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    Should I study physics or computer science?

    I'm going to start university next year, and I need to decide what to study. So it boils down to this, physics really really fascinates me, and I kind of feel like it should be the basis for erything else I learn, like it's the ABC's of scientific thinking and understanding. On the other hand...
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    Interested in learning programming

    I'm sure there are already threads about this, so I apologize in advance for asking the same questions (I wouldn't mind being referred to said threads if they answer my questions) I want to learn to program, my interest currently lies in artificial neural networks, especially evolving ones...
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    I think every INTP has probably had an existential crisis based on this thought

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    Funnest thing in the world!

    Traveling! Just traveling, no destinations, no objectives, no limitations. I'm traveling around Europe now, just Hitchhiking, sleeping wherever I can, couchsurfing when I can, helping random people, getting help from random people, getting lost and not caring, getting wet, drying off, eating...
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    Should I tell my ten year-old cousin that she's an INTP?

    So I'm visiting family which I haven't seen in about 6-7 years, I've been spending a few days with them, and I've discovered that my 10 year old cousin (girl) is beyond any doubt an INTP. The question is, should I tell her about it? I'm thinking, on the one hand it might make it easier growing...
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    Does anyone else think INTPs are pretty dorky?

    http://www.entp.org/discuss2/index.php?/topic/2905-does-anyone-else-think-intps-are-pretty-dorky/ I found this kinda funny... :p
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    INTP (good) musicians?

    I play piano, guitar, bass, and drums, and dabble in a few others, but I never got past ~beginner level with any instrument, because I just can't get myself to practice at all. I have a decent understanding of musical theory, and a great feel and intuition for it, but close to zero technique. I...
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    Avengers or Hunger Games?

    I'm bored out of my mind, they're both playing in the theatre near my house in an hour, which should I see?
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    Get Rid Of Shyness - Stop Being Shy And Quit Being An Introvert!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB1twOrIiNI&feature=related HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA
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    ENTP and Fe

    Is it just me, or do ENTPs seem to have/use much less Fe than INTPs? In fact their lack if F kind of reminds me of ENTJs.
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    How do you cheer yourself up/boost your confidence?

    About a month ago I reached a peak of a really good time for me, where I was really confident and happy and outgoing, but as soon as I realized I reached that peak I started going downhill. I've developed some kind of extreme social anxiety (mostly only when I'm high though), I feel like I've...
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    Kramer from Seinfeld - ENTP

    Any thoughts?
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    INTPs and MBTI obsession?

    So ever since I discovered it, I've been pretty much obsessed with MBTI. I told all my friends, and pretty much every one I know about it and typed them, but the only other people who seemed to care about it, and even became obsessed like me were my INTP friend and INFJ friend, who spread it to...
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    INTPs' friends types

    I was curious to see what kind of patterns would emerge if we did a poll about our best friends types. I'm talking about your group of really close friends, or your one best friend. My prediction is there will be very few J's, almost no SJ's, probably a lot of NT's, and probably also a majority...
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    why INTPs are awesome

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    INTP's as teachers

    I'm wondering if there are any INTP teachers this forum, and if so how they like their jobs. In my current position in the army I sometimes have to teach, usually three or four people, but occasionally classrooms of 10+, how to use these old manual aiming devices for artillery. It's highly...
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    Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly

    Any ideas?
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    Developing/Controlling Fe

    I've been analyzing my relationship with, and the developement of my Fe throughout my life (I'm 21 now), and I'm not quite sure what the conclusions are. when I was little I remember getting angry alot, crying, always being in love with at least one girl, so I think I was more emotional. I still...
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    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    So I know INTP's are supposed to be really eccentric and stuff, so lets hear about some of the quirky stuff you do! I'll start: Today I sat in the mess hall with a bunch of my friends who were carrying on a conversation that bored me, so I just put on earphones and listened to Beethoven ignoring...
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