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  1. LucielaMinerva

    Verizon's staff with epic fail math (not one, but TWO)

    Forgive me if I'm a little too late in posting this video, but this was really really hilarious!! YouTube - Verizon Math Fail xDD
  2. LucielaMinerva

    Procrastination or more?

    I realised that I actually am extremely good at organization- more so than most people anyway, and my err... skills are usually required by my family members out on trips as they need help to arrange, coordinate and organize the car/their travel bags. I love patterns and classification- I...
  3. LucielaMinerva

    Ability of two minds

    Wondering if it's me with a psychological problem and quite plausibly having psychopathic tendencies or if it's normal amongst INTPs (or any other type, for that matter). You see, I'm a somewhat emotional person. Well actually I'm just highly sensitive- physically, emotionally, audibly and...
  4. LucielaMinerva

    Intp or Entp? I feel that I'm both!

    Used to think I was ENTP based on test results, but I have since changed my perspective on myself when I read the descriptions for INTPs. I can't say for sure that I am without any speck of doubt a true blue INTP, but I daresay I have a lot of INTP traits. The problem is I have a lot of ENTP...
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