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  1. Causeless

    Where were you when the Q division of the NSA taunted Lynn Forester de Rothschild on 4CHAN?!?!?

    Fellow INTPs, we live in a storybook. https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/149260496#p149262582
  2. Causeless

    Anyone ever hear of Space Station 13?

    A neat game I've been playing, on and off, for a little while now. Top-down, two-dimensional perspective, round-based, you fill a job on a fictional space station (Captain, Janitor, Scientist, Engineer, etc.) and try to survive the round's 'antagonists' (Nuclear Operatives, Changeling Aliens...
  3. Causeless

    To the Civ-Skype group...

    No worries, I haven't died, just lost internet connection for a few days. Not sure whe it will be back, but if not tomorrow, I'm looking into other options. So much for Wednesday! Oh well... all the more time to practice. :evil::aufsmaul::cool::borg0:
  4. Causeless

    The Future of Humanity

    Not sure how to introduce this subject, so I'll just jump right into it... With my recent discovery of Netflix, I've been watching quite a few documentaries of late. Two of these documentaries in particular caught my eye and have been enrapturing my mind recently, or at least the concepts they...
  5. Causeless

    The High Club

    There's a drunk club, but I don't drink. POSH I SAY!
  6. Causeless

    You people are so... INTERESTING!

    It's wonderful... and TERRIBLE! I wish so much to contribute to this forum, but what have I to contribute? Everyone here has so much depth and knowledge, often I find what I wish to say has already been said, and more eloquently than I could ever dream to put it! All I ever seem to be left with...
  7. Causeless


    I retract everything that this post previously contained.
  8. Causeless

    Hello everyone.

    A true INTP, I've probably rewritten this damned introduction seven times now. "What do I say?" "Do I tell them I'm lonely, depressed? Or do they prefer confidence and a smiling face? Do I wait until later to let it come up?" "They're supposedly like me, perhaps I keep it short, give main...
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