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  1. Windbag

    Absent Minded Professor (Anti Math)

    Well, I don't know about a Hells yes, but I got a degree in history because I thought I was terrible at math. Then I went on to do things in the real world that were every bit as difficult as high school math. Ten years after graduating I went back to the Khan academy and discovered that...
  2. Windbag

    Jobs in which you've been happy

    As a type, we aren't known for job satisfaction. Work sucks - or does it? Tell us about your jobs, menial or advanced, in which you were really happy. I'll start. 1. Kitchen and baths renovation project manager. I studied plans and tried to identify problems before the renovation started. I...
  3. Windbag

    Thorium-Powered Vehicles

    Apologies in advance if this is a non-sequitur, but: The fissionable actinides in the earth's crust (and oceans) are basically the solution to all our energy problems. Whether we want to power vehicles directly using thorium, or use nuclear reactions to provide electricity for batteries or to...
  4. Windbag

    Can you identify with Aspergers?

    No, not at all. Although when I was a child my parents had to train me to respond to people when they said "Hello." And I've always hated team sports, and board games, etc. I just read books in class in elementary school, or day dreamed about airlocks, hydraulics, video games, atomic weapons and...
  5. Windbag

    Career: Alternative paths

    Sheepskins are a form of signalling, and signalling matters. A lot. That's why (for example) MBAs are so expensive: they only hand them out if you are effing serious about it. Future employers, including scientific ones, are less interested in your aptitude and more interested in whether (for...
  6. Windbag


    Awful, just effing useless. As a single person I never went into debt or anything: I just never spent money on anything and went around always assuming I was broke, never really knowing my overall financial situation. My ISTJ wife runs a budget to the cent, so we can actually - you know -...
  7. Windbag

    Social skills

    I don't mean to criticize your raging misanthropy, but I'll offer a contrasting experience: I found happiness once I found a way to make myself useful to others. I pursued a career in construction because I discovered a point of contact with literally everyone. Everyone lives in a house or an...
  8. Windbag

    Social skills

    Play to your strengths as an INTP. You want to avoid small talk. Gather information by asking people interesting questions about their work or hobbies. Don't be afraid to get analytical, but be very careful not to go too far. Most people don't like to have their hobbies and passions...
  9. Windbag

    Hi everyone

    When I was first married, I gave my wife flowers but pretty much ruined it by referring to them as reproductive organs. As a younger man, I had no idea of the uphill battle that was ahead of me because of my personality, in terms of career and relationships. View me as condescending if you...
  10. Windbag

    Parents of INTPs

    Re: INTP Parents Father: ENTP Mother: ISFJ I get along great with mom, but we live in completely different worlds. She's very religious to boot. She thinks her son is a genius, and it's sweet. Dominant Ne is a huge chore in dad. The man has a pathological need not to come to conclusions and...
  11. Windbag

    TED Talks are Over-rated

    I think TED is excellent for opening up new areas about which to be curious, although the lectures themselves are a low-grade source of information. I watched a TED talk on nuclear power that discussed the concept of a Waste Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor, presented by a couple of fresh-faced...
  12. Windbag

    Your college experience

    I absolutely loved university. I think I loved everything about it. I went to one of Ontario's better universities, so that may have been a factor. I studied history, which was easy and pointless, so it was basically four years of wandering through life while being a precious, unique, eccentric...
  13. Windbag

    Fear of being stupid

    Let me share a cautionary tale of over confidence. I always read and wrote well, and found math frustrating, so I skipped out on math and science classes in high school even though science interested me since I learned to read as a child. I went off to university to study history, which I...
  14. Windbag

    Do you ever feel the MBTI done more damage than good?

    It would be an exaggeration to say that the MBTI saved my life, but not by much. I never felt comfortable in my own skin until I felt I had an explanation for why I was so unusual.
  15. Windbag

    INTPs outside of their comfort zones

    Perfect, sure. But adequate involves variety and autonomy. One of my favorite jobs was working for a custom home builder. I never had a clue what I was going to do from one day to the next. Every day my INTJ boss gave me an assignment, and it could range from "clean this site" to "build...
  16. Windbag

    INTP as Sales Person

    Yes. I've done it for the last three years and have experienced much success. Much success. Of course, you have to approach it in a systematic fashion and be analytical about it - it comes with the NT territory. Eventually, I had visitors to our winery tell me I had a beautiful soul, on one...
  17. Windbag

    Ultimate fate of humanity (what if I don't want to be uploaded)

    Nope. She's mah baby. :)
  18. Windbag

    Yes, yes it does.

    Yes, yes it does.
  19. Windbag

    Ultimate fate of humanity (what if I don't want to be uploaded)

    Yes. I doubt that today I've performed a single action that wouldn't have been science fiction in the early 19th century. I like to say that the last Age of Man was just prior to the invention of the steam engine, with all the attendant evils of slavery etc. I'm sorry - my OP did come across as...
  20. Windbag

    Ultimate fate of humanity (what if I don't want to be uploaded)

    Well that's no logical contradiction to me. We are all individuals and all part of the river of life stretching back to biogenesis. I'm made of the bits and pieces that make up my parents and so am a biological continuation of them, albeit in a different configuration and so on. I appreciate...
  21. Windbag

    The Advent of Virtual Immersion

    Brilliant. Yes. I hardly see how we can avoid it, however, and that thought disturbs me. Given enough computational power we could simulate not fitness but the universe itself. There'd be no need to go anywhere or do anything because we could completely predict what we'd find there. Also, the...
  22. Windbag

    Ultimate fate of humanity (what if I don't want to be uploaded)

    One of the things I've always enjoyed about the fiction of Asimov, Star Trek or, say, Orson Scott Card is the vision of a future in which people are pretty much just people, albeit with vastly advanced technology. In the Foundation universe there are androids and spaceships with hyperdrives but...
  23. Windbag

    About you?

    What is your name? Andrew. Where are you from? St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. How old are you? 33. What's your gender? Male How did you find out that you were INTP, or other type? I believe it was in 2002. I did some googling about personality types for curiosity. I...
  24. Windbag

    Hi everyone

    My day was most pleasant - thanks. We harvested our Merlot (10 tons) and processing went smoothly. Yes, fuck IT. I believe that most career dissatisfaction is related to people choosing the wrong jobs for their personalities. I have tried to work outside of my personality for ten years and I...
  25. Windbag

    Hi everyone

    The family business is a boutique winery. I'm about to go back to school for an electronics engineering technologist program. And yes I am an INTP.
  26. Windbag

    Hi everyone

    I'm an old windbag at 33, and I have come to wheeze at you. I used to post a lot at INTPcentral seven or eight years ago, then got out of participation in type-based forums. I have a wonderful marriage to an ISTJ, two kids and a 150-year old house that I fix up when I'm feeling inspired. I...
  27. Windbag

    ISTJ Appreciation Thread

    My wife is an ISTJ and we've been happily married for 10 years, with the predictable problems over housework. I'm not a fan of type bigotry. I'm sure Cherry Cola's boss is horrible. So was Albert Speer, in his own way, who was as INTP as the day is long. And so on.
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