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  1. WorkInProgress

    The Five Element Dragon Personality Test

    The Wood Dragon 0% Fire, 50% Water, 50% Earth, 0% Air, and 0% Lightning! You are the Wood Dragon, combining the elements of Water and Earth! The combination of Earth...
  2. WorkInProgress

    Roguelike enthusiasts?

    Azure Dreams is my favorite game of all time. Highly recommended if you can find it.
  3. WorkInProgress

    What kind of soul are you?

    How well did you guys agree with your result? I feel mine hit the nail right on the head.You Are a Seeker Soul You are on a quest for knowledge and life challenges. You love to be curious and ask a ton of questions. Since you know so much, you make for an interesting...
  4. WorkInProgress

    This common for intps denied time alone

    I absolutely hate when this happens to me. A couple days a week I have to be in classes in the morning, do volunteer work for my major during the day, then work at my real job at night. I'm living at home while I'm in school and there isn't a moment's rest with them either, which wouldn't be...
  5. WorkInProgress

    The Bliss of Being Told What to Do (Wait! Hear me out guys...)

    [I don't see any sense in posting this sort of thing in the INTP forum unless it's either a) a joke or b) playing devil's advocate so kaze can have our insight (could have just asked)] I'm all for low error visibility, but I wouldn't be able to respect myself if I blindly followed orders that...
  6. WorkInProgress

    The Best Personality Type For You Test (for romantic partner)

    INFP- The Healer 0% IvE, 20% NvS, 20% FvT, 40% JvP
  7. WorkInProgress

    Reincarnation placement test

    Bring it on :aufsmaul:
  8. WorkInProgress


    Could be worse.
  9. WorkInProgress

    Signs of insanity.

    Didn't scare me at all, Amorfati. You mentioned how your hatred grew over time. Hatred toward humanity? Also, I was curious if you still consider yourself a genius.
  10. WorkInProgress

    Read minds: Microexpressions.

    I only missed #7, thinking the guy was surprised instead of scared. When I think about it I really haven't seen many guys be scared, especially to the point of making that face.
  11. WorkInProgress

    Which "The Leet world" character to you relate most to?

    Only watched the first episode, but I like Ellis :smoker:
  12. WorkInProgress

    If you could sell your soul...

    Maybe I could work out a soul rental deal. Annually the buyer will appear to me and I, in health of mind, have to honestly describe myself as content. It's the buyers job to make sure I stay that way, because my soul belongs to him or her for as many years as I've lived a happy life...
  13. WorkInProgress

    Brain Works Test

    Auditory : 43% Visual : 56% Left : 64% Right : 35% WIP, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant and show a preference for visual learning, although not extreme in either characteristic. You probably tend to do most things in moderation, but not...
  14. WorkInProgress

    Westerns Anyone?

    Love Westerns. Love Eastwood. But in a guilty pleasure sort of way. *grits teeth* "Are you gonna pull those pistols, or whistle Dixie?"
  15. WorkInProgress

    Headlines That Make You Chuckle

    http://newsok.com/warr-acres-catholic-church-has-crucifix-some-say-shows-exposed-genitals-of-jesus/article/3453833?custom_click=rss They said Jesus was hung on the cross.
  16. WorkInProgress


    I contributed 17 bottles to this- http://www.mysuncoast.com/Global/story.asp?S=12360972
  17. WorkInProgress

    Fuck buddies?

    For me it came about by me making a move while drunk (with success!), and assuming the friendship was unaltered the next day. She thought otherwise, but neither of us wanted a real relationship at the moment, so we just started hooking up when we were alone. Then this happened and I agree that...
  18. WorkInProgress

    Find your Spirit Animal Test!

    You are a Hawk! (your score: 23) Characters: Galen, Thera, Zilus in the Aspect of Crow trilogy; Maxine in "The Wild's Call" Powers: Communicate with the divine, discern powers in others, photographic memory Hawks are the messengers of the Spirits. Adept with language, you might be a...
  19. WorkInProgress

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Test

    Wesley Crusher A brilliant learner with a knack for almost everything, you choose to spend your efforts in the pursuit of travels that extend your own potential. Maybe I am sick of following rules and regulations! Wesley is a character in the Star Trek universe. I don't know anything...
  20. WorkInProgress

    INTP Interaction Manual

    Nothing against you guys, but this is the only post that I think should be included in the book. Well said, Jachian.
  21. WorkInProgress


    First time for me too, but I agree with cyclists. I'm sure many of them are nice people, but their mere existence is a nuisance.
  22. WorkInProgress

    Cat Person or Dog Person? for pet people...

  23. WorkInProgress


    It's really bad. I tell myself it's all in my head and anyone with a hint of willpower can conquer it, yet my id continues to whoop my superego's ass every time! Blame faulty parenting. (yeah, that's it -_- )
  24. WorkInProgress

    I'm Not As Dumb As I Look

    Well it takes as long as it takes for a situation to call for some brains. It's sometimes been the day I met them, it's sometimes been a year from then. Restricting factors would be any time anyone wants to talk before I've had my coffee, or if I'm too cluttered at the moment to be able to...
  25. WorkInProgress

    Dealing with death of a loved one

    I hate when people feel sorry for me, mostly because anytime that I'm legitimately upset (very rarely) I just feign happiness. So anytime I'm shown sympathy it's usually not something I'm broken up about in the first place. With that said, I do know what it feels like to hurt and I'll often...
  26. WorkInProgress

    'What's your Archetype?' Test

    Caregiver Caregivers take care of others even when doing so requires sacrifice. They give to make the world a better place for others. At worst, the Caregiver's sacrifice is maiming or manipulative. At best, the Caregiver's giving is compassionate, genuine, and of great help to others...
  27. WorkInProgress

    How Much Are You Worth....

    $2,451,260. I'm okay with that.
  28. WorkInProgress

    If INTPs made up a majority of society

    Sorry, but was it me that made you think that? Certainly wasn't anywhere near my thought process.
  29. WorkInProgress

    If INTPs made up a majority of society

    ^ It's only the majority, not all. Though I still have to go with dead. Caveman 1-"Hey I've got this new idea for making our spears sharper so we can penetrate woolly mammoth hide!" Caveman 2- "Great, let's see it!" Caveman 1- "Well I'll get to actually making one later, right now I've got...
  30. WorkInProgress

    Your Favorite Movie Scene

    These ones too. Easily in my top 5 movies of all time.
  31. WorkInProgress

    How good are you at getting back to people?

    I was that way once. Nothing against you guys, but it hurts to see other people who haven't overcome it yet. I'm great about it now. I might be a little slower than most when replying to texts, but only because I pay such close attention to wording everything perfectly and making sure my...
  32. WorkInProgress

    Your Favorite Movie Scene

    Came to post the coffee shop scene from Heat. How about this one- YouTube- han and leia Anyone see something wrong with a guy that likes romance scenes?:aufsmaul:
  33. WorkInProgress

    Shape Personality Type Profile

    Circle/triangle combo. Don't really agree with this one.
  34. WorkInProgress

    Melkor feels like death.

    The word "cuss" is just someone saying "curse" with a British accent.
  35. WorkInProgress

    Character Analysis Test

    Yin Yang. Already knew that one though. *points to avatar*
  36. WorkInProgress

    Car Chase Music

    \m/ (-_\\ YouTube- Ozzy Osbourne-Thunder Underground
  37. WorkInProgress

    Favourite documentaries?

    I was just thinking about this the other day. I decided it's best the way it is. If prostitution becomes socially acceptable than far more young people will see it as a viable life for themselves. We're taking potentially productive members of society and turning them in the direction that...
  38. WorkInProgress

    Do you plan for the zombie apocalypse?

    Did you steal that from the Grinch live action movie? I live in a fairly rural area. The nearest gas station is about a 7 minute drive and being "in town" is almost 20. My plan is to board up my house as best as I can and live off what's in my pantry for a couple days. After I've run out of...
  39. WorkInProgress

    My secret...

    I killed Mufasa!
  40. WorkInProgress

    Are INTPs more likely to be vegetarian/vegan?

    I wrote a few sentences for my reply before realizing that this sums up my stance pretty well- YouTube- Louis CK's Justification For Meat Consumption
  41. WorkInProgress

    So, what are you doing Pi-day?

    you guys reminded me of this- YouTube- Pi Video by Hard n' Phirm
  42. WorkInProgress

    If you could learn a style of music...

    I'd go with jazz for the same reason. Though folk is my favorite genre
  43. WorkInProgress

    Caffiene makes me more "F". Or maybe just "E".

    I'm completely reliant on caffeine in situations where I want to socialize. It normals me up. I know what you mean about the F thing too. Not long ago I would sometimes go on apology sprees on days when I had the right amount of coffee.
  44. WorkInProgress

    Were you as crazy in girls as your teenager counterparts?

    Re: Were you as crazy in girls as your teenager conterparts? This mostly. I'm 19 and I've dated a few girls in my time, but it was never a situation where I took the lead. I'd say all the girls I've dated were great in their own way, but none of them really got me. I've opened up to only a...
  45. WorkInProgress

    What do INTPs look like

    For a long time I didn't care at all, but recently I've really tried to be somewhat stylish. Problem is I only have so many clothes and don't want to go through the trouble of getting new ones. I keep my hair short and neat because its very curly and the moment I lose control it goes crazy. As...
  46. WorkInProgress

    Music and Mood

    I choose music based on my mood. I read it's something INTPs do because it helps us get in touch with our Fe. I believe it.
  47. WorkInProgress

    Serious about Change

    I'm in a similar boat. I've been trying to be more open, and I've probably made more acquaintances than anyone else in a a few of my classes. I just don't have any idea how to follow through with it. Not one of them is asking me to hang out, so how am I supposed to learn how to do it properly...
  48. WorkInProgress

    How to memorize a speech.

    I absolutely hate giving speeches. Mostly because I procrastinate so much that I don't have time to keep practicing one over and over. Btw, anyone wanna give me a topic for my demonstration speech? I have to stand in front of the class for about five minutes and do something, while explaining...
  49. WorkInProgress

    The Oreo Personality Test

    I'm a 5, or 6 if there's absolutely no milk. I'm scared at how accurate that is, especially after reading the other ones and not falling into any of them :eek:
  50. WorkInProgress

    Using a handle vs. using one's true identity online

    ^ Exactly. We lost our loyalty the moment they started pulling that shit. Then they complain when their absentees are through the roof and all the employees are out for themselves! So long as you aren't in your work clothes, you shouldn't be disciplined for what you do outside of your shift...
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