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  1. ElvenVeil

    MBTI: Donald J. Trump

    Whenever I have seen him talk, I would go with ESTJ
  2. ElvenVeil

    How Nationalism Will Beat Modern Liberalism

    decided to leave it in for the fun of it don't know where you get these ideas from. If it was true that jobs are getting fewer and fewer, it would follow that unemployment rates would be on a constant rise too. That is not the case. (naturally there is a danger in talking about such things too...
  3. ElvenVeil

    How Nationalism Will Beat Modern Liberalism

    Ofc lowered prices themselves don't smash an economy, so to me the interesting question is whether markets can be opened up too quickly for a country and whether governments do enough to redistribute the wealth generated. Why are they unlikely to generate more wealth than their parents? (maybe...
  4. ElvenVeil

    How Nationalism Will Beat Modern Liberalism

    if you would claim that only the top 1% of the income benefits from trade and globalization, then you largely seem to deny or ignore that extreme poverty has been in a constant decrease. If you accept this fact, you will also have to accept that a lot more than just the top 1% has benefitted...
  5. ElvenVeil

    How Nationalism Will Beat Modern Liberalism

    not sure I understand any part of the opening post. but ignoring that, and just talking about nationalism and globalization: In the west we are seeing increasing nationalism, e.g brexit and Trump. Economically globalization has been a boon for far more than it has been a bad thing. The amount...
  6. ElvenVeil

    Changing type

    Agreed that type is set from very early stages). before continuing, are you one that equals specific actions with functions? E.G he likes to run to he must be a sensor. That's at least the only way I can see how you can say that it is "fully supported" by the theory. Children have...
  7. ElvenVeil

    Changing type

    Really ? If anything I would say it would be the other way around (and also unlikely to be an intuitive/sensing thing) . But it is much more expected of boys to be running around and doing sports when very young so it would make a lot more sense if people did sports when very young, and then...
  8. ElvenVeil

    Am I really an INTP?

    bah lost my post I was writing : ( in short: There is nothing inherent in your choices that would make you one type or the other. I am sure the person *you are* and upbringing/environment plays an important role in there as well. What is more relevant in order to discover your type, is how...
  9. ElvenVeil

    The process of functions in reasoning.

    I think it is a very good question.. Also very difficult to answer. I don't think people cycle through functions as I have never seen that. I think people would often stick to the use of 1 or 2 functions depending on the setting. Most often their first two functions. After taking some more...
  10. ElvenVeil

    N as a factor of INTP.

    I do disagree, but for a different reason than with the math thingy. In a sense, if you want to include very many things in a system you often weaken it, and if you wish to include everything, you render it useless. MBTI isn't just about behavior, but it has its strength and focus in making...
  11. ElvenVeil

    N as a factor of INTP.

    yeah that was the missing part : ) . I would love to hear your thoughts as I have never thought about this. Could I convince you to tell me your thoughts in for instance a pm? (or some other mean). It would be very appreciated .
  12. ElvenVeil

    N as a factor of INTP.

    :phear: I think you misunderstand slightly. I dont write to hurt people's feelings. I never claimed that you need to build a proof base, as that would be completely against what I am saying. I am saying that if MBTI by its very nature cannot be proved, it is pointless and misleading to have...
  13. ElvenVeil

    Is "close minded" related with "J"

    I personally don't put too much stock into p/j as any useful assessement tool within MBTI; not as long as you use functions to navigate and understand people's behavior. I think I have seen many 'p' people who are much more close minded than 'j' people. What Polaris writes about social...
  14. ElvenVeil

    N as a factor of INTP.

    I am not very good at knowing whether people are joking or actually serious when reading very very silly things. If you would think that Si is a source of wanting to E.G eat then sigh.. to the actual thread.. (again I don't know whether it is just a joke or whether the OP is actually serious...
  15. ElvenVeil

    Banjo Kazooie

    you wish to type a bear who runs around collecting jigsaw puzzles and if unlucky is turned into a washing machine at times : p ?
  16. ElvenVeil

    Do any of you feel adopted?

    Think about it from your fathers perspective.. you are so different from him.. maybe you aren't his son.... *the plot thickens*
  17. ElvenVeil

    E,I,N,S,T,F,J,P don't exist

    meh. It is taken for granted because that is the definition of an INTP. Personality types are not real or have a conrete form as such. You should (I think so at least) think of MBTI as a reflection or a way to mirror the real world, but not as the real world itself. You can obviously find people...
  18. ElvenVeil

    E,I,N,S,T,F,J,P don't exist

    ah. Sorry it wasn't all clear what your point was (and for me there are still a few unknowns) Either you think of Pi, Je (fx) as concrete, real and measureable, whereas you think of N, S, etc. as forms without meaning until they are manifested in either introversion or extroversion. If the...
  19. ElvenVeil

    E,I,N,S,T,F,J,P don't exist

    So you are just suggesting a change of notation rather than a new theory as far as I can read. I personally think that they serve the purpose that I imagine them intended. E.G that whether you are Ni or Ne dom, you are still N dom. The intuitives share common characteristica, which to me is why...
  20. ElvenVeil

    Philosophy and Type?

    I would be outright shocked if it would turn out as you suggest. Eliminating heritage and culture seems a bit extreme : p It would however make sense if say ST's were the category least likely to be religious for instance.
  21. ElvenVeil

    In terms of MBTI I have not been up to that much. I guess I always try to refine my...

    In terms of MBTI I have not been up to that much. I guess I always try to refine my understanding of people, but not in any meticulous manner. But interesting that you have a feel that you now know what all types look like! Would love to have a little chat about that : ) . Otherwise I guess I am...
  22. ElvenVeil

    Hello Auburn :) It's been some time since I've talked to you, and I wondered if you were still...

    Hello Auburn :) It's been some time since I've talked to you, and I wondered if you were still working on your typology project with your friends? (if yes, how is it progressing?)
  23. ElvenVeil

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    hm. So you took it personal that I said that? I don't say things with the purpose of personal assault, and if you have taken it that way then I appologize.
  24. ElvenVeil

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    Mysty I think you ask good quesitons : ) . And you are right, Ne dom is not exactly a fitting typing : p I do suggest S, as I mostly want him to be a Te type (and I still for the moment stick to Te dom) But I will be honest, the thing that makes me the most in doubt about him and his type, is...
  25. ElvenVeil

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    Te dom .. Conclusions stay the same as before.. I know we keep this discussion both on and off thread now, but I would be interested in hearing people's opinion on the possibility of ESTJ instead of ENTJ, if they agree/see where I am heading. ENTJ is still the most likely type however. A...
  26. ElvenVeil

    personality results...help?

    I wouldn't read anything into the 7 intellegences.. It mostly just seem like a system made to please everyone so that they finally understand that they are not stupid, they just have a wonderful special intelligence. But try and move away from revering the INTP personality, because that might...
  27. ElvenVeil

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    I would not mind seeing another video. Like yourself I have little patience with Pod-lair typing; Not that it is wrong to say that types do show visual tells (I think most observations would point towards that), but all that hive-mind cult thing is ridiculous. But I am getting more and more...
  28. ElvenVeil

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    own8ge He is difficult to type and there are typically two possible reasons whenever such doubt arise 1) there is something mentally wrong with him, making him more difficult to work with 2) he is a type that you rarely see in his gender and therefore it takes time to understand his type To...
  29. ElvenVeil

    ENTJ, INTJ, or INTP?

    You are not an INTP.. That typing is wrong. To be more precise, I think your own typing is good, and I do think that you are an ENTJ. I would however be open to a reconsideration of your auxuliary function, meaning that I am open to the ESTJ type. But perhaps I only say that out of being modest...
  30. ElvenVeil

    The Mighty INTP's and Deja vu

    Proletar What do you mean by this? I would love an explanation :)
  31. ElvenVeil

    Help typing me, please

    I think ENTP is the most likely one. INTP as second, however ENTP has a decent lead in my head Edit: In fact skip the INTP suggestion. ENTP is much more likely, and I am tempted to go as far as saying 'that is your type'
  32. ElvenVeil

    Pod'Lair review

    Lyra Whenever I see the people talking about being empirical in typology context it is often sorounded by a terrible understanding of what it means to be empirical in the first place. How has Podlair secured the empirical verification that you mention? Furthermore, what are the statistics...
  33. ElvenVeil

    Table of Philosophy and Human Mind

    well.. The table is absurd.. I don't see how you can even remotely justify the connections that it claims. As for the two circles, I don't fully understand them to tell the truth.. Don't understand why the opposite of rationalism is existentialism. It would be nice with an elaboration of the...
  34. ElvenVeil

    Hello Architect :) I read many of your posts in the science/typology topics and I would love...

    Hello Architect :) I read many of your posts in the science/typology topics and I would love to discuss MBTI with you at one point :) comparing notes or what one would call such
  35. ElvenVeil

    INTP: An explanation of the mind

    The opposite would be the one making the most sense. Architect Interesting article with a lot of good understanding I believe. Especially this part is very true I believe ' Their Ti impels them to establish and reestablish inner order. While INTJs are comfortable to leave their inner...
  36. ElvenVeil

    INTP: An explanation of the mind

    After reading Duxwings thread on feelings and difficulties dealing with them, I thought I would write another thread on my thoughts/observations within MBTI. This time on INTPs way of processing and handing information. I know that these threads don't get much attention, but I enjoy getting my...
  37. ElvenVeil

    Where is the unified science?

    This. It is simply not possible to have polymaths today, like you had in the old days.
  38. ElvenVeil

    The Fallen Adymus

    ahh.. don't know why I didn't watch the video before... It's almost fascinating, with all the powers, mojos, forcefields, death rays, tree climbers , all being channeled as one levels up your own personality. But seriously though, you must be an idiot, if you think a system is too unique and...
  39. ElvenVeil


    I would imagine an INTP&INTP relationship to be fun at first but later on replaced with a sort of stagnation, as neither of you can really bring anything 'new' to the table. It naturally would differ from personality to personality, but I think from a theoretical perspective, you would benefit...
  40. ElvenVeil

    Eye Color

    ofc eye colour is not related to intelligence.. This is not the first time I have seen such an idea pop up at this forum though
  41. ElvenVeil

    Is 'highly educated' synonymous with 'highly intelligent'?

    For the sake of answering something else than 'NO' : I believe that there is a corelation between educataion and intelligence. I.E the avarage IQ score of the students participating is often higher the further they got in the educational system. From personal experience, I would also say that...
  42. ElvenVeil

    Philosophy and its limits

    I imagine that philosophy is something that many of you like to tinker with, so I wish to start a thread regarding this topic. What I wish to talk about (discuss maybe even(!)) is the legitimacy of philosophy as a tool for understanding. Where can philosophy be used, and what do you believe...
  43. ElvenVeil

    On functions and MBTI; Approaching typology

    This thread was written as a semi response to BigApplePi's entry concerning whether we use 4 or 8 functions. I try to talk about MBTI on some different levels. It will be a very long post, and I appologize for that, but for those who will actually take their time reading this, I promise it will...
  44. ElvenVeil

    Eight Cognitive Functions or Just Four?

    Naturally, the idea of functions are used to describe a way of which we interact with the world; internally and externally. Personally I never enjoyed the idea of shadow functions, or if you will, the latter 4 functions.. The reason is that I do not find it necessary to talk about them, as...
  45. ElvenVeil

    Fictional INTP's

    Certainly Raskolnikov.. :)
  46. ElvenVeil

    New theory (of mine)

    I think it seems much more likely that you will understand human behavior and actions the best, by studying general behavior of mamals.. that and chemistry.. or rather.. Combine human psychology with mamal behavior patterns, and understand chemical reactions in the brain.
  47. ElvenVeil

    Let's play Diablo III

    It's a brilliant game I think.. The analysis done by Blizard on what could be improved over d2 is wonderful.. I would rate this game very high as its flaws are basically minimal. The game is very casual in design, unlike d2, and that is due to the public game mechanism and chat channels: Both...
  48. ElvenVeil

    Perception vs. Judgement

    oO :phear:
  49. ElvenVeil


    Just follow the rest of the parahraph and it should be evident :) Intelligence is not something that is 'INTP only' but intelligent people can be found in every type.. If your text mainly talks about curiosity, and curiosity is strongly related to intelligence we get a conclusion that says 'your...
  50. ElvenVeil

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    This seems very familiar.. You should try not and get annoyed by the lack of comments.. You yourself don't reply to everything, and so it seems very natural that some may feel neglected (I have felt that too, but don't care too much about it anylonger). I find the whole idea of 'I am turning 20...
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