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  1. FF

    FF is not coming back here. Ever.

    Bad timing. It might seem as if I'm leaving because Face is leaving, but really, that's not the case. 1) College is a bitch. It keeps getting harder and harder, thus, I have no time. 2) Instead of talking about personalities, I wanted to improve mine...I've decided to do things that other MBTI...
  2. FF


    WHAT THE HELL AM I? After further investigation, I believe that I'm introverted 50% of the time, and extraverted 50% of the time. I just happen to have an extremely difficult time conversing with SJ's. I also think I'm of both thinking and feeling types...remember the Christianity thread...
  3. FF

    Sex, Drugs, and Stupidity

    So I just entered a little argument on the IRC about what I call "stupid fun" like having sex without being married, or at least ready to have a family...and smoking pot and taking other drugs, just because it feels good... Opinions on this? What do other INTPs think about these types of...
  4. FF


    OMG. I am SO HAPPY. After about half an hour of page refreshing, my friend found two seats on ticketmaster.com up front and center! Sure, it's the 15th row of the front area, but it's right in the middle, and I'll be able to see more than Dave Gahan's feet. And I didn't even buy the tickets...
  5. FF

    What can an INTP teach other types?

    Sometimes I just don't see what's so wonderful about being an INTP. No offense guys. I bet I have it worse than you. Fuck my life. *emotear* 1) Sure, we're smart and very logical, yet we procrastinate. So...no good in that, really. 2) We seem cold and unemotional around people. 3) We become...
  6. FF


    I seem to hold grudges a lot, and it's really hard for me to let something go and start all over again with a person...not like I'm picky about people's behavior, but if someone has been bothering me for a really long time, and I tell them they're bothering me, yet they continue to do whatever...
  7. FF

    FF just failed her calculus exam. She is going to cry for all eternity.

    UGGGGGGGGGHH :( Words cannot express my emotions at this moment. The highest score I could have possibly earned was a 58%...which of course, is a FAIL. Pretty much, all I can say is, I have to get 100's on everything else I do in that class (quizzes, exams, final) just to avoid a B. With...
  8. FF

    WHAT? Senior member ALREADY?

    I didn't even realize it...all of a sudden, randomly, I see under my avatar that I've posted 105 times (so this is 106) and I'm like woah. Didn't I just join? Maybe I'm spending way too much time here, ehh? But I can't help it. This forum is pretty awesome. Like, all you guys are so...
  9. FF

    Frickin' Frackin' Persuasive Essays

    Alright, so I've pretty much got until Wednesday to write a rough draft for a persuasive essay about current politics, and it is supposed to be written for a resistant audience, and I need to list at least five sources (all from newspapers, blogs, or magazines) in MLA format. Fuck. Just felt...
  10. FF

    Extroverts, how do you talk so much? And what are you thinking when you're not talking?

    I have always been puzzled by the extrovert's ability to converse with large groups of people and keep up with the conversation, or even just be friendly and talkative with total random strangers and actually get a conversation going. I mean, I could never do that. I tried to become friends with...
  11. FF


    WOW they are annoying. Or at least, nearly everyone I have met so far who falls into the description of one. They gossip with their huge groups of friends and criticize people who they view as "abnormal", and then that causes rumors to spread...ohh, the dreaded high school days... I guess if I...
  12. FF

    Well well well. Look who's here.

    Hello, my name is Ariana, I'm 18, female, majoring in Computer Engineering, and yeah. Apparently I'm an INTP. I really find all this psychology stuff to be interesting, but I am actually more into computer engineering. I love working with computers, using my brain, solving problems, using my...
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