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  1. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    This is very helpful thank you I’m still really panicked though and that’s making it hard to work on it :/ I’m outta Xanax rip
  2. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    I’m actually on my last assignment of high school right now and need to get it done. I’ve spent so many hours the past week sitting at my desk staring at it and getting barely any done even though it’s extremely important for my grades. It’s horribly frustrating knowing I have to do something...
  3. Nebulous

    Last movie you watched

    Lawrence of Arabia! Fantastic. I want to watch it again. It was four hours long but I still felt like there was so much story left to tell and would have gladly watched hours more of it. The acting, the writing, the visuals, the music, everything five stars, fantastic Definitely one of my...
  4. Nebulous

    The "what do I do?" thread for short term dilemmas

    Back again bein dumb Sooo I’m 18 and want to go to a concert in... two days. I have the ticket and all that I haven’t told my parents though because last weekend I tried to go out with my friends and my dad literally blocked the door and wouldn’t let me leave. I don’t want to lie about what...
  5. Nebulous

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    My boyfriend had this in his YouTube recommended & thought of me... I love it :)
  6. Nebulous

    Mushroom identification

    I found some big mushrooms yesterday, not sure what they are or if they're the same species. Both were along the side of the road, the bigger one on the side of a stump and the smaller in a pile of wood chips. (Northeast USA.) Lots of pics Found the CD outside too lol it adds an idea of size tho
  7. Nebulous

    OCD Test.

    I just did the test again because I think I'm doing a lot better than I was years ago. Surprised that I got a 23 this time! I thought it would be much lower. I am doing better, but I think that's more with anxiety related things than OCD... maybe. I still have a lotta trouble getting...
  8. Nebulous

    Mushroom identification

    Hey! There's an app called Seek by iNaturalist that is pretty good at identifying things, or at least giving you a good idea. It works for fungi, plants, animals, and lichen. You hold your phone camera up to it and move it around, I think it matches it with tons of other pictures to ID stuff...
  9. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    I hate working in the library. I haven’t got a single thing done, and I’m too jumpy; I get slightly freaked out everytime a person walks by me. Don’ttt like that. I didn’t do my part of a school project and the person who was rightfully pissed off at me is at the library too, and has been...
  10. Nebulous

    D&D Alignments

    It helps as a guideline / reminder to stay in character in the game. I was actually just thinking about dnd alignments and have this up http://easydamus.com/alignment.html it’s a really good explaination of the alignments. You can’t really apply them to actual real life people that well. But in...
  11. Nebulous

    Does smoking help with stress and anxiety?

    I smoked when I was 15-16. It helped me feel more grown up, which helped with self esteem. Most of my anxiety was from having strict parents, and I felt trapped/ like I couldn’t be myself at all/ like I had no autonomy. Smoking helped because it was the biggest F you to my parents. It was so...
  12. Nebulous

    The "what do I do?" thread for short term dilemmas

    Oop that’s all good ^ - My friend is drunk and I don’t know what to say to him. We’re texting, I asked where he was/ if he’s safe/ who’s with him and he’s with family but I’m still concerned How should I keep up the conversation? I don’t want to say something wrong, I don’t know how much...
  13. Nebulous

    Things you want to do before dying

    I’m happy for you, Happy! & redb proves to be relatable again - - - I want to go to more AJJ concerts. That band is really inspiring to me and it’s just a great experience. More punk concerts in general. Political activism concerts? The actual best things. I need me more of them. I’ve heard...
  14. Nebulous

    Halloween costume plans + SUPER awesome Halloween masks

    My bf and I are being Donnie Darko & Gretchen (the gal from the movie), but I’m not satisfied just wearing normal looking clothes so we’re both gonna goth it up somehow. Be zombie versions of them or somethin. We wanted our friend to be Frank but making that bunny mask would be so much work and...
  15. Nebulous

    OCD Test.

    Wow I think I was too generous with the earlier questions by answering based on myself pre-medication I got uh 26 I’m diagnosed with pretty bad OCD and woah that was two years? Yeah I’ve been taking Zoloft for two years which has definitely helped.
  16. Nebulous

    Hey!!✨ you’re super great I’ve missed you

    Hey!!✨ you’re super great I’ve missed you
  17. Nebulous

    Siouxsie and the Banshees yo.. a bunch of fun fun great songs. Cascade, Slowdive, Melt!, The...

    Siouxsie and the Banshees yo.. a bunch of fun fun great songs. Cascade, Slowdive, Melt!, The Killing Jar,..Peek-A-Boo, She’s a Carnival, This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us (a cover of the Sparks), And Lovecats by the Cure.
  18. Nebulous

    It works again!! ❤️ Yay!!

    It works again!! ❤️ Yay!!
  19. Nebulous

    INTPf is migrating. Donate!

    What does this mean for all the ol posts on here?
  20. Nebulous

    Oh no. Another member.

    You seem neat. I’m intrigued. What brings you here? What are some bands or stories you enjoy? I’m Neb, I love opossums and mushrooms
  21. Nebulous

    Are you human?

    From janestri on tumblr http://janestri.tumblr.com/post/169971052332/janestri-janestri-janestri-janestri
  22. Nebulous

    What is suffering?

    Things that I experience as suffering: Being sick Other people being in pain So many people I know have chronic illnesses- Lyme, Lupus. Family suffering. When the whole fam is broken over something together. There’s unity but it’s just so much sorrow Death of pets or loved ones or even...
  23. Nebulous

    What is your role in your zombie apocalypse survival group?

    Leader 7, Scout 5, watchdog 5, loner 4 I think I got Leader because in questions that touched it, I always picked being with my friends and family and that I’d die for the group / not put my group in danger for my sake Realistically I’d take it really seriously, better be safe than sorry, have...
  24. Nebulous

    What am I

    You are sweet, knowing, and surreal like horses are Some people are scared of horses There’s a ‘horse discourse’ thing on the internet and it’s strange I’ve always loved horses. They’re creatures beyond earth. They’ve got divine chaotic entropy. Look into a horses eyes I got kicked in the head...
  25. Nebulous

    Posting Restored

    *holds onto INTPf tightly* don’t go
  26. Nebulous

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Had Chaga in mind particularly. I had two cups of Chaga chai today and I’m in love Love. It’s so good. I could have let it steep longer (was in a thermos of freshly boiled water for an hour); the flavor was delicious but not very strong. It’s like an earthy vanilla. The mix I had contained...
  27. Nebulous

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    God, I love mushrooms
  28. Nebulous

    Latest spam

    An account of mine elsewhere was hacked or somethin in the past few days and some other sites have been acting sketchy. :/ idk waa happened Intpfffff Where’s that video of the nazi party but then things crumble What movie is that from I don’t know INTPf has so many great threads and...
  29. Nebulous

    Latest spam

    This has been going on for at least a week for me, probably more, I have no concept of time. But yeah. Big time
  30. Nebulous

    Seasons greetings

    ‘Tis the season; fa la la la la, la la, la, la. Could one say he is on thin ice?
  31. Nebulous

    A Merry Anime Christmas

    We love you so much Anime Bless u Merry Christmas
  32. Nebulous

    Last movie you watched

    I saw The Shape of Water with my boyfriend last week. It was both more heartwarming and more gory, (and less sexual) than I expected going into it. The acting was all around really nice; especially Michael Shannon as the antagonist. His performance was scary good. Seriously. Gives you the...
  33. Nebulous

    Minecraft:Who do?

    I used to have the PE version on my iPad and it was really fun I’d build a bunch of giant castles and shit
  34. Nebulous

    The "what do I do?" thread for short term dilemmas

    Well I’m stressing myself out SO MUCH I feel nauseous That is from the stress I can’t sleep it’s nearly 1 an, I’ve got a presentation in French in the morning at school and I haven’t studied or even prepared anything for it besides two sentences I’m just not in a good situation anxiety wise...
  35. Nebulous

    Statistical Analysis of intpf

    NEAT “Daydreaming” not surprised This stuff’s so coolllllllll I love this kind of thing so muccchhhhh
  36. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    You’ll’ve helped a kid w potential but an f-ed up attention span/ ability to actually do stuff And I’ll be very thankful If I get rich I’ll send you money or opossums If I send you the latter please, please treat them well Yo thank you so much This is helpful shit. Oof im going on a...
  37. Nebulous

    Favourite anime

    Spice & Wolf Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (I’m currently watching this one. It’s crazy and everything is named after classic rock stuff I love it)
  38. Nebulous

    Extreme ideas

    Extreme ideas I've had Move to New Zealand and be a sheep farmer, draw, drink magic tea, hike the Lord of the Rings paths, die in the sea Move to Norway, wear lots of jackets, get cold anyway and die (but at least it's pretty there and maybe you went site seeing a bitand attended a black...
  39. Nebulous

    Learning Guitar for INTPs

    Raising the dead I'm just grumpy that I can't jam along w Queen songs yet Urgh
  40. Nebulous

    Shake Shack is pretentious as hell

    I've heard about the one in Grand Central Station in New York City. Never been there though. My friend went on a trip to the city and went there, her review was that the food was delicious, but the line and wait were horrendous. I didn't know there were others. I figured it was called the...
  41. Nebulous

    Teenage struggles and life in general. (Rant + Insight)

    Hah my blog on here touches on plenttty of teenage struggles and life in general. Many rants, and dare I say insight as well. 99% of my existence on here has been me complaining about this or that- often parents, school, friends, and mental health whatnot. Current issue? Existential...
  42. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    It's 1:45 in the morning and I'm up doing a fcking English project that has to be done before first period tomorrow. It's supposed to be a group project but somehow the most difficult part of it got heaped onto my shoulders! But it's worth a test grade so here I am! Ahhhrrrrrggh!! K I...
  43. Nebulous

    Would like to hear your thoughts on a very cuddly INTP

    Mm honest to god I've been going slightly crazy just wanting to be able to be like that with, well one guy in particular, but anyone really. I need to be held or I'll die. I think the consensus here is that I am not INTP. But I bet that everyone craves that innocent and tender sort of soft...
  44. Nebulous

    Let's talk about postmodernity.

    Yo woah I literally have a notebook open rn w a page that's just me trying to figure out postmodernism Here are some notes -- It took the phrase "I think, therefore I am" and brings it to "I shop, therefore I am" / "I consume therefore I am." There's no objective reality, no one knows the...
  45. Nebulous

    Last movie you watched

    Kill Bill Vol. 1 Yo!! I've been wanting to watch this and I finally got to. It was really good. Fun. Fun fun movie. God the sound effects and music pieces used throughout it were perfect, I was dancing around while watching and it gets you so pumped Some AWESOME fight scenes, holy holy hell. How...
  46. Nebulous

    What songs are stuck in your head?

    Kinda Outta Luck by LDR her unreleased songs are so great imo ahhhh O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature T h I s has been in my head a l l day
  47. Nebulous

    Meeting our heroes

    A Farewell - DeForest Kelley - A Tribute Reading through the comments here just really struck me. Life is short and opportunities pass before you even realize. This summer I was one day away from seeing Nichelle Nichols; if we had known we might have been able to plan things differently so...
  48. Nebulous

    Who is your favorite super hero and why?

    Oh, y'all. Captain America's a solid favorite. Moral, noble, strong mix of rationality and emotion, deep, etc. What a perfect character. He embodies a lot of what I believe America is meant to be. He's strong (I'm talking will-wise) and I love his loyalty to his old friend Bucky. He's a...
  49. Nebulous

    Your circus-y things and such make me think of the album Evelyn Evelyn, by Evelyn Evelyn. Might...

    Your circus-y things and such make me think of the album Evelyn Evelyn, by Evelyn Evelyn. Might be worth checking out :)
  50. Nebulous

    Meeting our heroes

    Ayy I'm here again. I've gotten out of my house once or twice since making this thread, but I'm still a relatively sheltered and clueless kid who's scared of experiencing real world stuff. William Shatner. Captain Kirk. I'm a fan. Say I have a slim chance to see him irl at a comic con...
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