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  1. Tyria

    Mirror's Edge

    Suicide Tyria. Signing off.
  2. Tyria

    Mirror's Edge

    Betrayal and Hate Death
  3. Tyria

    Epic Rap Battles of History

    I am liking this idea. INTP rappers? :D And... it's all about the Benjamins. Ben Franklin.
  4. Tyria

    Epic Rap Battles of History

    Huh. Didn't know that was there, but at least it has it's own thread now. The wonders hidden in the forum...
  5. Tyria

    Epic Rap Battles of History

    Here's one - it's NSFW (dialogue and language). Search among the others if you like it :D Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking
  6. Tyria

    Mirror's Edge

  7. Tyria


  8. Tyria

    Thank you for your Loveless contribution. I hope you enjoy the manga, miss.

    Thank you for your Loveless contribution. I hope you enjoy the manga, miss.
  9. Tyria


    Because it's about the online manga which is much better ^^
  10. Tyria

    TED - Brian Cox (Physics)

    Link Fukyo - Manchester heart-throb physicist. Beat that :D
  11. Tyria


    Loveless (the manga :D) Loveless Online
  12. Tyria

    Mirror's Edge

  13. Tyria

    Cosmic Log - Scientific Vision

  14. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    After reading melkor's post, I have come to the conclusion that a health sub forum is not needed on intpforum. I thank the administration for their time and consideration in the matter.
  15. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    Health I will post my thoughts. It will take time, but I will do so now. What should the health forum be for the posters on INTPforum? We are consumers of healthcare resources, and it is in our own best interests to be involved and aware of available resources. I think that topics could...
  16. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    I see interest expressed by others already. It is a good idea.
  17. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    Healthcare is one of the foremost issues in the modern world besides the current recession.
  18. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    I think a whole subforum can be created just as when I recommended that the online test subforum be created. If anything, I think some posts in psychology/neurology and science/technology would fit better into a medicine subforum. :confused: I'm not sure how creating a subforum makes clutter...
  19. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    I would venture to say more than 80% of topics in the science subforum are not related to medicine. That being said, creating a subforum for something as large and important as medicine seems the logical choice. I believe there is a great amount of medical literature that could prove...
  20. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    If that were the case, why is neuroscience listed with psychology?
  21. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    Is there an administrator or moderator that will comment on the merit of this idea?
  22. Tyria

    Da Blob

    The forum is not run as a democracy. The admins use their best judgment and act independently. Having a vote would only create a system that would create more drama (especially if the vote was tied, opinions were written about why or why not, or if a popular member was voted on). If the...
  23. Tyria

    Anxiety/Panic attacks

    You could try this - put your hands together as if you are praying. Slowly slide them over your face until your nose and mouth are in the space between your hands (do not let your fingertips or hands come apart - you want to form a seal over your mouth and nose). Slowly breath in and out for...
  24. Tyria

    Health Subforum

    I am writing to suggest that a subform be created for health - one that may focus on medicine or other interdisciplines. Articles and topics could be posted that would be focused on health and wellbeing. After looking over the forum, I am somewhat surprised that a subforum doesn't...
  25. Tyria


    You're welcome. Be well, and take care.
  26. Tyria


    The answer is to be present in your thoughts. What your mind presents to you can affect both your mood and your emotions. From your description, you are creating possible scenarios in your mind that are based on settings where you feel insecure (social situations). The scenarios are fear...
  27. Tyria

    Mirror's Edge

    Broken Mirror Silence
  28. Tyria

    Wait, why am I being brought?!

    Wait, why am I being brought?!
  29. Tyria

    Absence from the forum

    I will be on hiatus for an extended period of time. I will be able to receive messages if they are sent.
  30. Tyria

    Don't give up trying to connect to people. Don't fade into the background. You exist.

    Don't give up trying to connect to people. Don't fade into the background. You exist.
  31. Tyria

    Gypsy Mindset

    Please forget I asked. Sorry.
  32. Tyria

    Gypsy Mindset

    Do you feel trapped with permanence?
  33. Tyria

    Hello! (appologies for the length)

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.
  34. Tyria

    The Night Sky

    Thank you for the feedback. I was wondering if I should post this when I was looking at it. I thought that it was very interesting (and a first), so I decided to go ahead with it. I'm happy that I was able to find something you enjoy :)
  35. Tyria

    PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES (opinions)

    I loved playing it. I have only played the trial version, but it was fun.
  36. Tyria

    New Insect Evolution

  37. Tyria

    A Species all of Her Own

  38. Tyria

    The Night Sky

  39. Tyria

    Mr. Microprocessor

  40. Tyria

    Visitor number 2000. :) I'm thinking of picking up your book (the one that you recommended to...

    Visitor number 2000. :) I'm thinking of picking up your book (the one that you recommended to shoeless). I'm looking forward to reading it.
  41. Tyria

    Physics, Rewritten?

  42. Tyria

    To Be Queen

  43. Tyria

    *waves hello*

    *waves hello*
  44. Tyria

    Toad says "Hi"

    Welcome back Toad. It's been a while. Good to see you here.
  45. Tyria

    Three Wishes

    But if I was set free, I would be more powerful than any genie and be able to grant amazing wishes. How awesome would it be to find someone like that? Besides, even if I wasn't free I could create almost anything within my confined reality. Being trapped in your own paradise isn't so bad...
  46. Tyria

    Happy birthday :)

    Happy birthday :)
  47. Tyria

    On-Line Therapy?

    Thanks to BAP for posting this. I found it interesting.
  48. Tyria

    Hello From The North

    Welcome to the madness! You have a very nice avatar... where did you find it?
  49. Tyria


    :D I was wondering when you would post your intro thread! It's good to have you here.
  50. Tyria

    *will remember your name, but hopes that you post an introduction*

    *will remember your name, but hopes that you post an introduction*
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