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  1. Ermine

    I know you all like Smartassity...

    Sounds like a very unstable basis for self worth... This calls for a spoonful of saccharine sarcasm: "Whatever makes you happy." I suspect most people who say stuff like that are reminding themselves to pursue happiness.
  2. Ermine

    Do you have a junk drawer?

    At least you have it all in drawers. I tend to keep a bunch of similar stuff in drawers, but it ends up covering any horizontal surfaces in my room and then some. It can be useful someday, right? :) Anyway, judging isn't all about being organized and ambitious. Anyone of any type can learn...
  3. Ermine

    Songs to Play Twice

  4. Ermine

    Your thoughts on google

    I think there's a significant difference between google and the weapon seller. Google doesn't choose it's clients. And while I don't have any actual knowledge on the subject, the weapon seller would probably use more caution dealing with more dangerous goods and potentially more dangerous...
  5. Ermine

    Your thoughts on google

    It could be if google made a change in policy against personal liberty/privacy. Here's my perspective. At the moment, I work in a dental office, and a lot of my job is data entry for the patient records. I have access to a wealth of information that I could easily exploit if I had the...
  6. Ermine

    Raised into being an INTP when really an INFP?

    You might have more luck hashing this out in terms of functions. While INTPs and INFPs are pretty similar, their functions are significantly different. Also, MBTI types are nowhere near absolute. Thinkers can be sensitive and Feelers can be rational. Similarly I often test as INTJ (low...
  7. Ermine

    Stuck on career ideas.

    Welcome! This sounds almost exactly like me 1.5 years ago. I was a freshman/sophomore in univers. I was heading for a graphic design major, but also felt a little conflicted since I have also been good at almost everything I put my mind to. At the time I was conflicted between music, computer...
  8. Ermine

    INTP at school: How do you do it?

    In high school, I did barely anything studying-wise and got As and Bs. In college, I got away from the studying routine almost entirely by majoring in graphic design which is project oriented, with only a little history and terminology to remember. I'm good at remembering things and can do...
  9. Ermine

    What makes you Mad?

    I hardly ever get angry, just annoyed or frustrated (yes there's a difference. When I'm frustrated, it's only because I'm still trying to understand the problem and resolve conflict. I'm willing to work with the source of conflict). Anyway... Things that make me angry: - people who hurt/ my...
  10. Ermine

    Any musicians?

    I play electric and acoustic guitar, piano, cello, and I can sing alto/soprano decently (it's clear and in tune). I also know a good amount of music theory and can read music pretty well. Now just need to work on songwriting.
  11. Ermine

    Member Appreciation Thread

    I'm sure you'll figure out something to do. When I stopped posting so much, there was actually a myriad of things to do. I got to concentrate more on art and piano, master calculus, crochet a scarf for my roommate's birthday, watch documentaries, socialize more, study, play guitar, sleep, write...
  12. Ermine

    Member Appreciation Thread

    Warm fuzzies. :) The fact that you're still posting is one of few reasons why I still linger here. It's been great getting to know you through your posts. Thanks for reminding me to actually leave this time. There have been some good times, and I have grown a lot as a result, but I've learned...
  13. Ermine

    Iceland: Land of INTPs?

    According to the article alone, it sounds like a dream come true. And it's home to one of my favorite bands, Sigur Ros. Definitely a plus. Also looks like they'd have great skiing.
  14. Ermine

    Vegetarianism and INTP

    I'm omnivorous. But for various reasons, I hardly ever eat meat. Most meat I like is usually outside my affordability range, I can't be bothered to cook meat most of the time, convenience reasons. Also, so far as energy is concerned, eating mostly vegetarian makes more sense. You can get the...
  15. Ermine

    Negative you!

    What she said. But having red hair is awesome. I've seen your pics on facebook, and it totally works for you. I'd dye my hair red if it wouldn't make my blonde eyebrows disappear. And dyeing is a pain in the neck since red fades after a few weeks... As for me, I hate how I can't focus on...
  16. Ermine

    Mental Voice

    It's just me and my inner critic.
  17. Ermine

    The Hell of Finding Another....

    @ the OP: I find it easiest to find friends by joining groups corresponding to your interests, be it sports, classes, workshops, whatever. That way, even if there's nothing to say, you can still do something and bond with the people in the said group. However, are you sure you want to find...
  18. Ermine

    stop being such an erudite a hole

    Hi again, Squid. I find it funny that despite your opinion about us uncaring folk, you still posted this. Teehee.
  19. Ermine

    Are you happy

    I guess I'm more happy than unhappy. I'm pretty content with my situation, but at the same time, I'm at the point in the semester where I want to just escape and let the final exams study for themselves. But I'm glad I have less than 2 weeks left, and then have 3.5 months to contemplate my next...
  20. Ermine

    Emotion and Logic

    If you take a look at how the human brain works, it's easy to tell how much emotion and logic have to do with each other. It's also fair to say that emotion is little more than logic that is hardwired into the brain that is so fast that it's very hard to tell what's going on until after the...
  21. Ermine

    So I pretty much hate myself right now

    I definitely agree with the other posters in that it's really a matter of changing your expectations. I guess I could use myself as an example. Ever since I started going to college, I've progressed by leaps and bounds, socially. I didn't change much at all. What did change was that I got to...
  22. Ermine

    Doing terribly in High School.

    This wasn't directed toward me, but I'm pretty sure you can test out of a lot of basic college courses. Either the test is provided by the college, or there's AP, CLEP, and the like. I'm pretty sure you can take these tests if you don't take the associated class. You just have to pay the test...
  23. Ermine


    I have my small quirks, but still overall attractive. But there are always those dark circles no matter what... But I constantly get compliments from my female peers, and the male peers who have the guts.
  24. Ermine

    What motivates an INTP/You to succeed?

    I really like a challenge. Even if I don't enjoy what I'm doing, I still like "beating the system". Also, if the particular challenge involves creating something, I am even more motivated. For some reason having a tangible product makes me feel even more accomplished. I'm also motivated if...
  25. Ermine


    Hi again.
  26. Ermine

    INTP and ESFJ? Best match for the INTP?

    I totally agree with the ISFJ suggestion, though I've only gotten to know female ISFJs very well. We get along well since we're essentially 2 sides of the same coin (having the same functions in a different order). Also, each of the several ISFJs I know are very smart without being pretentious...
  27. Ermine

    Doing terribly in High School.

    ...you do know that it's not anyone's responsibility to keep you intellectually entertained, right? I can't stand the school system either, but is it more productive to be a victim, or make something out of it? You complain about how the curriculum isn't given any intellectual context. Make...
  28. Ermine

    Inferior 'hating'

    I'm surprised you brought this up after taking a subpar MBTI test imitation. I think it's just a bad question. It's asking you to mentally create a dichotomy (such as Ni-Se) when it doesn't actually exist in you. Those people frustrate me to no end as well, but I'm still not an INTJ. I don't...
  29. Ermine

    Contact Outside the Forum

    I'm pretty sure it's just called INTPforum.
  30. Ermine

    Positive you!

    Hmmm.... - I can get along with almost anyone. - I have great powers of concentration, even if it usually comes out in my ability to crochet a sweater while watching Fullmetal Alchemist all night. - I have pretty good fashion sense - I can swing dance
  31. Ermine

    What is friendship and do you want it?

    I totally relate! The majority of my "friends" are acquaintances drawn to me because I'm... me. They view our relationship as being "close", and I enjoy it, but I just don't feel that close to anyone outside family to the point that I would be heartbroken not seeing them again. I'm also helpful...
  32. Ermine

    Brain Works Test

    Auditory : 50% Visual : 50% Left : 61% Right : 38% Must be the calculus and physics talking. I'm usually more balanced. But at the same time, it is very true. Sarah, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant with a balanced preference for auditory and visual...
  33. Ermine


    *rejoice*. But really, since when did the INTP label give people license to not be courteous and considerate?
  34. Ermine

    Would People be surprised to find out you're an Introvert?

    It depends on when/where you find me. If I'm in my element, and know what I'm doing, I can be quite outgoing. Same goes when I'm around good friends. Otherwise, it's pretty obvious I'm introverted. In order to maintain fair expectations from my friends, I end up telling them I'm introverted anyway.
  35. Ermine

    Learning Guitar for INTPs

    It's way back in the "INTPs on YouTube" thread.
  36. Ermine

    Learning Guitar for INTPs

    ...yeah. I know a thing or two about music theory and I still have issues applying it to guitar beyond basic chords and scales. I think music theory is much straightforward in terms of piano. The whole chromatic scale is right there in front of you and it's much easier to connect the notes to...
  37. Ermine

    So I failed my third precalc test in a row...

    EyeSeeCold, if it helps any, I'm in the same situation in calculus. I failed a couple tests in a row before getting to the D category. At least I still have a C... Though believe me, it gets better from here if you can get precalc down. Calculus requires more imagination instead of just pure...
  38. Ermine


    4 year.
  39. Ermine


    Why am I frustrated? I don't have the time to do as well in college as I know I can. It's been an intense semester. I've been taking calculus and physics, among other things. Both are fascinating subjects, but I just don't have enough time to keep up, and my grades are showing it. My calculus...
  40. Ermine

    INTP life experiences and 10 questions!

    1. How have you managed to deal with our predisposition to procrastinate? I create external obligations. eg) classes, explicit promises, etc. And I tell myself what my priorities are. Also, I eventually get sick and tired of all-nighters caused by procrastination. 2. What is your IQ? If...
  41. Ermine

    look at us

    I wish you wouldn't project your problems on every other INTP on this forum. I'm doing constructive things with my life. And what "matters" anyway?
  42. Ermine

    What are you all reading?

    The most recent one would be "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman". Best autobiography I've ever read. I highly recommend it.
  43. Ermine


    ...to clarify, that was directed at the OP.
  44. Ermine


    I can't believe I'm actually posting here... But get a grip. You're overlooking a ton of things here. I've yet to get to that point personally, but there is much more to post-college life than "live your life and die". There are people to meet, things to do, things to learn, and things to see...
  45. Ermine

    New People

    Just stand back, observe to see if the conversation is worth joining, and if you have something to say on the subject. Then inch your way into the general vicinity of the conversation circle, respond to something, preferably in a witty way. Chances are, the people in the conversation will let...
  46. Ermine

    Paying for college

    I figured I'd do my bachelor's degree debt free, by going to a 4 year college that's only $1640 a semester, get awesome grades in order to get a scholarship for that, and work full time when I'm not in school. I guess it helps that my parents are helping with room and board. But there are also...
  47. Ermine

    what ever happened to fun?

    Agreed. There has to be a smaller subset of friends, or there's no point in being there.
  48. Ermine

    what ever happened to fun?

    I agree that one needs a balance of "mindless" and "mindful" activities. I wish I figured this out sooner. There have been times where I turned down fun social activities on intellectual ground. But at the same time, these categories can combine. For me, researching various topics on the...
  49. Ermine

    Why do people like me?

    I think this popularity may also be due to the power of Ne. At least in Ne dominants, they seem to have the power to alter the social ambience of a situation. But beyond that, Ne tends to equal wit, humor, and interesting connections. Most people like that.
  50. Ermine

    INTP personality and school

    I'm going into my 3rd semester in a little more than a week. Assuming you're about as smart as I am, and given your work ethic in high school, you'll probably need to step it up a notch. I'm assuming you're going to college because you want to go to college. Just remember to act like it, even...
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