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  1. Windbag

    Jobs in which you've been happy

    As a type, we aren't known for job satisfaction. Work sucks - or does it? Tell us about your jobs, menial or advanced, in which you were really happy. I'll start. 1. Kitchen and baths renovation project manager. I studied plans and tried to identify problems before the renovation started. I...
  2. Windbag

    Ultimate fate of humanity (what if I don't want to be uploaded)

    One of the things I've always enjoyed about the fiction of Asimov, Star Trek or, say, Orson Scott Card is the vision of a future in which people are pretty much just people, albeit with vastly advanced technology. In the Foundation universe there are androids and spaceships with hyperdrives but...
  3. Windbag

    Hi everyone

    I'm an old windbag at 33, and I have come to wheeze at you. I used to post a lot at INTPcentral seven or eight years ago, then got out of participation in type-based forums. I have a wonderful marriage to an ISTJ, two kids and a 150-year old house that I fix up when I'm feeling inspired. I...
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