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  1. Radioactive_Springtime


    Lately I've noticed time goes by faster and faster. It started with work shifts going seemingly getting shorter, when they certainly are not, and then I noticed cigarettes seem to last less and less. It may just be me, any thoughts?
  2. Radioactive_Springtime

    Type relations

    Don't really know if theres already a thread about this, but I'd like to know more about type relations. Typelogic gave names of the different relationships, and I'd just like to know more about them.
  3. Radioactive_Springtime


    Any advice on dealing with it?
  4. Radioactive_Springtime

    Product Placement

    anyone else a bit bothered by the (new?) trend of product placement in movies? I went to see the happening and they had a whole scene filmed on an iphone, and a particularly close up of a jeep tire so you can see the logo. I know it can help pay for the movie, but anyone else have an opinion on it?
  5. Radioactive_Springtime

    I can has freedom?

    Just graduated. How does being out of secondary/highschool affect your life?
  6. Radioactive_Springtime

    Social Quandry

    Lately I've been abandoning my older social habits for a more mainstreamish approach. I very much enjoy my older social habits, however they seem to breed depression and loneliness. So I find myself at a crossroads: betray my old ways or live in depression and loneliness. It's taken me a...
  7. Radioactive_Springtime

    Selective Service?

    I just got my selective service form from the govt. asking me to choose which branch of the armed services I'd like to join if the draft is reinstated. Navy or Air-force?
  8. Radioactive_Springtime

    Micro Biology

    anyone know if you need to know advanced chemistry to take it?
  9. Radioactive_Springtime

    Self Esteem

    any tips on how to get some?
  10. Radioactive_Springtime

    Earth Day

    Anyone do anything special?Because I know all the tye dye wearing preps at my school did their part to save the environment by wishing each other a happy earth day.
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