation can be reduced down to happiness?

    i think human choice is rarely as simple as do or don't do. choice is usually more like do this, or that, or that, or that, or that . . . whichever "that" we choose will have been chosen as a result of a complex interrelationship between our many desires and our many fears.
  27. dwags222

    Thinking while walking.

    i think the walking classroom idea is a bad one, unless that class was made up entirely of N's. Walking, or taking a shower, or any mindless activity which we can perform without thinking is good for thinking for N's because it quiets our mind and lets the intuitive part of the mind do its...
  28. dwags222

    Human motivation can be reduced down to happiness?

    Personally, I think human motivation can be simply boiled down to two things. Desire and fear. I think most people don't desire happiness as much as you would expect, and many people who desire happiness never attain it because of fear.
  29. dwags222

    What character alignment best fits you?

    i am right on the edge between neutral good and chaotic good. tough to choose. i think if i had a cause to care enough to fight for i would be chaotic good, but my pness causes me to lean toward neutral good when no cause (i do right just because it is right, but disregard laws that have nothing...
  30. dwags222

    favorite annoying trait to others of the intp

    i'm pretty sure that psuedo-intellectuals are the ones who think they understand a subject because they've studied it a bit, but really lack a truly indepth understanding of the subject. i actually think intp's tend to be quite guilty of this, i know i am on some subjects.
  31. dwags222

    You know you're an Intp when...

    -You think your own idiosyncrasies apply to everyone else who is an INTP (and now for my next trick i will re-disappear into obscurity)
  32. dwags222

    Dwags--an INFP/INFJ.

    yozuki's insights into my psyche continually astound me.
  33. dwags222

    Dwags--an INFP/INFJ.

    this is the dumbest thing i've ever read. and it feels very odd that i might consider myself the center of attention, though i suspect i am really just being scopegated for somebody's bigger problem, whatever that problem might be.
  34. dwags222

    Top Language Picks

    english, latin, german, ancient greek (for intellectual/academic reasons). from there i would have a hard time choosing between french, itallian, and spanish. probably spanish because it is the most utilitarian.
  35. dwags222

    new facebook personality test

    Extraversion results were low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive. Stability results were very high which suggests you are extremely relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic. Orderliness results were very low which suggests you are overly flexible, improvised...
  36. dwags222

    Dream woman/girl or man/boy

    a mature intp who understands her emotions and how those emotions affect her, and who is able to communicate clearly about relationship issues when necessary (but only when necessary!). and of course this girl is wildly attractive. does this girl exist? i doubt it, but if she did she'd probably...
  37. dwags222

    are you a thrill seeker?

  38. dwags222

    Perception to Heart

    personally i am convinced it is just some really elaborate ongoing joke by perseus
  39. dwags222

    Dwags--an INFP/INFJ.

    yes i am VERY serious. ALL the time. just ask cheese. i won't even lol in the irc chat. i hate it when people lol!
  40. dwags222

    are you a thrill seeker?

    sigh. don't take things so personally.
  41. dwags222

    are you a thrill seeker?

    it would be kind of like saying, if you exercise you are not an intp
  42. dwags222

    are you a thrill seeker?

    ^^ lol, all this knowledge on intp's coming from an estp, i love it.
  43. dwags222

    Actual Me test

    i got two primaries and two secondaries the first time, then took the school based one and got two primaries (LR-A) again, secondary L-C and avoid R-C
  44. dwags222

    are you a thrill seeker?

    i heard if you are closed minded or one who stereotypes you are also not an intp.
  45. dwags222

    Actual Me test

    i got analytic visionary also, seemed pretty accurate when i read the description.
  46. dwags222

    What were you like in Primary/Elementary school?

    i was mostly just bored. i would always get in trouble for doodling or reading books that didn't have anything to do with class. it didn't matter that i was getting good grades, i had to pay attention too. this pretty much pissed me off so i learned how to irritate the hell out of my teachers...
  47. dwags222

    Precognition, Do You Think It Exists?

    hope you don't ever plan on studying physics ;)
  48. dwags222

    Sleep transitions

    exercise is a good option too as echoplex mentioned. or just find an activity that you enjoy which is strenuous, doesn't really have to be "exercise" per se. i find this helps me feel much more balanced emotionally and mentally as well.
  49. dwags222

    Sleep transitions

    if you are young you might just grow out of it. i have. i think it is just a matter of relaxing and letting your mind freely wander. practicing meditation can help you learn how to disconect so that you are not consciously focusing on your mental thoughts. i think most intp's can't get to sleep...
  50. dwags222

    Dwags--an INFP/INFJ.

    writing and speaking properly in a social context is to give that context a formal tone. but why would you want the sociality of the message board to be formal? J. you are a J. a P would never want their common social places to be formal.
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