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  1. louiesgonnadie

    How the fuck do I get out of existential crisis? I want to start living MY LIFE.

    This is an update to this thread I posted a year ago: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=21434 Thanks to escapism, I didn't make any progress in the past year. Now, that I find I'm unable to escape any more, I realize I need to get shit together PRONTO. There are still lots of parallels to...
  2. louiesgonnadie

    I'm bored. Type me off of my Reddit posts.

    I'm honestly curious to hear what people think. If you dig deep enough a few of them illustrate facets of my judgement. https://www.reddit.com/user/t0_0l
  3. louiesgonnadie

    How the fuck do I deal with existential crisis? Is it Autism? "Reality" is exhausting

    I know, I've posted threads like this before. But this time, I'm done. I'm serious about getting out of this rut. I need to put insight into action. I feel desperate. I posted this on a similar forum, breathed in all of the insight I got into my own conclusion, and decided meditation would be...
  4. louiesgonnadie

    "Does anyone else find the concept/practice of empathy incredibly disturbing?"

    I was browsing the Asperger's subreddit because I find it interesting, and then I come across this post that really got me thinking: The more I think about how people describe empathy, the more it seems like treating other people as extensions of yourself--denying them basic agency and humanity...
  5. louiesgonnadie

    How severe are the thoughts in my head? (contemplating suicide and other junk)

    I have probably solidified myself as the "Attention Whore of INTPf" since I realized I post a lot of threads on here that are pointless. Though shit has been bugging me. I did try posting on a suicide forum. I signed up, confirmed the email link, and my account didn't even get accepted, I...
  6. louiesgonnadie

    Yet another INxP thread

    WARNING - this will be long. Strap in your attention span before proceeding. So a few months ago, I became pretty sure I was an INFP, or an xNFP at the least. However, recently self doubt (one of my biggest specialties) has kicked in. I've been reading past threads and posts of mine on various...
  7. louiesgonnadie

    xNxP dafuq?

    Well, I don't feel like posting a wall of text like I usually do, so I'll post a video describing myself. One thing I am sure about is having Ne at least in my aux. I shape shift a lot in discussion, make frequent connections. And I'm even more sure about having Si, which would back up Ne. So...
  8. louiesgonnadie

    Do INTPs enjoy gaining knowledge just for the sake of gaining knowledge?

    Or do they sometimes question themselves doing so wondering how it will apply to them and their future? I mean, I believe in order to be better at life, you need to gain more knowledge. There is almost no limit to knowledge - and if there is, the gap is slowly but surely expanding due to new...
  9. louiesgonnadie

    "Decisions are emotional, not logical" (article)

    http://bigthink.com/experts-corner/decisions-are-emotional-not-logical-the-neuroscience-behind-decision-making Haven't formed much of an opinion on this yet. What do you fellows think?
  10. louiesgonnadie

    INTP with overdeveloped Si?

    I've always been nostalgic, going way back to the days when I was a kid, even. I've attached memories and even certain thoughts in my head to certain songs ever since I was about 13, and I've always tryed to replicate moments that stood out to me for whatever reason. Is this possible for a type...
  11. louiesgonnadie

    Any INTPS into weather/meteorology?

    I used to be obsessed with stuff like this when I was a kid, to the point where I would do nothing but watch The Weather Channel and have a map of the U.S. and make up my own weather events, and go outside in severe weather (I would go out in snow sometimes with nothing but a t-shirt and...
  12. louiesgonnadie

    The "early life crisis" stage where you're completely not motivated.

    Has anyone ever felt this way, as an adolescent entering the beginning of his or her adult stages? I was homeschooled for three years, and didn't pay attention in school for another three, due to depression and other personal shit, and this resulted in below average knowledge, plaguing my...
  13. louiesgonnadie

    Based on your perspective, do I seem INTP, INFP, or INTJ

    I've taken the myers-briggs test about 5 times already and have gotten different results, the latest being INTP after tons of tweaking and thinking, but have went back and forth between INTP and INFP and it is a very close call. But I think a lot(overthink things through/contemplate a lot)...
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