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  1. Starfishtea

    Imaginary creature running along side

    I actually have seen and heard other people talk about this specific thing before but I myself have never experienced it, and I'd say I'm quite acquainted with hallucinations. I can only envision it clearly now because I saw a gif someone made trying to explain it when I was around 16...
  2. Starfishtea

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  3. Starfishtea

    What's your alignment?

    I always test as true neutral but I usually expect the outcome to be chaotic neutral or chaotic evil. This is not a thing I've spent a lot of time looking into but as a base I tend to view myself as chaotic and somewhere between neutral and evil.
  4. Starfishtea

    happy new year binches

    Be less fat and useless, learn as much as I can given my circumstances and make my life less lame.
  5. Starfishtea

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    I like the original, but this isn't half bad either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz77LWHXzM8
  6. Starfishtea

    How did you spend your time as a teen?

    What were your hobbies and how far did you progress with them? I was part of a scouting group until 16. I quit because things took a turn in a very religous direction and I wasn't particularly fond of endless praying/bible study. I just like hiking. I also had a lot of homework that seemed more...
  7. Starfishtea

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got 9 new glasses which is 7 more than I have space for in more cupboards, 20 capri sonne juice bags, a soldering station, make up and the best one, the arduino starter kit. And an ikea book shelf that I started building yesterday but is now just laying there half finished and taking up half...
  8. Starfishtea

    Chakra Test

    Root: under-active (-31%) Sacral: under-active (-81%) Navel: under-active (-50%) Heart: under-active (-81%) Throat: open (0%) Third Eye: over-active (62%) Crown: under-active (-19%) I'm not into the chakra stuff but okay.
  9. Starfishtea

    The Random Thoughts Thread

  10. Starfishtea

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjFWk0ncr70 I am weak and probably an easy target for brainwashing.
  11. Starfishtea

    Color Quiz

    Your Existing Situation "Is stubborn and strong-willed, once her mind is made up it is impossible to change it. she does not ask for much, so she feels when she does ask her needs should be met." Your Stress Sources "Unfulfilled hopes have left her feeling uncertain and even a little fearful...
  12. Starfishtea

    Dreams and the Subconscious

    I experienced sleep paralysis two months ago and have only been able to remember one dream since then, but it scores far too high on the gross factor for me to post about it. I used to remember approximately 3-7 dreams per night earlier this year so this is quite a sad development for me. My...
  13. Starfishtea

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm hoping to get properly hammered, gotta take advantage of all that free alcohol.
  14. Starfishtea

    Confess all your sins here.

    Yeah.. Its becoming increasingly clear to me that I should cut back on the alcohol/drugs. That post was obviously not made up of the thoroughly considered words of a sober person. I would like to hear the story of the refrigeratored piss however. Did she think it was juice or something?
  15. Starfishtea

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsJCT4UGpwo As always. This song probably captured my soul or something.
  16. Starfishtea

    INTP forum members are cat people new research suggests

    I feel exhausted just looking at that. If I ever get a dog it needs to be partially comatose. Need me a dog like that *iphone thirst emojis or something*
  17. Starfishtea

    Confess all your sins here.

    I'm.. not at all grossed out by drinking my own piss. I haven't done it (yet), but I don't think I would have any problem with ingesting anything that's been produced by my own body in the first place. Except babies, that's kind of frowned upon. The only thing holding me and my undying...
  18. Starfishtea

    Why do you come to intpforum?

    Alcohol makes me talkative :angel01:
  19. Starfishtea

    Gaming Group

    I honestly never saw the appeal of playing online.. How do you not get annoyed by the other people just being there doing their annoying people thing?
  20. Starfishtea

    INTP forum members are cat people new research suggests

    I wish I liked dogs because they're so adorable in theory.
  21. Starfishtea

    Remembering Dreams

    I've always had intensely vivid dreams and nightmares too, though most people tend to misinterpret my regular dreams as nightmares. I used to remember my dreams every day, but then I entered a period where I was remembering between 4 and 7 different dreams every night and I guess my dream memory...
  22. Starfishtea

    INTPs - what are the types of your 5 best friends?

    My bff of ten years - ENFP - probably my favourite person in the entire world. Almost too good to be true, would probably marry in a platonic way. The kind of person that thinks my spontaneous ideas are genius and should be put into action immediately rather than telling me every way it could go...
  23. Starfishtea


    We should do something about that :aufsmaul:
  24. Starfishtea

    rewatching Stargate Atlantis

    Oh boy, I used to be 20 minutes late for school every day in 8th to 10th grade because I just had to watch stargate atlantis. It weirdly only aired around 7 am, but I loved the shit out of it and could never leave before the episode was over. And I always thought the Todd wraith was really hot...
  25. Starfishtea

    Last movie you watched

    I watched Blair witch last saturday (probably? what is time, right?) at an outside screening in the forest around midnight. I was so blown away by the concept of watching a horror movie filmed in a forest while actually sitting in a dark forest and then having to walk home in the dark that I...
  26. Starfishtea

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm always drunk when I visit this forum, but not today. I think I'll come back later. :ichnicht:
  27. Starfishtea

    Experiences in Close Relationships Scale.

    ''I often want to merge completely with romantic partners'' This is porbably a bit contradicting to my end results but I have never related more to question on a test. When I get really invested in another person, I just want to leave my body behind and stuff my soul/brain/being into their body...
  28. Starfishtea

    Why do people like zodiac signs?

    I have actually looked into this and attempted to study it further because a friend of mine who I consider highly intelligent and rational is really into it. My sun is capricorn, moon in pisces, ascendant in libra and midheaven in leo. I have taken the time to read all the descriptions of those...
  29. Starfishtea

    Why do people like zodiac signs?

    I don't think I'm in a position to ever properly understand as I am born a capricorn but have never felt like the description fit me at all. I might have one or two typical capricorn traits, but when you randomly toss out 20 traits, you're bound to hit the hoop with at least a couple. The thing...
  30. Starfishtea

    Do You Donate?

    I donate a monthly sum to some kind of helpy peoply thing I can't quite remember the name of at the top of my head. I most certainly can't afford it and the only reason I'm doing it is because I was approached (more like forcibly assaulted) on the street while I was doing my christmas shopping a...
  31. Starfishtea

    League of legends

    I tried getting into league last year because a good friend of mine was really into it. I had no idea what I was doing and I accidentally joined a game with real people believing they were bots at first. Everyone was unbelievably rude and I was really appalled by the way I was treated and...
  32. Starfishtea

    The Mental Illness Quiz

    Diagnosis: Multiple Personality Disorder 60% Depressed, 39% Obsessive, 49% Delusional and 50% Anxious! I'm surprised. If I were to rate myself, I'd give myself a near perfect score on mental health. I'd be interested to see what I had scored if I had taken this test when I was actively...
  33. Starfishtea

    1st World Problems

    I've recently quit another forum and I don't know where to hang online anymore. Especially when I'm drunk and my need for attention multiplies by a million. I'm reluctantly popping my head back here to see what's going on.
  34. Starfishtea

    The Goals Thread

    That is a really good link. I'm honestly feeling motivated just by reading it. I didn't even read the whole thing before I decided to go for a walk. Also thank you Cheese : )
  35. Starfishtea

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    I like that. It's really slow, but the music boxy sounds make up for it. The background woooiwoo sounds reminds me of an abandoned alien planet. The only thing that's nagging on me is the feeling that it never really starts or goes anywehere. I'd give it a 7.5/10...
  36. Starfishtea


    I want in on all this skype goodness too. If it's still alive.
  37. Starfishtea

    Sudden Avatar Trends

    guys, let's not forget that I am clearly the one that started the self drawn avatar trend back in 2k11.
  38. Starfishtea

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    It's cute, I suppose. Quite monotone and the tune isn't all that easy to immediately grab from the first listen. 4/10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gYTf8GHjoU How about this abomination. I can't help but love it.
  39. Starfishtea

    The Goals Thread

    I have consistently failed all the weight loss goals I've set since 2014. The only thing I've accomplished this year was to join a gym that I only really visited for a few weeks late january to february. I still look like the michelin man. Other than that I am trying to save money and lose...
  40. Starfishtea

    Why do people drink alcohol?

    Well I can only really speak from my own expereince(as a bordering alcoholic since age 16), obviously escapism is a really big part of it. However it isn't always about how shitty your life is. As an introvert I find that alcohol really helps me get that extra zest I need to not just be sitting...
  41. Starfishtea

    The Sorting Hat

    I've always tested as slytherin and now I am pleased to see that I got ravenclaw (my favourite house). 65% Ravenclaw 60% Slytherin 41% Gryffindor 35% Hufflepuff
  42. Starfishtea

    Cannabis use.

    Weed has a tremendously negative effect on my mental health and I am obviously aware of that. I would never use it to medicate anything because it only makes things tenfolds worse.
  43. Starfishtea

    do your memories have ages

    I have a ton of childhood memories that have a ridiculous amount of detail and age to them. Many of them have tastes and smells attached so when I smell peaches I think about this lip balm I used to wear when I was 11 and playing the sims and I just remember the whole thing like it was yesterday...
  44. Starfishtea

    why is this forum nearly dead

    Aw really, what was the point in banning this seemingly spunky fella?
  45. Starfishtea

    Avoidant Personality

    This, essentially. I don't think I have anything new to contribute besides that.
  46. Starfishtea

    Closest You Ever Came To Death

    I'm not going to count times where I thought I was doing because I kind of do that on a daily basis. I've never had any water episodes, though I've been unconsciously, barely breathing, oh god someone call an ambulance drunk about 4 or 5 times. I never learn and I never die. For some time my...
  47. Starfishtea

    Do you talk to yourself in your head?

    This is going to sound so sad, but I have an ''imaginary therapist'' that I talk to in my head. I don't mean that I have made up an entire person or anything, it's really just me talking to therapist me about how I can solve problems and why I am feelings things and to what purpose the...
  48. Starfishtea

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    Caffeiene, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, speed, cocaine and oxysomething. My favourites are by far speed and cocaine since I'm usually such a slow and sluggish person and those things help make me feel more normal and less dead all while having fun of course. They also help bring me out of my...
  49. Starfishtea

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm only good for taking pictures of, not for talking.
  50. Starfishtea

    What are you currently playing?

    Borderlands 2, pokemon omega ruby, devil survivor 2, the sims 3 and dragon age: origins.
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