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  1. Reluctantly

    Eureka moment regarding non-Trans People

    They are uncomfortable with people they can't understand or relate to. They fear what is different. They are traditional people that are unwilling to accept anything outside their narrow world-view. No hear me out guys. See they can't deal with the fact that something like gender, which they...
  2. Reluctantly

    Las Vegas Shooter

    https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/10/02/us/las-vegas-shooting-live-updates.html Guess he really didn't like country music.
  3. Reluctantly

    TMB is Banned and No Drama?

    So anyway, since there is always drama when someone who has been here awhile gets banned, I expected there to be drama and stuff from this, but no one seems to care. This is the thread where we can (if you let it) discuss why. *puts on Freud's glasses and smokes pipe*
  4. Reluctantly

    Anti-gravity Theory

    So let's say you take a disc or sphere and on the thrust side of the ship you have electromagnetic coils. So you could take the following and take those electromagnetic coils, but direct them downward so that the magnetic field induced by the electric current is faced downward at your thrust...
  5. Reluctantly

    Building an electric solar car?

    Has anyone done this? I'd like to take the shell of a small car and put an efficient electric motor in it and then line the body of the car with solar panels. I can't find any good resources for doing this however. I did find a website where they sell some electric conversion kits for select...
  6. Reluctantly

    Chinese Room

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_room Couldn't find this on here. But I came across it and want to see what people think. Is a computer that translates consciousness from a set of rules, procedures, logic, and/or directives conscious? Is it any different from a human being? My...
  7. Reluctantly

    Alphabay is gone!

    https://www.google.com/amp/amp.timeinc.net/fortune/2017/07/10/exit-scam-fears-grow-drug-market-alphabay-stays-dark-one-week-later/%3Fsource%3Ddam Someone who is not me said "Noo, it looks like they exit-scammed. I had spent a great deal of time finding reputable sellers...now where can I...
  8. Reluctantly

    INTPforum trapped on an island

    Okay, so we're all stranded on an island and have no way to contact anyone for help. No one has even been near this island in hundreds of years and there's no food on it. There are some trees and you can build a raft to sail away from the island, but that will take time and you need to eat to...
  9. Reluctantly

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone get one? I happened upon one by mistake and have wanted to buy it, so I did. Seems there's only one game out right now, but Zelda is a surprisingly good game. It's like Dark Souls 3 in an open world made for exploration. You can pick up the weapons off dead enemies and items break...
  10. Reluctantly

    wanting to be social, but not wanting to be social

    I want to stop posting on all social media, but sometimes I just want to talk to people about stuff that I can't in my actual life. So it never works out. So how do I reconcile my addiction with being a social monkey like most of the rest of the human race, yet desiring to not be a part of it...
  11. Reluctantly

    What's the point of typology?

    Seriously, what's the point?
  12. Reluctantly

    INTP values?

    Do you have values?
  13. Reluctantly

    Keyboard recommendations

    So this forum is probably pretty nerdy, heh . So I've used this for the longest time and freaking love it - https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Natural-Ergonomic-Keyboard-4000/dp/B000A6PPOK. But I need something smaller, less than 18 inches, like a half-size keyboard,,, that's wireless...
  14. Reluctantly

    How do you want to die?

    Just wondering, if say you had some disease and you knew what day you were going to die from it, how would you choose to go? I'm not talking about how you spend the remaining days of your life, but how you want to actually die. I want to drive a supercar full of explosives into a wall. Or fly...
  15. Reluctantly

    Member Theme Songs

    TheManBeyond https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkbYEHyAkIA Grayman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9qYF9DZPdw Bronto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi7mBzdDHyY
  16. Reluctantly


    I got 3 extra copies (huge discount) and the people around me won't play. Anyone want to play? You need to use steam though.
  17. Reluctantly

    Generalize personality forums in one word

    So, since I got interested in personality theory, I've been to different sites. Just wondering what impression people get from them. Feel free to remove or add your own. typologycentral - hypercritical socionics 16 type forum - elitist personality cafe - popularity contest intpforum -...
  18. Reluctantly

    Missing Dollar Riddle

    just wondering what people have to say about, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_dollar_riddle Three people check into a hotel room. The clerk says the bill is $30, so each guest pays $10. Later the clerk realizes the bill should only be $25. To rectify this, he gives the bellhop $5 to...
  19. Reluctantly

    Religion vs Philosophy?

    Was thinking about how religion tends to provide answers, whereas philosophy tends to provide questions in place of answers, and how that's conflicted with a lot of religions. For example, Satan in Christianity is often depicted as having a philosophic mindset, as if philosophers are a threat to...
  20. Reluctantly

    Your Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

    I need to experiment more. Vodka + Seltzer + Lime + a little lemon juice = heaven for me
  21. Reluctantly

    INTP as a ruler

    Okay, so let's an INTP was appointed as an absolute ruler. They had no choice in the matter and no one seems to be against their appointment as a ruler either. What kind of ruler would such an INTP be? What are the possibilities and why would you say so? Genuinely curious what people would...
  22. Reluctantly

    Investing - Finding information on businesses

    So I've decided it's about time I get into investing, but I need some good ways to get loads of information on how a company is run, its financials, historical reports, as well as employee relations and what not. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but anyone have some recommendations?
  23. Reluctantly

    Photons as Aether

    So I had a thought, humor me. Let's say there is an Aether and that photons make up that Aether. We could imagine a sea of photons that fill in the space of matter and also surround it. Then when we transmit a photon across a vacuum, what would really be happening is not that the photon travels...
  24. Reluctantly


    Has anyone seen this show? I think it's really funny. I don't know if people relate to this humor, but I love it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGqs2przXlg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFnLIGp6zGs
  25. Reluctantly

    Elio Motors Motorcycle/Car

    So there's a car...or motorcycle that's supposed to come out in 2015. It's projected price is $6800, it gets 80+ miles to the gallon (something like 4 cents a gallon at $3.50 per gallon), has a top speed of 100 mph, and has all the stuff that a car has. It's also supposed to be crash test safe...
  26. Reluctantly

    Fetish vs sexuality

    I heard an argument the other day that a fetish is anything that turns a person on that is also out of the ordinary of what people are attracted to. So it was said that homosexuality is then a fetish. And it sounds stupid, but at the same time it makes sense because a fetish is a vague term...
  27. Reluctantly

    Judging Vs. Perceiving

    I couldn't find a thread in the search and am a little surprised now (so if there is one, nevermind this thread). But how do you all view this dichotomy? I'm wondering if there is even any kind of relative consensus.
  28. Reluctantly


    Why did the alien engineer want to kill humanity? I'm curious what you all gathered from it and would like to compare to what I got from it.
  29. Reluctantly

    What would you choose?

    So there's a horrible storm. Anyone that enters the storm is pretty much guaranteed to die. And you have a vehicle, but it can only fit one other person in it with one as the driver (you). Now the love of your life is in the storm's path (and this person is in love with you), along with a...
  30. Reluctantly

    Describe Yourself without Cognitive Functions

    Hello, as the title says, I'd be very interested in seeing how you all describe or understand yourselves without having to relate everything to a function. If people respond, I will too, but not now. And sorry if I don't reply; I don't have much time anymore to spend on the internet and...
  31. Reluctantly

    what kind of leader would you be?

    Alright, so I want to pick your brain and see what you say. Let's say you could be a leader of a country and you could organize your government in any way that you wanted. How would you feel compelled to lead and why? How would you justify the type of government you set in place? And you can...
  32. Reluctantly

    We live forward, but we understand backward

    So I was trying to finish one of my investing books and it happened on a summarized quote from a philosopher I had not paid much attention too, but it seemed to illustrate a good point that I've never been able to explain well to allow a discussion. So the quote was that we live forward, but...
  33. Reluctantly

    Mobile Desktop

    I don't know why, but I want to do something like this. http://www.instructables.com/id/Mobile-Desktop/ or this http://www.instructables.com/id/Briefcase-PC-Mod/ Anyone ever done anything like this? I think it would be fun because it would be like making a laptop, but for much cheaper...
  34. Reluctantly

    Psychological Horror Recommendations

    I could use some recommendations for psychological horror books. I prefer books that get into the introspection of someone's mind in a horrifying setting. I'm going to try this one. The Collector - John Fowles The Collector (Back Bay Books): John Fowles: 9780316290234: Amazon.com...
  35. Reluctantly

    Say Good Night

    Good Night INTPenises. Do it. :aufsmaul:
  36. Reluctantly

    Can you imagine nothing in a world of nothing?

    What would it be?
  37. Reluctantly

    Periodic Discussions on Jungian Typology

    So I was thinking, since everyone is interested in typology, but find MBTI somewhat theoretically ambiguous, would you all welcome periodic discussions on Jungian stuff? I was thinking I could post chapters/sections/excerpts from psychological types and see what people think about it. What...
  38. Reluctantly

    Which Starcraft Broodwar Character are you?

    http://quizfarm.com/quizzes/new/slikgibbie/which-starcraft-broodwar-character-are-you/ You Scored as Ghost You are a Terran Ghost. You are quiet and rarely noticed. You are often underestimated which is a grave mistake for others to make. When confronted you are capable of halting an arguement...
  39. Reluctantly

    How can we save the forum?

    Some people have been complaining that the forum is dying...so it must be true! How can we save the sinking ship? What would you recommend? :kodama1: Inappropriate Behavior Alice? Kuu Lyra
  40. Reluctantly

    Yahoo! buys Summly News Reader for $30 million

    http://allthingsd.com/20130325/yahoo-acquires-hipster-mobile-news-reader-summly-like-we-said-it-might/ http://vimeo.com/summlyapp/summlylaunch So this kid isn't even 18 yet and he's now a millionaire for making a news reader that summarizes the relevant information in news for people. Has...
  41. Reluctantly

    Sad face emoticon

    I just realized there is no sad face emoticon. Is it because the sad emoticon will make all the other emoticons sad? Is it happy propaganda? why why why?
  42. Reluctantly

    Which description do you relate most to?

    If you want, you can either rank the descriptions or just say which ones apply to you and which ones really don't. Description One Description Two Description Three Description Four
  43. Reluctantly

    Scientific Method Problem

    Let's say you have an object known as "changeling". It's called this because the object seems to change dynamically within itself, constantly changing between one of many complex and hard to define states. Then let's say someone wants to study this object in order to understand it. They want to...
  44. Reluctantly

    MBTI (stereo)types and music

    What would you say?
  45. Reluctantly

    Your Gender Identity and Sexual identity

    Someone mentioned something today about there being different kinds of gender roles and now I'm curious, as it explained all my identity issues with gender and sex. But maybe most people don't have these issues; I don't know. What gender identity are you? Here's a link with a lot of different...
  46. Reluctantly

    Giant Squid footage

    http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/01/08/all-hail-the-kraken-scientists-capture-live-footage-of-giant-squid/ Video preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KN5N1QDaRQ&feature=youtu.be About Time. I've been waiting for this for a damn long time.
  47. Reluctantly

    The Meaning of Life

    Often, people will suggest on here, using one form of argument or another, that life has no objective meaning. But I wonder, if they don’t know what that objective meaning is from the start, they wouldn’t know what they are looking for and then how can they know it doesn’t exist just because...
  48. Reluctantly

    Rate your sanity

    On a scale of 1 to 5, where 3 is the middle, and increments are in .5: 1 - completely sane. You have little to no anxiety in your life and rarely, if ever, feel insecure about yourself. Any anxiety you do feel is always positive. 2 - somewhat sane. Occasionally, anxiety will surface for...
  49. Reluctantly

    Individualism and Collectivism

    Naturally, all governments attempt to create systems of how human beings will operate with one another. But when I get right down to it, government tries to define how we should be collectively, in order so that we can know how to act individually. In a lot of ways, all governments are about...
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