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  1. The Introvert


    MY FRIENDS The time has come to SCREAM INTO THE VOID. Let your voices be heard, and heard, and heard. Sing a song if you wish. It doesn't matter to me. Response implies allegiance. And if anyone's seen THE DOCTOR let 'em know I'm doing well and I hope the same. To everyone else, get help if...
  2. The Introvert

    What up nerds

    Come here to pay me respects Let's see what everyone elser doing Don't matter no way cos it's no different I see you all bangin lot come round here again, wouldn't be the last time. Say sorry or it's curtains for ye. The devil's got is shoes on tight and it's not the last ye've seen of im...
  3. The Introvert

    Old Man Adam - The Streets of Columbus

    As always, mods, feel free to locate this thread to the place you see fit. Backstory: The Encounter: I make my way to the door and prepare to leave. It's cold out, but not freezing; I'm enjoying the night as I prefer it to be cooler rather than hot. As I make my way down the sidewalk, I...
  4. The Introvert

    Need Help with Excel Formatting

    Hey all, I need to manipulate some raw data. Long story short, I can't figure out how to change the protocol on the other software to collect values that are exclusively over "100". All I need is to be able to delete all cells in my spreadsheet that have a value less than 100. Thanks!
  5. The Introvert

    Stop Treating Cancer

    A cynical and probably Ni-infused fearful Part of me wonders if a cure to cancer does not exist because health industries don't want it to exist. This is not a well-formulate opinion or idea, just a random thought. It's probably been discussed here before. If companies make billions each...
  6. The Introvert

    ITT: The Introvert spams in an effort to get banned

    I was a foreigner in a land Brimming with hatred and poverty Serenading a sweet love With violence, soiled pacem, broken dove. Red the soil my blood dyes Beyond the image where Elysium lies By gates of Earth and spirits asunder. My heart agape, split asunder. And now I lie in this land and...
  7. The Introvert

    Why do people create Alternative Accounts?

    I knew there was a reason! http://intpforum.com/showpost.php?p=399116&postcount=6 http://intpforum.com/showpost.php?p=414917&postcount=20 Aside from subverting bans, H0: No reason to create alt account. H1: Alt account is created to project an aspiration of image by the creator. H1-1...
  8. The Introvert

    Concepts out of Context

    Is it always fallacious to apply concepts from one mode of thought (for lack of a better word) into another? I don't think so. Inversely, is it a good idea to do this? Does it spurn creativity, or invite it? Would put more than the thought into this thread, but I'm tired and would like to...
  9. The Introvert

    On Problem Solving

    Beginnings They always say that starting is the hardest part. Whoever they are, they seem to know what they’re talking about. You get so wrapped up in a problem you don’t even know where it begins – or where you should start to unwind it. Everything looks like one continuous...
  10. The Introvert

    A Farewell

    Hello fellow forumites, The time has come for me to bid thee all farewell. Perhaps a homecoming is in the stars for the future, but until then I'll be cutting off my access to this place, at least for a while. I might post my work sporadically in a thread I've created (or perhaps will create...
  11. The Introvert

    The Ubiquitous Virus

    *puts on (small) tinfoil hat* This thread concerns the theory of evolution. Creationists be warned (although I doubt there are many here). Generally, novel genetic material is explained to appear via mutations in the genetic code of living organisms. I argue that although mutations can also...
  12. The Introvert

    I am a bad Physicist

    But I find physics problems interesting. I don't think this is unusual. I have some questions here, maybe some of you could clear up for me. 1. How much do we know about the practicality of Einstein's spacetime? What are some counters to his theory? Conceptual or mathematic? 2. Does matter...
  13. The Introvert

    Inabillity to "View Conversation" (I'm a nosy shit)

    I seem to have lost access to read other people's conversations (public messages). Is this a new feature, am I in trouble, or is it broken? EDIT: It seems to be only the conversation between Doc and TimeAsylums...
  14. The Introvert


    Howdy peeps I'm gonna do a re-make of my intro since I don't like my first one anymore I'm The Introvert (T.I. For short) and I'm kinda not really that introverted, once you get to know me. I'm liable to blurt out obscenities at random and spit. Like a talking llama or camel. Also, I'm...
  15. The Introvert

    Evolution of Positive Feedback

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_feedback How is positive feedback incorporated into a system (Biological, social, or otherwise)? How does a system evolve into positive feedback? Where do we start, and how to we achieve it? I'm particularly interested in the phenomenon in people, and...
  16. The Introvert

    Do INTPs tend to be stuck up?

    Or is this just an abnormality in the data (this forum). Although a pretty common description of the INTP is someone who is a true introvert, and avoids confrontation, many of you here seem to be direct and unrelenting in your pursuits of (God knows what) and I wonder if it's an anomaly or a...
  17. The Introvert


    Enlightenment is the understanding of oneness. It is not the dichotomy that has been split by Platonian and Aristotelian thought; the separation of Good and True, respectively. It is the combination of these two. The era of 'scientific thought' although marked by great technological...
  18. The Introvert

    Having trouble with Graphics Card Win7

    Hey guys, Need some help here. Pretty sure I'm running graphics just off the harddrive (or whatever, I'm poo with computers). My Windows Experience Index gives a rating of 1.0 (the lowest) for graphics and gaming graphics. According to the system, I am using: processor: AMD...
  19. The Introvert

    Solving Everything with Magic (Science)

    There is a secret unknown and possibly unknowable truth, that if known, would change the world forever. This truth is so simple, it is in everything, and so complex, it explains everything perfectly. We can use this truth to solve all of the world's problems. Where is it? How do we find it...
  20. The Introvert

    The Beauty of Bounded Gaps

    Link here Discuss. What does the randomness of prime numbers imply about the randomness of, well, just about everything? Discordians, take your bows.
  21. The Introvert

    Suggested Personal Readings

    Hey any and all, This is pretty similar to some of the other lit. threads, but I wanted to make my own to feel special. I have come to the conclusion that to be an educated person, I have to read stuffs. This thread is dedicated to suggestions for literature to be read by me (or others)...
  22. The Introvert

    Apathy and Depression

    How does one combat the former? Or at least the appearance of it? When I connect with people I seem to give the same vibes - those of apathy, or depression. I am honestly just open to a lot of things, and I suppose my openness and monotonous voice give a detached, depressed vibe... which is...
  23. The Introvert

    Function Conjunction

    Fairly simple question here (I assume). Could frequent Ne/Si use easily be confused with Se-dom? If so, why? How can we tell them apart?
  24. The Introvert

    What do you do with quilt?

    Do you use it mainly as a foot-warmer, or is it your main source of nighttime heat? Do you use it on a train? Would you snuggle on a plane? Personally, I use my quilt (I seem to have a lot, though) when I'm in the bathroom late at night. Serves as a sort of double-entendre for bad puns and...
  25. The Introvert

    To-Death of the To-Do List!

    Setting boundaries leads to attainable gratification, which inevitably becomes apathy. Why explore an idea, action, or adventure further if you've already attained your preconceived standard of "enough"? How do we know what interests us if we stop searching before we stop wanting to search...
  26. The Introvert

    The Limits of Infinity (Irony Recognized)

    A quick question to throw out, hopefully to spark some interesting debate. As a side note I'll accept my position as unofficial philosopher of the forum after stumbling upon a strikingly similar thought process between Thomas Nagel and I. I've actually used this exact comparison when...
  27. The Introvert

    Self-Induced Hallucinogenic State

    So, I've had some time to think about it, and my (somewhat) recent experience with hallucinogenic compounds (P. cubensis to be exact) seemed to be eerily similar to experiences I've personally and purposefully induced on myself - without the aide of hallucinogenic drugs. If you're interested...
  28. The Introvert

    Wavelengths and Hearing

    This is just a short question applicable to physics that I can't seem to find the answer to in Google. Let's just say that a stereo emits a sound of frequency A, where the wavelength follows your typical sin curve like so: It is my understanding that the wave reverberates back and forth...
  29. The Introvert

    Simultaneous Discovery

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_discovery Most famous examples: Theory of Evolution Calculus What do you guys think about this? The possibility of some sort of connection in human consciousness? Coincidence? Accidental collaboration, or thievery?
  30. The Introvert

    Writing a (some) Story(ies)

    Just throwing a question out there: What is the general consensus on the idea of me posting a story/stories I've written/am writing here for analysis? At least for advice and opinions. No point in posting work if it isn't going to be looked at. A simple "yea" or "nay" will suffice :D
  31. The Introvert

    My Brain Kills Itself

    Short and to the point OP; a simple question. Why does my brain kill itself? I've been labeled as "Vitamin - D deficient". If I skip taking my medicine (tablets loaded with fat-soluble Vitamin D) for even a very short while, I am crippled by agonizingly painful headaches and near-blindness...
  32. The Introvert

    From Nothing to Existence

    Not sure exactly where this thread should go, as it is basically philoso-science. I was attending a teaching with my religious friend last Thursday and something said by the speaker caught my attention. The topic that intrigued me was the validity of science vs. the validity of religion...
  33. The Introvert

    Don't Hug me I'm Scared

    How many of you have seen this video? I saw it a few years ago, and have for some reason or another rekindled an interest in it, and the meaning (if any) behind it. Anyone have an explanation, or just thoughts about this video? NOTE: This video may or may not be... disturbing to people. If...
  34. The Introvert

    In an Attempt to Type Myself

    I have failed. Despite the various online tests, studying of Jungian functions, and half-assed self-given explanations, I have failed. I don't know what my type is. So, the purpose of this thread is for you all to help me. Ask me questions, ask me to explain something, or just give your...
  35. The Introvert

    Somewhere We Should Not Be

    Hello, all my fellow e-companions. I feel now is as good a time as any to create this thread. Please be patient with me; my thoughts are more diversive than usual. Through this thread, I will attempt to allow my brain to be dissected (lucky you). I feel now is as good a time as any to submit...
  36. The Introvert

    Aquatic Ape Theory

    I find it interesting that nobody has brought this up yet... Here's a TED talk with Elaine Morgan (who coincidentally also wrote Scars of Evolution, attempting to prove the hypothesis). Wiki explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquatic_ape This is actually a decent link with some...
  37. The Introvert

    Controlling Extraversion/ Introversion?

    I hope someone has some sort of interest in this, or can explain what could have happened to me the other night. I will recount my actions and trains of thought as accurately as possible, and then explain what I think happened; obviously I want anybody's opinion on the matter. First, a little...
  38. The Introvert

    New Inquisitive Member!

    Hey everyone, as you've all probably assumed, I'm new to this forum. I'm friends with thehabitatdoctor; he's actually the person who convinced me to leave intpc and join intpf! I believe a round of applause is in order. Here's a little about myself: Type: INTJ (I personally believe I'm an...
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