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  1. redbaron

    Australian Bushfires

    (initially posted in random thoughts thread, realised it was too extensive to contain there.) So far: 500 million animals have been killed over 5 million hectares have burned (over 6x the amount of area that the california wildfires have burned) air quality is amongst the worst in the world...
  2. redbaron

    NS debate split from LBGT INTP

    not how natural selection works btw
  3. redbaron

    Deep, Intellectual Conversation

  4. redbaron

    FAQ: Why Are My Messages Being Marked As Spam?

    With the migration of the forum platform to XenForo over the old and defunct VBulletin, there's an in-built spam filter that will often flag messages from new users as spam. Unfortunately we get quite a few spam-bots wanting to spam advertisements which often contain links to weird parts of the...
  5. redbaron

    Greek Philosophers

    Diogenes - enfp Socrates - entp
  6. redbaron

    mafia game i forget what number

    expressions of interest pls hadoblado is gone so we can have a fun game for a change :^)
  7. redbaron

    RB vs. the World: Trangenderism (split from Policy Change thread)

    It's not related solely to you, but your words in a best case scenario were still repulsive and wrong. Worst case they were potentially very hurtful. That's even removing the 'fucked up' comment. Maybe reflect on that and consider why we would prefer you to actually back up your opinions with...
  8. redbaron

    Mafia Related Banter

    Don't talk about ongoing games here if that particular game forbids it. All of the other rules around that sort of thing would ideally be respected too. Otherwise, have fun.
  9. redbaron

    Mafia Signups Thread

    To avoid forum clutter, this will be a centralized signup thread for mafia on this forum. It will work as follows: 1. A moderator will declare their intent to host a game, nominating the number of players and a rough outline of the setup. 2. Players can opt into a particular game simply by...
  10. redbaron

    Mafia Gameplay Discussion

    This thread will be the central hub of all discussion relevant to Mafia gameplay. Feel free to post links, videos, images, examples of other games or whatever other content you want to in this thread. To kickstart: Advanced Werewolf Strategy (credit soah from 2+2 and QuickTwist for first...
  11. redbaron

    Mafia Rules and Etiquette

    INTPforum Mafia Rules and Etiquette These rules are an amalgamation of rules on other mafia forums as well as some things addressing trends that have occurred on this particular forum. These rules are intended to apply for all games and to serve as a sort of Quick Reference Guide for anyone...
  12. redbaron

    INTPf Mafia #3: Do you even rift?

    9 Geology students go on a field-trip with their supervisor and camp overnight. However when they wake up in the morning, they find that their supervisor has is missing! Being the expert geologamists that you are, you deduce that there was a scuffle involving no less than three people by the...
  13. redbaron

    INTPf Mafia Game #3: SIGNUPS

    Game will have some sort of flavour theme for extra fun and laughter and laughter and fun. To join, state your name in purple and bold in the thread and I'll add you to the sign-ups list. If your name isn't in purple and bold, you didn't join the game. Example: redbaron Game Status Awaiting...
  14. redbaron

    Round 5: Comparing Mangos and Strawberries

    In round 4, the valiant pineapple was rent asunder and cast into the depths. Prior to that, it had won a hard-fought victory against the banana. That happened just after the banana had convincingly demonstrated its phallic dominance over the orange. Although that wasn't before orange earned...
  15. redbaron

    Functions: preference or real ability?

    To some, functions are preferential and are at best correlative to actual ability. ~ To others, functions determine one's actual ability at particular tasks. Which do you think it is?
  16. redbaron

    Invasion, Competition and Biodiversity Loss in Urban Ecosystems

    From the Oxford BioScience Journal. http://bioscience.oxfordjournals.org/content/60/3/199.full Abstract:
  17. redbaron

    Spontaneous Creation of the Universe From Nothing

    Available for public download. Full study here. Basically attempts to prove mathematically that the quantum potential of a virtual particle within vacuum is infinite, thereby allowing for exponential expansion from a single point (bubble). If true (as is posited within the study) then the...
  18. redbaron

    Derail from A proposal for the problem of INTP laziness

    Can we just revive the AA thread so that all this shit's in one place? "I read a PJ article" "My INFJ wife says..." "I have an INTP son" "I talked to a guy who knows a guy" Kay.
  19. redbaron

    Handouts for RB's VTRPG

    For the sake of simplicity I'm going to try to provide information regarding merchant items that the party can choose from at a given location. Assuming the party survives long enough, the first merchants available to them will be as follows. Weaponsmith: Stocks all standard simple and Martial...
  20. redbaron

    Summary for RB's Sessions

    This thread will be the one thread to discuss anything regarding looting, changes to how the session runs or suggestions for improvements. XP gain for session one was 3225. Divided by 5 means you're all sitting at 645/2,000 XP to level 2. Quick note, there will be ways for people to gain...
  21. redbaron

    Finalizing RB's VTRPG

    Confirming the players and any outstanding information I require from you. Time: Fill out this doodle. The standard time will be 10PM AEST on 26th July (Saturday) But if everyone else agrees on another preference, I'm happy to move it around. Players: Absurdity (Dom - Monk) Cognisant (Takashi...
  22. redbaron

    Redbaron's VTTRPG

    Okay so with Cog's RPG on hiatus at least until the end of this month, I was hoping to get a start on my own. Template will be Pathfinder. I'll be using roll20 the same as the other at this stage. But I'm playing with other programs to see what fits best. If you're interested, post a rundown...
  23. redbaron

    Do you enjoy redundancy and/or tautology?

    Collecting data for science.
  24. redbaron

    Forum Members as Breakfast Cereal

    Choices based on how both person and cereal taste. Pictures included. Feel free to request a divination of your spirit-cereal if you aren't included here. Hadoblado - Nutri-Grain Latte - Coco Pops/Krispies Puffy, Brontosaurie - Froot Loops Adaire - Shredded Wheat (with honey and...
  25. redbaron

    What's the opposite of one?

  26. redbaron

    Ask Ask

    A thread to ask questions about asking questions. If you have a question to ask about asking questions, ask here. You can ask anything from asking about how to ask about the Ask Askitect thread to asking how to ask in the Ask BAP thread. Australians feel free to, "Arks" questions about Arksing...
  27. redbaron


  28. redbaron

    The philosophy of my cat, "Snowy".

    So I told my cat to share her philosophical ideas with the forum, and then allowed her access to my keyboard. This was the result: /\df;cccccc ff It seemed roughly as insightful as most of the philosophical posts that have been made recently so I thought I'd share it...
  29. redbaron

    DERAIL Friendships with members of the opposite sex

    I'd say my best friends are female. It's easier to be friends with members of the opposite sex. I find men in my age group boring - not really interested in talking about cars, sports, women, politics, fishing or money - which pretty much leaves me out of any conversation you'd realistically...
  30. redbaron

    Loading times.

    Site seems to be loading slowly quite often for me, only this website as well. Is this just me? :phear:
  31. redbaron

    Happy Birthday Cherry Cola!

    I never realized there was a section near the bottom of the main page that announced the birthdays of forum members. Seeing as I've loaded the site thousands of times and never noticed this I'm quite pleasantly surprised. That Cherry Cola happens to be the only forum member whose birthday falls...
  32. redbaron

    Graphology (analyze me)

    Wrote something, was hoping anyone with an interest in/knowledge of graphology could analyze it. Strong camera and cat-drawing skills...will re-upload it in the correct rotation. Unless you want to save it and rotate it yourself. Or turn your monitor sideways. Enjoy.
  33. redbaron

    Round 4: Comparing Pineapples and Mangos

    Previously, the cunning of the pineapple outwitted the grand banana. And before that, the grand banana bested the humble orange. And before that the humble orange proved too much for the nefarious apple. And so now, it is time for Round 4. The time the cunning pineapple will be pitted against...
  34. redbaron


    Every time I've read a somewhat interesting OP lately, I simply lose interest in responding even semi-seriously. Threads are being derailed at abominable rates by the vapid input of certain members, turning what were once potentially interesting discussions into pointless tirades over...
  35. redbaron

    Sharing my music

    http://picosong.com/FCJT/ Others have hinted at creating pieces of music, which got me thinking that maybe I'll record snippets of myself when I sit behind the kit and play around. Hope you enjoy it - I'm not looking for any feedback, just thought I'd share a little bit of my musical...
  36. redbaron

    What is Justice?

    I'm curious as to what people consider examples of justice. In this thread: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=16099 Several people identified justice as something they're passionate about, but to understand what exactly that entails I'd like to hear examples of situations where people feel...
  37. redbaron

    Redbaron's Compendium

    Really just a place for me to post music I like, inspired mostly by ESC's thread of recommending music. Kind of set me off own my own musical journey, which led to this thread. I'll probably post a video or two every day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg7mJZTv3T4...
  38. redbaron

    Who is @Fghw

    Who is this Fghw guy? He does nothing but revive 3-4 year old threads with (unfunny) one sentence posts. Not that I care that much, some of the topics are interesting, just seems weird that he goes around posting one-liners in ooooold threads. Can anyone elaborate?
  39. redbaron

    Unskilled and Unaware of It

    Nobel Prize winning study. http://mastercodeprofessional.com/library_files/Kruger-Dunning---Unskilled_and_Unaware_of_It_(2009).pdf Enjoyable read. More general information for those who don't want to read the entire article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect...
  40. redbaron


    Just curious how infractions work on this board. Is it via PM? E-mail? Mods simply posting in the thread where you earned the infraction? Does Fukyo tape a message to a brick and launch it through your bedroom window? Or maybe Kuu hires a sky-writer to leave a message in the sky above your...
  41. redbaron

    Ask Redbaron

    The other threads were amusing to read, so I'm making my own. I'll answer anything you ask honestly.
  42. redbaron

    Thread Necro

    All these necro posts by new users lately are annoying me. People responding to threads from over 2 years ago, responding to users who haven't been seen on the forum in over a year. The threads are outdated, the content of which has usually been covered recently. I can understand if people...
  43. redbaron

    Let's all smoke crystal meth!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUidxS8VnE8 I enjoyed the video, thought I'd share. EDIT: watch out for George Bush at around the 13-14 minute mark :p
  44. redbaron

    Zombie Apocalypse

    Nothing interesting has happened in my life for approximately 8 days. As such, I have prayed for a zombie apocalypse to occur tomorrow. It went something like this: "Dear G-Nizzle, considering that the volume of things I've done for myself throughout my life far outweigh the volume of things...
  45. redbaron

    Round 3: Comparing Bananas and Pineapples

    Despite a valiant effort, the great orange was unable to prevail over the grand banana. And so begins round 3, where the cunning pineapple is pitted against the ruthless banana. I believe in you, pineapple!
  46. redbaron

    Round 2: Comparing Bananas and Oranges

    The humble orange has overcome the nefarious apple, and so the time has come to test its might against the cunning of the banana. Oranges are better.
  47. redbaron

    Cognitive Functions (cleavage featured inside)

    My cognitive functions. Give me insight onto why I score so highly on Te and Fi, and why my Se/Ni are so high compared to why my Fe is so low. Am I secretly an ENTJ? Also as promised: My apologies to any women who feel this objectifies them.
  48. redbaron

    Comparing apples and oranges.

    Oranges are better.
  49. redbaron

    I feel this deserves its own thread.

    I found it hilarious. I'm guessing there's probably plenty here who don't and that's totally fine*. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0
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