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  1. viche

    INTP ESFJ Relationship Guide

    Read the Si-ESFj and Fe-ESFj descriptions and see which one you can relate to the most. You may relate to some parts in both, but usually people relate to one subtype desription a little more than the other. The Sociotype.com socionics type test used to give a subtype along with a type result...
  2. viche

    Socionics Vs. MBTI, what's the difference?

    I find them to be very true. I was in a long-term relationship with an ENTP and we encountered exactly the problems that socionics described, only back in the day I didn't know about it. The easiest and least risky way I found to connect with "duals" is through Facebook. Facebook has groups for...
  3. viche

    INTP ESFJ Relationship Guide

    Real life reports indicate that it is actually one of the easier matches due to how quickly and almost instinctively your dual understands you and how naturally they respond. This happens because oneself and one's dual are basically two parts of the same integral type, rather than two very...
  4. viche

    How do I type people without shoving a quiz in their face?

    I've learned how to do this by studying each type in detail and observing type specific details that I could then match to people, sometimes from distance, sometimes after several conversations. Warning: this will take you 2-3 years to get a handle on and some people seem to never make it, as...
  5. viche

    INTP types on Talanov's Socionics Test

    Question for INTPs. What type result do you get on this test? http://aimtoknow.com/test_beta You can review the type descriptions at this link: http://wikisocion.net/en/index.php?title=Wikisocion_home#Socionics_Types
  6. viche

    Type Hillary Clinton

    ISTP imo.
  7. viche

    INTP ESFJ Relationship Guide

    This is likely subtype differences. The Ti-INTP goes along well with the Fe-ESFJ, while the Ne-INTP matches up to Si-ESFJ. If your subtypes are mismatched, it begins to feel like walking-on-egg-shells situation. The ESFJ you're talking about is the sensory Si subtype. I've met these ESFJs...
  8. viche

    What type was Carl Jung?

    Ni-INFJ. His writing reflects both strong introverted intuition and presence of introverted logic. On socionics forums most people typed him as LII, IEI, and ILI which corresponds to INTP, INFJ, and INTJ in MBTI. The 4th most popular typing is ISTP (LSI) but very few people are in this camp and...
  9. viche

    Which type(s) are INTPs attracted to?

    The prediction made by socionics is that INTPs will be most attracted to types that value Fe and Si. These are ESxJs, ISxJs, and xNFJs. For the full table of intertype relationship check LII (INTj) in this table: http://wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=Intertype_relations#Complete_Table
  10. viche

    Processes/Methods of Thought

    You might be interested in looking into socionics then, specially their Forms of Thinking article that details the thought processes native to all 16 types and lists their strengths and pitfalls. Socionics in general goes much deeper into explaining the thinking (information processing) styles...
  11. viche

    INTPs, what's your socionics type?

    It looks like very few INTPs choose a different type than INTx in Socionics. For the 36 INTPs who have voted in this INxx MBTI-Socionics type conversion poll, only 2 went with a different type, 8 typed as INTp (ILI, Ni+Te), and the overwhelming majority, 26 INTPs, typed as INTj (LII, Ti+Ne)...
  12. viche

    INTP+ENFJ possibility.

    Fe-INFJ (IEI / INFp in socionics): https://www.pinterest.com/socionixgallery/socionics-fe-infp-fe-iei/
  13. viche

    Your Se

    The army has many different kinds of jobs, and not all of them involve physical aggression or coersion. This is also true to an extent: http://wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=LII_by_Stratiyevskaya#4th_Function_-_Se_Extraverted_sensing The LII is critical of any methods of crude and...
  14. viche

    Enneagram Help.

    I've been lurking on some enneagram forums and it does look like 2/3rds people mistype themselves at their first go at the Enneagram and end up changing their enneatype down the road. Sixes and Sevens typing into Eights seems to be the most common mistyping. Some 7w8s and 6s continue holding...
  15. viche

    Enneagram Help.

    Do you identify any with Phil Anselmo? http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=24526 Not over his daily habits, but in his views and attitudes towards life. He's a rather obvious 8, albeit a sensor in MBTI.
  16. viche

    INTP / ESFJ relationships

    Socionics (INTp - ILI) is Ni+Te. MBTI's (INTP) is Ti+Ne. You got different functions mate than what this thread is talking about.
  17. viche

    Where do you meet like-minded people?

    Meetup.com groups - it's best to bring at least one friend along with you, but if you know nobody it's a great way to meet people outside of your small circle of friends by interests. It's going to be awkward mingling with strangers but at least you'll have one thing in common with everyone...
  18. viche

    Type Phil Anselmo

    Agreed with Se-dom. He was typed as SEE-Fi enneagram Type 8 in socionics and belonging to the Gamma Quadra - the quadra that values Se,Fi,Te,Ni - this would make him be closest to ESFP in MBTI. He's very physically oriented: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLGzIDr5qNM...
  19. viche

    INTJ observations

    When the ways you interpret reality are completely different, you end up in being disagreement quite often. These disagreements based on differences in how you percept and interpret reality have nothing to do with emotional and personal qualities like "being overbearing" - there's a huge logical...
  20. viche

    INTP ESFJ Relationship Guide

    f Those differences in lifestyles constitute the biggest challenge to the formation of dual, "ideal" according to socionics, couples. If one or the other dual overcomes the personal comfort barrier and manages to "bridge the gap", they usually have higher chances of finding their other half...
  21. viche

    INTJ observations

    I had a "quasi-identical" friend in high school so I've experienced this type of relationship firsthand. This wasn't my only "quasi" friendship but this one was the most telling one. Our friendship started on positive ground. We had similar social lifestyles in high school and many shared...
  22. viche

    INTJ observations

    These kinds of conversations that run in circles and achieve zero understanding are typical of quasi-identity relations. The thing is that because the other person (your quasi-identical type) has completely different functions and in different order, you can never persuade them of your...
  23. viche

    INTP ESFJ Relationship Guide

    ENFJ is even more work for the INTP, in both literal and figurative sense. In literal sense both have weak sensing functions (only tertiary) so if you marry one they will look to you to do the greater load of the housework, or at least make the money so you can hire a maid to come by once a...
  24. viche

    Is it possible to change username?

    Re: Dear admin, If the local moderation does not want honor your request, close down his account and start a new one under a new name. Some of the more considerate, welcoming, and caring forums moderation teams I've seen around have made provisions for their members to change their screen...
  25. viche

    Job interview question

    IDK - a lot of the interview process seems to be a rumble and tumble process, where personal sympathies and quick visual impressions play a much larger role than all the "professional" perfect-interview-answer books lead you to believe. So reply with what you think you personally think your...
  26. viche

    I need a job

    Is there a Career Center on your campus or internal hiring website? Most colleges have these, where students can find on-campus and nearby job listings for typical minimum wage pre-graduate level jobs. You've started looking too late. To find good summer jobs you need to start applying at least...
  27. viche

    INFP's explained, again

    Nice description but there is a lot of type 9w1 mixed into it, particularly in how you have interpreted Si. It is type 9 that is taken up by the idea of the "Holy Love" and spiritual searches through "ideal harmony" of the world. Si is something different. A lot of this wouldn't apply to an INFP...
  28. viche

    How to be more decisive

    Set a goal of what you are trying to achieve. Out of the options you see, select the ones that will move you to that goal. In other words prioritize the options in accordance with your goal. Next act on them and realize the options that would move you towards the goal. And finally, don't worry...
  29. viche

    INTP Honeymoon Period

    I'm not an INTP but I have followed that "recipe" in my relationships at times. First act very interested and personable and come on strong - then, later, go completely cold. Several other people on different occasions have expressed their surprise at this. I traced it down to the sx/sp instinct...
  30. viche

    Process oriented vs result oriented

    In socionics process orientation is attributes to Process types, that if converted to MBTI by strong functions are: INFP, ENFJ, INTJ, ENTP, ISTP, ESTJ, ISFJ, ESFP. Their TiNe type, which closely corresponds to INTP, is mentioned as being result oriented. This is expressed as the inclination of...
  31. viche

    Looking for reliable IQ test.

    This real life functioning chart is also handy for estimating the ballpark of your own and other people's IQs. Check yourself realistically against it to see which of these occupations and professions would present a real challenge to you, and you have your estimate...
  32. viche

    Looking for reliable IQ test.

    I went to the local Barnes & Nobles store and found books with self-timed self-administered MENSA tests there (near the psych section) that at first glance looked much more difficult than the online versions. If you want a more reliable and truthful score and are willing to dedicate 2 hours to...
  33. viche

    DGH's matchmaking advice for INTPs

    Re: Ideal MBTI female companion for a male INTP It's very easy to calculate the ideal mate of INTP from INTP's functional preferences. INTP has strong functions of Ti and Ne (depending on subtype either one or the other tends to predominate). INTP has weak functions of tertiary Si and...
  34. viche

    Process oriented vs result oriented & INFP vs ISFP

    He sounds like a Fi-INFP: http://wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=EII_subtypes#Ethical_subtype_Fi-INFj_.28Fi-EII.29 And most certainly not anything like a Se-ISFP: http://wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=ESI_subtypes#Sensory_subtype_Se-ISFj_.28Se-ESI.29
  35. viche

    Was Leo Tolstoy an INTP?

    Tolstoy is typed as "decisive" rational type in Socionics - the typology that originated in his native country where people could read his books in their native language. In MBTI this roughly equates to ENFJ, ISTP, ISFP, ENTJ. He's far more likely to be a feeling type - ENFJ or ISFP - over the...
  36. viche

    ZLAVOJ ZIZEK - Is he an ENTP or INTP ?

    Do you relate more to the Ne-INTP (INTj) description than then Ti subtype? http://wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=LII_subtypes
  37. viche

    Louis Ck INTP?

    That doesn't necessarily implicate that visual identification is bust. It could mean that the practitioners have no little to not experience with the subject matter. To use visual identification successfully, a person must: - understand jungian theory of the functions Fi,Ti,Fe,Ni, etc. -...
  38. viche

    INTP / ESFJ relationships

    The J/P switch was not "created". It was observed to exist in reality, for example through polls such as these - poll1, poll2 - that about 70% of introverts switch the last letter of the 4-letter code going from MBTI to Socionics. It makes perfect sense if you actually type yourself by...
  39. viche

    Louis Ck INTP?

    I'd have to disagree with this in that it's a tad better than astrology. They've been collecting photos of people of different types in socionics and there's a world of difference in common facial expressions of different types. So this method has some merit, but of course it should be used only...
  40. viche

    ZLAVOJ ZIZEK - Is he an ENTP or INTP ?

    -duplicate post-
  41. viche

    ZLAVOJ ZIZEK - Is he an ENTP or INTP ?

    Thing is that INTPs come in different subtypes (described here). There is the Ti-INTP, who places more emphasis of the Ti function. This is the "classical form" of INTP that is logical, systematic, specific, consistent, and introverted. (Also more common on the internet being the more...
  42. viche

    Louis Ck INTP?

    Intuitive + feeling + extraverted comedian is someone like Eddie Izzard, who gets typed as both ENFP and ENFJ. There's a world of difference between his comedy and that of Louis Ck. I don't see how they can be the same type. See Eddie's intuition fly in this video. In comparison Louis Ck's...
  43. viche

    Napoleon Bonaparte - ENTJ

    The authors of those profiles I posted above were making a point that Napoleon lost precisely because of his lack of intuition and foresight, a mistake that was used by a Russian general with strong intuition to enervate Napoleon's army. Of course ENxJs have "less" intuition than INxJs, but...
  44. viche

    Louis Ck INTP?

    He is ESTP or ENTP - an extraverted type in any case. (Do INTPs randomly come up to strangers and start conversations with them? That's not very congruent with INxx types.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQk8wrRpwNI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lr-h0GLHEM
  45. viche

    Napoleon Bonaparte - ENTJ

    In Socionics he is typed as either SLE or SEE, which is ESTP and ESFP in MBTI accordingly. His whole battle against a famous Russian general Kutuzov was supposedly a battle of Se (direct, hefty attack) vs. Ni (waiting out until your enemy wastes their time, enervating their resources and...
  46. viche

    INTP / ESFJ relationships

    Agreed. Ideal relationship match depends on the purpose. If the INTP wants to marry, create a family, have children and run a household, this INTP should keep in mind that all of this takes a lot of energy, organizational talent, and real world presence. Sensing type is invaluable here. INTPs...
  47. viche

    INTP ESFJ Relationship Guide

    For any INTPs who would like to try a relationship with their opposite type, the ESFJ, considered to be dual to TiNe type in socionics, here is a handy guide. If you are already in a relationship or close friendship with an ESFJ, please add further advice and tips at your discretion drawing your...
  48. viche

    Why does MBTI matter?

    It holds keys to how well people get along. This is important for both personal and formal relationships--marriage, friendship, work interactions. It's not explained in the MBTI itself--MBTI serves as a stepping stone--it's further extrapolated in Socionics: Intertype Relationship Chart.
  49. viche

    Holographic Thinking

    Excellent recourse, wouldn't have it said it better myself.
  50. viche

    INTP / ESFJ relationships

    To read more about INTP - ESFJ duality relations check the descriptions under LII-ESE: http://wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=Duality_observations#Alpha_Dualities
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