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  1. Trebuchet

    Research: Keeping your feelings to yourself after trauma

    I was reading Science Daily and found an interesting article titled "It's Okay To Keep Those Feelings Inside, New Study Suggests." Actually, the study was published in 2008, so it isn't new anymore, but hey, it's new to me. The researchers investigated whether it really is important for...
  2. Trebuchet

    Wood that works

    I am a fan of David C. Roy, who creates kinetic wooden sculptures that are based on clock works. We have one in our home called "Quest," for which I saved my pennies for a couple of years. It makes soft irregular clicking sounds which are rather soothing. He puts them on his website...
  3. Trebuchet

    Is there anyone else here who doesn't procrastinate?

    The consensus here is clear: INTPs procrastinate. It is apparently what we are best at, and we never finish anything. The trouble is, procrastination is not efficient or effective, so I can't really afford to do it. I might put off doing something I really hate or that has a low priority...
  4. Trebuchet

    The Joy of Deep Discussions

    The NY Times reported a study by Dr. Mehl at the University of Arizona, which tracked the small talk vs. deep discussions of a few dozen college students, and the happiest people were the ones with the highest proportion of meaningful discussion and the smallest proportion of small talk. (This...
  5. Trebuchet

    Gift ideas

    What things make good gifts for INTPs? Suppose it's your birthday, and you have a promising box in front of you. What would you like to see in it? My list: Science fiction books and movies Fantasy books and movies Non-fiction books, especially about how the brain works, cryptography, and...
  6. Trebuchet

    Is Integrity a Privilege?

    My dear friend (ESTJ?) has a 15-year-old daughter (INTP, I think), who failed a composition test. She was supposed to write about the "most important" something, I don't know what, and spent all but the last 5 minutes trying to decide what that was. Due to conflicting school requirements...
  7. Trebuchet

    Children's Stories (and aversions to same)

    Here's an odd question for you. As an American, I have always had an aversion to the classic English children's fantasy stories, such as Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang, the Chronicles of Narnia, or Alice in Wonderland. Classic American children's fantasies, such as the Oz series, more recent...
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