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  1. FF

    Okay, so who do INTPs get along with?

    I'm an INFP, and it seems to me that the INTPs around here have been getting along with me... ......RIGHT??
  2. FF

    name changes

    I know, I'll try putting each block of text side by side Yes, yuck, I know. But unfortunately in today's society, you kinda have to be some sort of an SJ just to survive :(
  3. FF

    Absence from the forum

    Back, if you haven't noticed already. Doubt I'll be on here as frequently I was before, but at least it's something.
  4. FF

    The Best Personality Type For You Test (for romantic partner)

    INFJ - The Counselor You scored 0 I versus E, 40 N versus S, 0 F versus T, and 60 J versus P! Your ideal romantic partner is known as the counselor. This type makes a supportive and insightful romantic partner, encouraging their mates to have dreams and work hard to make those dreams come...
  5. FF

    name changes

    I would love to......eventually......but not today. today is my lazy day.
  6. FF

    Why did you pick your name?

    It WAS FastFashion, which is the rough English translation of Depeche Mode, aka my favorite band. But then everyone in the IRC started calling me FF, and I stuck with it.
  7. FF

    name changes

    Gone to discover and analyze who I am as a person. Needed some me-time. Done with that stressful phase of my life...I think.
  8. FF

    The Oreo Personality Test

    I would be a 10. Bleh. Oreos. But I'm not rich. But I would love to be.
  9. FF

    INTP Avatars are unique

    can anyone guess the hidden meaning in my avatar? hehe
  10. FF

    name changes

    FastFashion returns after 6 months with a much shorter username...FF. Yay!
  11. FF

    What songs are you listening to?

    Lost In Hollywood - System of a Down
  12. FF

    Am I Really an INTP?

    Chris, what sort of activities do you absolutely hate to do?
  13. FF

    Am I Really an INTP?

    Yeah, at first I believed I was an INTP, but then I realized that when I have the chance to talk to someone who I share things in common with (which is much rarer for an NT, rather than an SJ) then I realized I was an ENTP. I also have a tendency to be shy, or rather, quiet around SJ's and...
  14. FF

    Absence from the forum

    Re: Absence of the forum I was absent for quite a while, and I even promised to never come back. Did I mention I was awful at keeping promises?
  15. FF

    What songs are you listening to?

    Ghost - Depeche Mode
  16. FF

    Suggestions for a loser.

    I would also like to add Recoil to your list of Avant-Garde music...like nothing I've ever heard before, Alan Wilder at his best. <3
  17. FF


    http://fastfashion90.deviantart.com/art/Happy-Birthday-Dave-from-2007-125632673 Me giving a cake to Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, obviously. I drew this two years ago, and it was only my second time using photoshop. Which I'm kinda wanting to start using again.
  18. FF

    FF is not coming back here. Ever.

    Bad timing. It might seem as if I'm leaving because Face is leaving, but really, that's not the case. 1) College is a bitch. It keeps getting harder and harder, thus, I have no time. 2) Instead of talking about personalities, I wanted to improve mine...I've decided to do things that other MBTI...
  19. FF

    FacetiousPersona - Quitting forum

    *FF drinks like a fish until she drowns* I'm going with Face......
  20. FF

    FacetiousPersona - Quitting forum

    Face...I'll miss you.......... :(
  21. FF

    What has the fluff become?

    Re: What has the forum become? The forum's decrease in quality is highly correlated to my disappearance. Things should start looking up, soon.
  22. FF


    ...probably an ENTP...or an INTP? I feel like I only display a lot of F when I'm feeling bad. But now I can't tell whether I would be an ENTP or an INTP when relaxed...
  23. FF

    How to define Face!

    Fucking SEXY.
  24. FF

    The Grand Census of May 2009

    I used to post here a lot... Now not so much.
  25. FF


    Large group of SJs? Yes. Large group of anyone else? No.
  26. FF


    Well it depends. I would rather lie to my friends about a brutally honest truth, although if they're very close friends, or my family, I would definitely tell them the truth. I usually prefer to figure out what I'm going to say as I go along...I thiiiink...
  27. FF


    Tests tell me different things. I don't think I've actually taken a very good test...that's free.
  28. FF


    Hi, okay, whatever. Please go be off-topic somewhere else.
  29. FF

    Fight or flight?

    Really all depends on what I'm reacting to.
  30. FF

    I'm new but deep :)

    Deep? I like deep. Umm. Welcome.
  31. FF


    WHAT THE HELL AM I? After further investigation, I believe that I'm introverted 50% of the time, and extraverted 50% of the time. I just happen to have an extremely difficult time conversing with SJ's. I also think I'm of both thinking and feeling types...remember the Christianity thread...
  32. FF

    any of you play instruments

    Piano, guitar, saxophone.......vocal chords.......
  33. FF

    Question for Women- Makeup- yeah or nay?

    I'll admit, I used to do that in high school. But not anymore. Now I just wear makeup to look better than I normally would. I mean, it takes what. Ten minutes at most? Not a big deal at all.
  34. FF

    Question for Women- Makeup- yeah or nay?

    Okay you guys, I totally can't be an INTP. This is crazy, I love makeup, and I definitely can't do without it.........
  35. FF

    Question for Women- Makeup- yeah or nay?

    Here's the thread that makes me question whether I am an INTP or not. I LOVE MAKEUP. I don't leave the house without it on.
  36. FF

    Suggestions for a puppy?

    Suggestion: Forget a puppy. Get a cat.
  37. FF

    Sex, Drugs, and Stupidity

    You know what? I think I was just in the moment. I don't really care, smoke pot and die if you want. I can't change people who don't want to change for the better. Whatever. Just don't teach it to our children, our future...somebody's. And also, DON'T tell me to try it, because I'll like...
  38. FF

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    Ohh, he changed it. But this one is even worse!
  39. FF

    FacetiousPersona Banning

    I can't stand FP's avatar. It's wrong on so many levels.
  40. FF

    Sex, Drugs, and Stupidity

    So I just entered a little argument on the IRC about what I call "stupid fun" like having sex without being married, or at least ready to have a family...and smoking pot and taking other drugs, just because it feels good... Opinions on this? What do other INTPs think about these types of...
  41. FF

    ..........A List Needs Comment

    Honestly, the only song in that list I've ever heard before is #4 (obviously) And it's a great song. Very calm and relaxing. But if you want more industrial, energetic Depeche Mode, try the album Some Great Reward (wearing that t-shirt right now!)
  42. FF

    Yet another INFP. (aka My Intro Thread)

    A greeting, from FF to SS. :D
  43. FF

    *emerges from a hole in the ground*

    Yeah, don't get on my bad side.
  44. FF

    *emerges from a hole in the ground*

    Ohh boy, another crazy one. Welcome aboard.
  45. FF

    Who are we?

    You get everything wrong.
  46. FF

    The INTJ Club

    Not fun... I've made up a schedule for myself, hopefully that works...I do not wish to drop out of college :(
  47. FF

    Wait, what we have to make an intro thread?

    Who DOESN'T love the Cowboys?
  48. FF

    Wait, what we have to make an intro thread?

    Good enough for me :D
  49. FF


    I suppose so...really, somebody wanna tell me what's so great about the Beatles? I know right? There's barely any good new music out there. I mean, there is some, but most of the stuff I like is indie (meaning they never tour where I live) or mainstream (tickets are too expensive!) Plus...
  50. FF

    Wait, what we have to make an intro thread?

    I hope you're not a football fan, because I hate those god-damn Steelers after what they did to the Cardinals. Either way, welcome. Just don't talk to me about football, and we're good. :)
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