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  1. ENTP lurker

    Your Se

    According Socionics Se is the most painful function in INTPs. Se as Vulnerable Function Your thoughts on this. Jobs like working in army seems to be very much out of question. I have seen INTPs on Youtube who were on compulsory military service. Usual picture is that staff sent all of them...
  2. ENTP lurker

    Human extinction?

    You can favor human extinction from several different perspectives and support different implementations. I would give my thumbs up for VHEMT (Voluntary Human Extinction Movement). http://www.vhemt.org/ While I'm not 100 % for it's objectives I do agree with its end goal and implementation.
  3. ENTP lurker

    [Mental] disorganization = low Se or?

    I'm extremely guilty of disorganized thinking. That is sign of psychosis Sharpness comes from Se. ISTPs are very sharp people at the expense of lack of disorganization. ISFPs are also painfully sharp with their values. :segen: This is where Ne doms come to the picture and put them down with...
  4. ENTP lurker

    Type yourself based on these descriptions

    I found this funny socionics duality description in its essence. I think this is an ESTP creation but it bears some truth in it. Which one is your ideal duality pairing and which type you identify most with?
  5. ENTP lurker

    Badass/criminal INTPs

    Ted Kaczynski His manifesto Lots of Ti logic and search for hidden meanings throughout time. I have seen this in badly socialized INTPs. They might end up being bit hostile and very bitter. (The opposite can be true in opposite circumstances) I have gone same kind of period but not ever...
  6. ENTP lurker

    Keirsey tactical vs strategic: S(P) vs NT and IQ

    NTs and their IQ get readily touted on the internet and among their social sphere. However, modern IQ system puts lot of importance on performance, straightforwardness... See thread from archive: http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=16639 ISTPs I know usually have very high IQ. Those...
  7. ENTP lurker

    Harrmony: Extraverted Intuition from socionics perspective etc

    Nice to too many rrrs in that word. It kind of fits. My mistake. I started to question Simon Baron-Cohen (INFP) views on empathy, extremely logical brain, evilness etc. He is so immersed in Fi that it clouds his view on peace. He likes to create peace but thinks it is all about empathy. However...
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