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  1. NormannTheDoorman

    Ideas for Research Assignment

    Before I give any ideas, do you have access to a clinical lab?
  2. NormannTheDoorman

    Anyone here with military experience?

    Yeah it's been a while. I'll check with him, thanks.
  3. NormannTheDoorman

    Anyone here with military experience?

    Already in the DEP for the Air Force and I'm just wanting to hear some experiences from others on this forum.
  4. NormannTheDoorman

    What's your newest interest?

    Uniting Africa under one flag. :elephant:
  5. NormannTheDoorman

    Not entirely random

    You kind of summed up how I feel about this forum. I expected the same thing, but then again I was pretty young when I signed on. 18 now, and I'm not sure if I'm wiser. Though I hope I am.
  6. NormannTheDoorman

    Sculpting of the body

    Actually guys to be honest this is just a side-goal if you will call it that. Trying to get into the AirForce but I have to pass a test fortunately named the PAST. Particular job I want requires me to do so. SOWT or Special Operations Weather Team, bunch of INTPs jumping out of planes with...
  7. NormannTheDoorman

    What do you think of feminism

    It encourages me to stay single. Perhaps I'll move over to my local Buddhist monastery.
  8. NormannTheDoorman

    What are you all reading?

    Some crapfiction I wrote. Kind of hilarious.
  9. NormannTheDoorman

    Have you ever mastered something?

    In terms of video games I mastered the Axis Rifleman class in Day of Defeat:Source. I've also pretty much mastered typing. Accuracy and speed that most people don't have.
  10. NormannTheDoorman

    IBM personality insights

    That's quite unhealthy.
  11. NormannTheDoorman

    IBM personality insights

    I know, I think it's rather cute.
  12. NormannTheDoorman

    IBM personality insights

    https://watson-pi-demo.mybluemix.net/ "The IBM Watson Personality Insights service uses linguistic analytics to extract a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics from the text data that a person generates through blogs, tweets, forum posts, and more." This is just the text that...
  13. NormannTheDoorman

    What is normal?

    That depends on the person and society I would think. Who are they to decide? Didn't we agree that the number 1 represents one item? I think that's how it would work, then again I don't quite understand how to articulate myself.
  14. NormannTheDoorman

    Norway in particular. Perhaps even Germany.

    Norway in particular. Perhaps even Germany.
  15. NormannTheDoorman

    No I did not. Visiting Norway to see some family members hopefully I could get better info there.

    No I did not. Visiting Norway to see some family members hopefully I could get better info there.
  16. NormannTheDoorman

    Sculpting of the body

    How did that work out for you?
  17. NormannTheDoorman

    Sculpting of the body

    Once I am done I will augment with body with mechanical devices. I will ascend from this simple form and turn into the perfect organism! We'll see how this works out.
  18. NormannTheDoorman

    Skyrim a good INTP game?

    It's not as stat heavy as the previous installations or other RPGs, and what I mean by that is that you don't really have to calculate too much when it comes to stat distribution. At first this sort of bothered me but then I realized that that's the beauty of the game, your character will mold...
  19. NormannTheDoorman

    Sculpting of the body

    I've heard of benefits to having a healthy body and overall good muscular mass and strength. I see guys drink their shakes in front of the mirror, I think it's more motivational for them if they can see themselves. I think that's the intent.
  20. NormannTheDoorman

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    What if rats live on no evil star?
  21. NormannTheDoorman

    Sculpting of the body

    http://intpforum.com/album.php?albumid=412 One of the more physically demanding "pieces" I will work on.
  22. NormannTheDoorman

    So I just finished high-school. What the hell do I do?

    To be specific what did you do to narrow down your major for college if you ever went.
  23. NormannTheDoorman

    Does anyone have any experience with universities in Europe?

    Looking at several countries and I'm trying to get a direct-source on how the whole process went. From application, attending, and overall educational value on the degree you obtained.
  24. NormannTheDoorman

    How do you stop thinking?

    I approach anything with possibilities swirling around my head constantly. Not sure how others just not think. I suppose you could follow the Nike slogan. Just do it. I find that extremely difficult to do.
  25. NormannTheDoorman

    How fast do you eat?

    Ask your mom. Please don't hurt me :( I don't really sit there and savor each bite. I do acknowledge the taste and texture but I keep going realizing there's other important things to do.
  26. NormannTheDoorman

    Do you have, or have you ever had, a phobia?

    Spiders, hence the reason why I play skyrim with a spider-mod that changes them into spiderman looking creatures. Hilarious and a lot less traumatizing for me.
  27. NormannTheDoorman

    Show what could the worst day at your job could be like

    I work in fast-food. Worst day would be when someone throws water into the fryer.
  28. NormannTheDoorman

    How many words per minute can you type?

    i worship you
  29. NormannTheDoorman

    How many words per minute can you type?

    That' some pretty fast finger don't you think so?
  30. NormannTheDoorman

    Ask NormannTheDoorman

    Existential crisis No response Elaborate and explain on how you think.
  31. NormannTheDoorman

    Ask NormannTheDoorman

    If I understand that correctly that is how I manage my lawn, yes? I only cut if I can cut. Certain prerequisites have to be met. -I feel good -I am not tired -I am bored -I am too bored to fap atm If you're talking about how I cut the grass then I follow the outside in pattern.
  32. NormannTheDoorman

    Ask NormannTheDoorman

    Dorabella will fall. Ann Marie will explain it all. Once this has been solved we can live in harmony and perfection.
  33. NormannTheDoorman

    Ask NormannTheDoorman

    My fence, right hand and others came up with this idea, but I have a specific purpose for this thread. I get a lot of PM's asking specific questions about something or other I said on the group (finance, INTP, relationships, programming, life and times of Architect, etc) and my answer is usually...
  34. NormannTheDoorman

    Who will be the new Architect?

    I'll take his mantle.
  35. NormannTheDoorman

    What ethical issues would you come across if you were to make artificial wombs accessible?

    Then eventually we can look like the High Elves from The Elder Scrolls am I right? I jest, however if I remember correctly from the lore. The Elves only allowed elves to breed if they met certain biological parameters. Hence their racial stat changes throughout the games. I can't...
  36. NormannTheDoorman

    Alternate Keyboard Layouts

    Qwerty and I am trying to do it with one hand.
  37. NormannTheDoorman

    What ethical issues would you come across if you were to make artificial wombs accessible?

    Shouldn't it be a woman's right to want to opt in for such a device? To increase productivity? Instead of just getting large and bitchy towards the end of gestation. I would see it as necessary, if my goal was to make people more useful, to make such a device mandatory if you can access it...
  38. NormannTheDoorman

    Do people masturbate in large groups?

    Why is it my stuff gets moved to this shit end of the forum while other things like "how fast can you type" manage to stay in the lounge?
  39. NormannTheDoorman

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I wish to one day create a robotic woman and sing "bicycle built for two" artificial wombs are also nice
  40. NormannTheDoorman

    How many words per minute can you type?

    101 I am not satisfied yet. If I can reach 419 then I am a god among men.
  41. NormannTheDoorman

    Do people masturbate in large groups?

    My friend claimed to have done this with a friend. He is one of the biggest homophobes I know of. He called me a homosexual man because I crossed my legs like a damn fine European immigrant.
  42. NormannTheDoorman

    Do people masturbate in large groups?

    I've heard of stories where guys would race to see who would ejaculate first. But never heard of one large group masturbating. Masturbation towards one particular sexual object which is this case will be Sandra Bullock for the sake of the question. If we don't masturbate together then why?
  43. NormannTheDoorman

    Best video game for INTP

    Hearts of Iron series HEIL HITLER:evil:
  44. NormannTheDoorman

    Music that distances/numbs you ?

    I would point towards many classical pieces. Gregorian chants are relatively monotonous. Fugues. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 1st movement is pretty neutral in terms of emotion. Nothing from the romantic era. Baroque was almost strictly religious, but it's so ambiguous in terms of...
  45. NormannTheDoorman

    Typing by facial features

    I need to get high to take anything from MBTI seriously.
  46. NormannTheDoorman

    Memories in third person

    Tell me more about what you thought was a spiritual awakening.
  47. NormannTheDoorman

    How far have you been in deepweb?

    How do I explore the deep web without sounding like a skid? Or acting like I'm some sort of genius for starting up a TOR browser.
  48. NormannTheDoorman

    How far have you been in deepweb?

    as far as a typical skid can go
  49. NormannTheDoorman

    How Skyrim taught me chemistry

    RIP format
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