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  1. NormannTheDoorman

    Anyone here with military experience?

    Already in the DEP for the Air Force and I'm just wanting to hear some experiences from others on this forum.
  2. NormannTheDoorman

    IBM personality insights

    https://watson-pi-demo.mybluemix.net/ "The IBM Watson Personality Insights service uses linguistic analytics to extract a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics from the text data that a person generates through blogs, tweets, forum posts, and more." This is just the text that...
  3. NormannTheDoorman

    Sculpting of the body

    http://intpforum.com/album.php?albumid=412 One of the more physically demanding "pieces" I will work on.
  4. NormannTheDoorman

    So I just finished high-school. What the hell do I do?

    To be specific what did you do to narrow down your major for college if you ever went.
  5. NormannTheDoorman

    Does anyone have any experience with universities in Europe?

    Looking at several countries and I'm trying to get a direct-source on how the whole process went. From application, attending, and overall educational value on the degree you obtained.
  6. NormannTheDoorman

    How do you stop thinking?

    I approach anything with possibilities swirling around my head constantly. Not sure how others just not think. I suppose you could follow the Nike slogan. Just do it. I find that extremely difficult to do.
  7. NormannTheDoorman

    Ask NormannTheDoorman

    My fence, right hand and others came up with this idea, but I have a specific purpose for this thread. I get a lot of PM's asking specific questions about something or other I said on the group (finance, INTP, relationships, programming, life and times of Architect, etc) and my answer is usually...
  8. NormannTheDoorman

    What ethical issues would you come across if you were to make artificial wombs accessible?

    Shouldn't it be a woman's right to want to opt in for such a device? To increase productivity? Instead of just getting large and bitchy towards the end of gestation. I would see it as necessary, if my goal was to make people more useful, to make such a device mandatory if you can access it...
  9. NormannTheDoorman

    Do people masturbate in large groups?

    I've heard of stories where guys would race to see who would ejaculate first. But never heard of one large group masturbating. Masturbation towards one particular sexual object which is this case will be Sandra Bullock for the sake of the question. If we don't masturbate together then why?
  10. NormannTheDoorman

    How Skyrim taught me chemistry

    Shell Subshell Subshell Shell Name name Max Max Electrons Electrons K 1s 2 2 L 2s 2 2 + 6 = 8 2p 6 M 3s...
  11. NormannTheDoorman

    Is a GED worth it?

    To understand my situation and narrow down what is happening here is the deal. I live on Guam and yes I am Norwegian. It's possible regardless of some may think. Not a jab at any of you. Guam is small. Guam public school's are bad. Christian Private schools are pricey but I have the...
  12. NormannTheDoorman

    Describe your first kiss

    Curious as to what compelled you to do such a thing. I've never kissed anyone before but I wish to know what went on in your brain. Lust? Curiosity? Teh lulz?
  13. NormannTheDoorman

    How do I get back into programming?

    I started in the 6th grade when my private tutor saw that I took interest in programming and computer science in general. So he sort of put me on the right path. 7th grade I struggled to balance school and my new interest. 8 and 9th grade was my lowest point in my school "career". I was failing...
  14. NormannTheDoorman

    How do you clear your mind?

    Completely and temporarily?
  15. NormannTheDoorman

    Who started this whole anti-evolution mess?

    I would consider myself a Christian, and I do believe that some higher being exists. I consider myself a late comer to the workings of evolution and its processes since I grew up in a massive anti-evolution community. Public education on Guam sucks, so my parent(s) ended up sending me to a...
  16. NormannTheDoorman

    Red Orchestra 2 is now free for 1 day

    Install and keep forever. http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/04/23/red-orchestra-2-one-day-deal-will-let-you-download-and-keep-the-game-for-free/
  17. NormannTheDoorman

    What would your coronation music be?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiXgOQ9_-RI I'm going to stick to a classic.
  18. NormannTheDoorman

    Any good geo-political strategy games?

    I want to act out my fantasies of taking over teh worldz... I don't particularly care for the time setting the game takes place in. That is irrelevant to me since I'm going to be looking at numbers most of the time.
  19. NormannTheDoorman

    Would you consider yourself a closet "perfectionist"?

    I have learned the ways of proper thread creating during my 1 week exile to the 7th circle 1st ring of hell. Forgive me for sinning against thee. Now onto the topic. This is from my personal experience, but I am hoping you can relate. If not then I'm by myself in this cruel and dark world...
  20. NormannTheDoorman

    I need your help goyim

    what are some good geopolitical strategy games?
  21. NormannTheDoorman

    I got into a PC vs Console debate again...

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned.. They claimed that software updates == hardware updates More people play console (Which is irrelevant when it comes to performance) Controllers are easier (Also irrelevant when it comes to overall performance) PC gaming is expensive
  22. NormannTheDoorman

    What is your strategy in Napoleon:total war?

    Campaign mode. First I make peace and love with everyone and break alliances. Dominate the economic field. Use agents to sway public opinion in certain areas or stop competition. Build up a large army. Start conquering. In a careful manner. Once I am satisfied I bribe them...
  23. NormannTheDoorman

    Well fuck me sideways in all 11 dimensions...

    I just got dragged into MLM by my father. Didn't have much of a choice. He basically said if you're concerned for your future and if you want to run a company one day you need to get into this sort of thing. I basically gave in. The whole shout fest that follows suit isn't worth my time...
  24. NormannTheDoorman

    I feel as if there is an intellectual barrier here.

    Preventing me from joining in on the majority of the discussions. This may be moved to Oubliette but okay.
  25. NormannTheDoorman

    I just watched an episode of Big Bang theory

    Thought it was a terrible representation of "nerds" and other people of that sort. I got the jokes buy they weren't funny.
  26. NormannTheDoorman

    I'm somewhat confused when it comes to my sexuality.

    I'm a 16 year old male btw. Still have my V-card. I see no reason to give it up. Several times I have been pressured to lose it for trivial and mundane reasons. My step-father once said "You're young, go out and have fun with girls." I told him it means almost nothing to me, and he said...
  27. NormannTheDoorman

    Pygmalion crafted a sculpture of his ideal woman.

    Aphrodite granted it life since she saw his love as genuine. Pygmalion touched the sculpture one day and discovered that it was no longer cold, but warm like human flesh. something about her name being galatea or whatever... anyways... Would it be possible to love an autonomous...
  28. NormannTheDoorman

    I would assume that my imagination is real.

    My brain is real. My mind is a product of this mass of neurons. Memories and mental pictures are real. I have a mental picture and a character description of Queen Elsa from Frozen in my mind therefore she is real. (And subject to the full power of my imagination) oh boy I...
  29. NormannTheDoorman

    There is this certain mindset I don't quite understand this mindset.

    I can talk about Sci-Fi books, movies, and comics but when I try to talk about the Bible from an analytical point of view I normally get this sort of response. "You know the bible isn't real, right" Like........I don't know how to respond to that. But then they decide to switch subjects and...
  30. NormannTheDoorman

    I need a good concrete definition of intelligence.

    Many times I watch religious debates and both sides will throw out this. "You're dumb for believing in X" or "You're dumb for not believing in X." Of course, the more eloquent ones will use the word intelligence instead of dumb or smart. However, I have having a hard time...
  31. NormannTheDoorman

    NormanTheDoorman's Collection

    Just going to pretend it's a conscious being and you guys are going to play the part. I'm just that funny it loses it's funniness after a while. 11:52 PM 3/27/2014 Dearest diary, I am still trying to understand certain things about Christianity and the existence of...
  32. NormannTheDoorman

    I can't seem to zone out at will.

    Zoning out at will sounds redundant. Several times I have just stared at a spot without ever thinking of the spot or observing with my eyes and ears. I felt like a purely thinking entity. Not sure if you guys ever experienced it. I'm sure you have but I wouldn't know.
  33. NormannTheDoorman

    I just took a look at BF4 recently.

    Far from impressed. More disappointed if I could even find the words to describe what it is I saw and played. It seemed like BF2 with BF3 graphics and BFBC2 destruction.
  34. NormannTheDoorman

    Rock, paper, and scissors: Patterns to win

    I dunno but sometimes I just feeeeeell like typing on 4chan when im on here just another one of those days u ever feel liek nvm u ever think that maybe there is sum grand pattern in the game of rock,scissors, and paper? like u know they will change pattern after like 2...
  35. NormannTheDoorman

    I need a mind boggling indie game

    So I can have some inspiration to come up with a better system that would not allow this manner of heresy in my mind. http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=19399
  36. NormannTheDoorman

    My first theory of reality

    I exist and you're all products of meh brainzzzz...:storks: I need more coffee....
  37. NormannTheDoorman

    Why do teens use sex to further advance themselves in a social structure?

    The whole idea of sex seems trivial and mundane to me. I have a friend who is raised in a Christian home, and unsurprisingly, his parents are against the idea of sex before marriage. He said this to me once. "People keep saying staying a virgin before marriage is a challenge. I think...
  38. NormannTheDoorman

    I think I've become too arrogant to brag.

    Why not zoidberg?
  39. NormannTheDoorman

    I might have been using visitor message wrong the whole time.

    I don't reply on my wall I reply back on their wall... If this is true then my entire INTP forum experience has been a lie.
  40. NormannTheDoorman

    Virtualbox does not have Windows 7 64 bit

    It has a 32 bit but no 64 bit. I'm trying to set up a virtual machine for penetration testing. School related work.
  41. NormannTheDoorman

    Ever read Inferno?

    It seems like an insult to the Catholic church. I've noticed a pattern, if you will. None of the catholics were in the 1st circle, which is the circle where noble men and women go, the ones who lived before christ or never knew him. To insult them further. Dante put Saladin, a...
  42. NormannTheDoorman

    Playing mind games with your enemies.

    Some FPS games with maps that mirror each other seem to do this a lot in certain 1vs1 situations. Which paths your opponents will take could be predicted by his/her mindset or play-style. Certain opponents will think that you will take the same path, and in this case you are able to flank...
  43. NormannTheDoorman

    Why do people get married or fall in love?

    I still can't find any proper reason as to why. Is love some highly developed urge to procreate?
  44. NormannTheDoorman

    The idea of Human/AI intimate relationships turn me on

    Slightly, if it's even possible for such a relationship to exist.
  45. NormannTheDoorman

    I have a feeling someone is going to DDoS Google.

    With this whole new comment system. I wouldn't be surprised if someone gathered their fellow neckbeards and lay siege to the place.
  46. NormannTheDoorman

    Ask me some questions.

    Bored and need a decent challenge. I'm not that well known but that's not a big deal (I hope).
  47. NormannTheDoorman

    Sociopath Dovahkiin

    I can't help but notice that in almost every free-roam game players tend to turn into sociopaths (ASPD, whatever the DSM name is). You are told not to steal from the students at the College of Winterhold. You still do with no feelings of remorse. Because you need those soul gems...
  48. NormannTheDoorman

    Getting into philosophy early.

    I started reading philosophies involving the mind and existence 2 years ago which means I was 14. Not sure what it did for you but it put me through an existential crisis for a good amount of time. I kind of would like to hear your story.
  49. NormannTheDoorman

    Walter Mitty a schizoid?

    Based on what I read about the character in the book he seems like a schizoid type personality to me. Which brings me to another question. Which MBTI types mirror personality disorders in the DSM - IV (Or V)?
  50. NormannTheDoorman

    Yet another original Minecraft lets play series

    I find the MC LP's rather unoriginal and boring. At first it's fine until 300 other people start doing it. spawn punch tree die by creeper punch moar trees die by a creeper again rage quit
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