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  1. Reluctantly

    Do you prefer smartphone or desktop?

    Both? Smart phones are hard to work on, but great as storage devices, entertainment, and for looking up information, including map routes, almost anywhere. But I could probably create or buy a docking interface for a phone to use like desktop. So I guess phone wins. Edit: oh Gopher already...
  2. Reluctantly

    What job should I get?

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theoretical_ecology ? no idea how easy or hard these jobs are to get.
  3. Reluctantly

    I don't like giving charity

    So, question for you If you had a billion US dollars, do you think your life would have less potential for purpose? You wouldn't have to constantly chase after a buck, which frees up a lot of time to get involved in whatever it is that you find stimulating. Of course, maybe the majority of the...
  4. Reluctantly

    I don't like giving charity

    :clap: Believe it or not, glancing through the posts, I was thinking about a future where technology automates labor and creates a kind of socialism where people can pursue their goals, rather than being a slave to the labors of capitalism. Not sure if that's what you meant though. But I'd...
  5. Reluctantly

    Times you've changed your mind

    Heh, I didn't read the thread, but did you just deny that truth, invalidate it based on your own criteria, or invalidate what the other person finds valid about it?
  6. Reluctantly

    Times you've changed your mind

    Maybe this is Fi or something, but I'd like to point out the distinction between making up your mind about yourself (and not easily changing that) versus being open-minded about others. Although typology discussion is kind of dead now, I used to see this a lot with typology in how people come to...
  7. Reluctantly

    Eh, some questions.

    Huh, cool. I didn't notice that before. Didn't realize how many people are from Europe and some from the Pacific region. Yeah, now I can insinuate things through people's nationality. :goat: edit: discreetly...that is. :smirk:
  8. Reluctantly

    Eh, some questions.

    Huh, cool. I didn't notice that before. Didn't realize how many people are from Europe and some from the Pacific region. Yeah, now I can insinuate things through people's nationality. :goat:
  9. Reluctantly

    I hate to be INTP

    Aren't we all passengers though? Control is really an illusion. Yeah, some people seem to be in control, but then you take a closer look at their lives and find they succeed by fighting through struggles. They appear in control, but have to fight to succeed; that doesn't sound like true control...
  10. Reluctantly

    What do you base your values on

    Instinct Universally, no. Situationally or goal-orientedly, yes. (yes I made up that word) Their own decisions. No. Instinct because it rarely steers me wrong and even when it does, it's like feeding a biological or spiritual need. Because if we're just algorithms, going against that is...
  11. Reluctantly


    So is Jung the father? Sister Mary of pure Cognitive Type. Brother Max of gritty MBTI. Oldest Brother Carlton of the Prep school of Socionics Jung the father God of analytical psychology.
  12. Reluctantly

    Spiral Dynamics

    Yeah, kind of confused, so I'll just give my opinion on this. But I don't think Artsu is talking about classic psychosis if he's referencing "Dark night of the soul". The mental health system in the US isn't very good. They have a tendency to over-medicate and imprison people for acting out...
  13. Reluctantly

    Spiral Dynamics

    I don't get it. Are we supposed to think that people progress through these stages? Cause it all seems pretty circumstantial, like you can be in many stages at once, depending on what you're doing, your own experiences, and what your mental focus is on.
  14. Reluctantly

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Also, you have me scared to turn off the lights and go to bed. ugh, I'm too old for this shit.
  15. Reluctantly

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    You know, I guess you could also break bones without external injury just by applying too much force in certain places. In other words, the ribs could be explained by someone or something applying great force across the chest width. Or in the case of a head, squeezing the shit out of it. Damn...
  16. Reluctantly

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say they were afraid of something. It sounds like they left in a hurry and then trailed on without a second's thought to going back. I'm also going to say that if they walked in a seemingly orderly fashion, it might suggest that they were rounded up in...
  17. Reluctantly

    Choose one

    Make punk music and draw your "beautiful" objects on the cover of your albums. :goat:
  18. Reluctantly

    2018 games you look forward to

    I have no idea. The last great game I played was Dark Souls. I hated it the first time I tried playing, but then I played Dark Souls 3 and it got me prepared for it and wow, the original Dark Souls is a really engaging experience. Deep world and combat. I feel like it ruined gaming for me now...
  19. Reluctantly

    Fi and samurai animé

    I don't know, but it seems like a reflection of Japanese ideas of honor symbolized on samurais. It's their history and part of their culture after all, so it kind of makes sense. I see that a lot in US movies about soldiers or John Wayne type characters that exemplify some kind of culturally...
  20. Reluctantly

    INTJ vs. INTP

    So...ironically, this is partly why Jung came up with his typology. Looking at genetics and brain structures, although a very objective thing to do, tells you nothing about the subjective experience of the person. Yes, you can derive certain things about someone from those things, but it doesn't...
  21. Reluctantly

    INTJ vs. INTP

    This is just talking about an introvert going off the deep end. I mean Jung also said this about Ti: So no Ti doesn't make clear what it is clear on and what it is not. It's only usually clear to the subject and that's the problem. And this forum is pretty big proof of that. Also, if you're...
  22. Reluctantly

    INTJ vs. INTP

    This is all very much in line with Jung's dichotomies and definitions. Objective here probably means (on a strictly conceptual level) a focus on things outside of the self. Te's focus is then empirical and hands-on because its thinking focus is on the external world. Ti is supposed to be...
  23. Reluctantly

    How do you deal with negative emotions?

    In the military, they called it resilience. The idea is to accept the negative experiences, without bringing yourself down in them. That means separating and accepting how you feel from feelings of negative self-worth or failure. It also means being introspective and critical of your own beliefs...
  24. Reluctantly

    F vs T wars

    Wars of attrition. Each side misunderstands and underestimates the other.
  25. Reluctantly

    Would you sell your education?

    So I'd take the cash... At least a half million would be fine.
  26. Reluctantly

    Would you sell your education?

    Money is a game. If you know what to do with it, you can make more. Heck, most businesses operate on debt. But their ROI is high enough that investors don't mind that. Debt can be a good thing in terms of business. That said, as much as I love knowledge and the ability to do and know about...
  27. Reluctantly

    Non-substance methods of overcoming social anxiety

    Is this you? If so, a little more cocaine is all you need.
  28. Reluctantly

    what force is holding the universe together other than graivity

    How do you mean? I've actually noticed the opposite, that physicists are reluctant to propose intuitive explanations for things. Instead they get a lot of data and then model it with mathematics without breaking any well-studied laws of physics. And no more is ever presumed or said, like it's...
  29. Reluctantly

    what force is holding the universe together other than graivity

    (I know I probably won't get a response to this, but somebody mentioned to me that the Higgs field is essentially an ether theory and it sparked a lot of research and thought. So this is what I think is understood at this point). Electromagnetic force is only relevant when talking about the...
  30. Reluctantly

    Medical marijuana

    ^ That's very true, unfortunately.
  31. Reluctantly

    Medical marijuana

    That...is...awesome. Just awesome. They found stuff that works and with little or no side effects that also doesn't have to be made in a lab. :good: That's really how it should be, you know. And it's interesting that the synthetic medicine imported from the west was more expensive, while also...
  32. Reluctantly

    Medical marijuana

    Well yes, there's a lot of money involved in developing any completely new drug in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of that has to do with the intensive testing, research, and regulatory requirements for putting drugs on the market. I agree. But Then why haven't the pharmaceutical companies...
  33. Reluctantly

    Medical marijuana

    Pharmaceutical Research moves in the direction of ----> profit, surprise. They aren't usually motivated to "find" cures, unless they can proprietize it and make a hefty profit. Illnesses and diseases that don't effect a lot of people don't get as much research, if any, and research moves in a...
  34. Reluctantly

    Being Misunderstood

    Sad truth is that a lot of people aren't open to ideas or opinions that go against what they believe or think they know. Maybe that's pretty much the same as not listening, but it is what it is I guess. It does suck when your mind is geared to think expansively and you're stuck around people...
  35. Reluctantly

    Medical marijuana

    He could try taking herbs/medicines that help promote dna repair. Supposedly Nad+ does that too by activating SIRT1 proteins, which helps cells from "silencing genes" and "suppressing recombination of rDNA" or mutations (off wikipedia). I don't know much about medical marijuana, but it does...
  36. Reluctantly

    Moved from: ENTP info ~ [Serac & Hado quotewars]

    For what it's worth, Big 5 seems to be taken a lot more seriously over MBTI, though they do share the introvert/extrovert dimension. Turns out, MBTI being prescriptive makes it a bit unhelpful in a clinical setting. But I guess if you isolate its traits and use that independently from types...
  37. Reluctantly


    Anyone tried NAD+? I've been curious about it for awhile, but also a little skeptical. Some people swear it gives them more energy. But it seems to be best for older people that have lower NAD levels.
  38. Reluctantly

    INTPs: how do you score on the Braverman Assessment?

    dis one. https://www.amazon.com/Life-Extension-Gastrodin-Vegetarian-Capsules/dp/B00FPOEVK6 Tried it for about a month with a lot of shilajit for tea (https://www.amazon.com/Authentic-Shilajit-GENUINE-HIMALAYAN-SHILAJIT/dp/B0098TN3NA), but didn't notice any difference. Oh, I do take a magnesium...
  39. Reluctantly

    INTPs: how do you score on the Braverman Assessment?

    Oh hey, I don't know if you're still around here, but they didn't really do shit. But I was looking into some of the stuff you mentioned here and how they effect neurochemistry and decided to try gaba enhancing supplements (other option was to try Primidone and beta-blockers prescribed from my...
  40. Reluctantly

    RB vs. the World: Trangenderism (split from Policy Change thread)

    Re: INTPf Policy Change Well that's fine. But it's a fallacy to equate someone that obsesses about gender with gender dysphoria. Sure, some people do that and can even "confuse" themselves for being trans. And there are plenty of people on the internet that will tell you they were confused...
  41. Reluctantly

    RB vs. the World: Trangenderism (split from Policy Change thread)

    Re: INTPf Policy Change You've been shown evidence before, but you insist on focusing on those with psychological issues or impressionable children thinking they are trans when they aren't. In all honesty I can't take you seriously. All kinds of people can have psychological issues and...
  42. Reluctantly

    RB vs. the World: Trangenderism (split from Policy Change thread)

    Re: INTPf Policy Change Wow, Anyone with a critical mind can see that there is not 100% conclusive evidence for either argument and it's entirely possible that both sides can have truth. Sometimes people can have a psychological problem and sometimes it can be biological. The only time I've...
  43. Reluctantly

    Eureka moment regarding non-Trans People

    They are uncomfortable with people they can't understand or relate to. They fear what is different. They are traditional people that are unwilling to accept anything outside their narrow world-view. No hear me out guys. See they can't deal with the fact that something like gender, which they...
  44. Reluctantly

    I just like weird and sometimes fucked up shit because it's interesting.

    I just like weird and sometimes fucked up shit because it's interesting.
  45. Reluctantly


  46. Reluctantly

    Sorry, I slit his throat and drank his blood while he was sleeping... Maybe I should get...

    Sorry, I slit his throat and drank his blood while he was sleeping... Maybe I should get another one. :)
  47. Reluctantly

    Yay or Nay? Clothing with texts on them.

    I wouldn't mind wearing this shirt. But it means a lot more than it says. It's from a movie. http://www.founditemclothing.com/shop/images/P/dont-hassle-me-im-local-shirt.jpg
  48. Reluctantly

    Las Vegas Shooter

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QDXcSQGaSI This is probably inappropriate, but it seems fitting.
  49. Reluctantly

    TMB is Banned and No Drama?

    Hey wait, what's TMB's username on INTPc? I took a lot over there, but I didn't see him and it just felt like a time-warp to INTPcentral. It feels like facebook for elitist nerds, while this place feels like a dark pit where people periodically come out of the shadows to throw shit before...
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