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  1. Rook


    Owner of forum. For me, a late member, a mystery. Can light be shed?
  2. Rook

    Idk... lets talk!

    Barebones discord server. If some1 with pc or discord experience wanna help here, talk! Anywayz, reason I post here is to create intp forum voice chat. We are humans, so lets talk. .. https://discord.gg/QysmxBp
  3. Rook

    Coffee Klan

    Yup: A thread for talky talky bout mothafuckin coffee. Sources, methods, blends, cups, concoctions... u name it. Lovely thing, the mocha pot.... now I need to get a grinder. Dissapointingly few roasters hereabouts but the industry is growing. Hmmmm.... maybe I should get into farming this stuff.
  4. Rook

    Bobbity Beep

    Bada beep de beepda beep du dum dudu dum da da da da dama dama damamamama Na.... na doo na doo na na ni ni.. NIIIIIIinINiiiininininininini!!!!
  5. Rook

    Topic of Today

    ToT Just a thread for links and opinions and discussions that have no set genre. Basically post a concept, theory, machine or argument that you find interesting. https://www.rt.com/news/450688-dutch-antiislam-politician-converts/ History repeats itself. Byzantium: Pagans to Christians...
  6. Rook

    Society Subforum

    Rename "School and Work" to "Society". Not all human interaction is tied to school and work, and not all societal phenomena are political. Thus there is no general subforum for questions about the way in which soxiety functions, or threads where people can ask for advice in dealings with society.
  7. Rook


    Just talk about life. Your existence, views on the universe... things you sense. Any old thing. Like random thoughts but more personalised, focused on what is around you, what is your environment. Past few weeks I was discing on the tractor... swarm of 100+ storks, migrating from Europe...
  8. Rook

    NEO Members

    Been absent for a while. But I see people joining. Not posting. This thread.. maybe if you as a new member sees this; you shall post within. No intro, just talk about random shit. On this forum... the old guard dying almost dead. You want an unique slice of internet pie? You took the trouble...
  9. Rook

    Free the fucking whales!

    https://www.intpforum.com/threads/split-from-one-of-the-coolest-bullet-point-lists-ive-seen-in-a-while.27485/#post-591338 Ok, a suggestion for forum improvement. Recently a thread has been split. Now, I know mods have rule: Stay topical. But why should viable split threads(meaning those that...
  10. Rook

    Level 1, The tavern, Welcoming hall to Galaxy this

    I suggest this as an addition to introit or a separate sub: A place where only new members(6 months max?) can post, mods only to regulate or answer direct queries(?) Still a rough idea so bear with me. Many join. Few speak. Add a message upon joining: New members can post on the entire forum...
  11. Rook


    Idioms and slang and wisecracks you use, have stumbled upon, local to yer lingo or caste... "Kat in die donker knyp" (Pinching a cat in darkness) :Clandestine sexual activity "Kom ons maak soos beesmis en val in die pad" (Let us make like bullshit and fall in the road) :Let's leave Aussie...
  12. Rook

    Biology Subforum

    Evolving from https://www.intpforum.com/threads/we-need-this-here.27468/#post-590688 , this thread is to guage common interest in the creation of a biology subforum seperate from scitech, and to form a framework for such a subforum if it is deemed viable or overly popular With your vote, please...
  13. Rook

    Jack Vance

    Ever read the works of this man? Share your brainthoughts. Imaginitive! Delve into the caverns of the Pnume and the Pnumekin. Share in the in the mental smuggeries of Magnus Ridolph. Meet Hildemar Dasch, a red-skinned man sans eyelids. All this and moar. A good writer human this was.
  14. Rook

    Prompt my sweet ass

    hey Hey hey, starting to draw a bit once more ... knowing my brain I figure I might as well open the floor for the prolit to demand my hand to do this or that. Simple ideas make good practice, but if anyone suggests something akin to an elephant-headed bloodlouse chasing a gaggle of gay nazis...
  15. Rook

    VW beetle/bug/kewer/volla/buggy/rustmobile

    Hey..... if yer ever owned any pre 1980 VW this thread might be for ye. Tell us bout yer bug or van/kombi or beetlebug. Human.... if oil ever is to be depleted we may as well deplete it as fast as posssible in non plastic and ever functioning mobiles going to the groves or peaks or strands...
  16. Rook

    Capitan del Beeshart

    Aye, what do you enlightenened modern neon quantam beings think a boot cpt beefheart n his magical band? Man listen to it then tell us.
  17. Rook

    Ceasar created calender

    hail, hail dear fellow organic tell us about past 24 hours or 7 day thing crassly called a week with no heed to sun moon earth or galaxy but rather bussines and religion. so what new people u meet, what new matter you consume/absorb/excrete and what new ideas you form? share share...
  18. Rook

    philo-ideo bio actualities

    so question is: how does your beliefs/philosophy/sci mindframe play out in biological reality that is actions emotions social cyber perceptive etc lotsa philo threads here and many flavors but end results mind conclusion set to various life spheres. intended and unintended consequences...
  19. Rook

    home iz where da brain iz

    hey oak kaylin so tell us pixel electron einstein pupils what defines da plays wear ya sleep eat fuck yurt hoe ohm mine me roo ook )pratchett wimps oranglibrabrian) so dizz iss me hoe ohm nyalas and duikers trotting thru korn field to reAch narrow piece of bush unotcontammed by...
  20. Rook

    Rules ... Gov ... You ... Papers... Time

    Ok so this new thread I start cuase I want to hear your voice in the minds of others eir ,amdates like (I am not t that drunk yet that's why6 my words to u sense make) So: {{{Also splellchecek, JESUS of grammar pazis{{ What is your relationship with you government? C'mon, well have govs, so...
  21. Rook

    WRAx2 {{{Muwhahahwahawa!!!}}} {{Mahler}

    WRAx2 this is something that has to be done My brain is hereby starting and giving away a sort of maybe sub-cultural movement ... a linguistic and hopefully newtonian society of primates united by a simple desire for union of thought to explore worlds more infinite that ordinaarily possible...
  22. Rook

    Con Sue Mer (merde)

    Well, let's discuss the word "CONSUMER" No ken of it's history or origin (Americano?) But I've just thought of: Appreciator vs Consumer So: One who takes in for the sake of taking in (Animal therefore, but one that might be able to solve quantum thingies etc., etc. thus pretentious CEO...
  23. Rook

    CHATBOX ^^^^

    Well saying here that forum teep teep teep So, this thread is for rememberance of chatbox Chatbox up there ^^^^ Below calendar of Julius Ceasar. Scroll up, it be between FAQ and da commoonity. Rook like chatbox, always has, but chatbox sleeps slumbers Remember chatbox. Serve...
  24. Rook

    The Albums of yer Eyesocketball

    Hello forum, might be a thread like this one but this one is better because you are reading it. Brain of mine has sought certain... standards of music of late due to a descent into art-induced a-metaphysical auto-erotic asphyxia. Whole albums make good listening when walking the legs or...
  25. Rook

    Yeah brew, how's it going brew?

    I am currently waiting for a shabbily embarked upon marula beer batch to see the light of day, and recalling a specific member of this forum mentioning the brewing of toilet wine some time ago, I pose the question of whether any of you have experience with brewing alcohol, whether as profession...
  26. Rook

    Wombats are spying on you

  27. Rook

    These cords

    I have very recently started exploring Discord and I find its functionality and so forth to be acceptable. So I've set up a bare-bones server, before continuing though I want to know whether an intpforum discord thingy would gain traction. I also wish to know whether one or two of you would...
  28. Rook

    New Earth Experiment

    A recent conversation with Blar in the box of chatting has lured my mind to an interesting hypothetical scenario. Imagine an island, let us say it is tropical, or at least capable of sustaining fruit-bearing trees and grazing mammals. A facility is upon the island, stocked with enough food and...
  29. Rook

    Cloning Pods: Literature

    This cloning laboratory exists for one purpose: The placement of literary quotes Insert here singles sentences, snippets or excerpts not exceeding 200 words in length. May it grow to be a stupendous collection worthy of opium smoking sailors, motivationally-challenged sedan-inhabiting...
  30. Rook


    ||Tavernbox|| This thread is a conversing place of sorts. Akin to the Chatbox, yet in thread format with new posts displayed on the index page. In this thread, social niceties do not have to be followed, some deviancy, impoliteness and madness is allowed to exist. Note however that official...
  31. Rook

    Rook's Ashes

    Hmm it is 4 am and time for a radical experiment. For now all of my forum interactions are restricted to this thread, as to counteract the time I waste on this site to a singular mode of interaction. Strange etc etc whoopedy doo, it makes sense to me so I care little for an analysis of why this...
  32. Rook


    A thread for sharing or discussing interesting documentary films that one has seen. A brief or extended explanation of the piece would be congenial so that others may decide whether to watch it or not. Political/Societal: We steal secrets: The story of Wikileaks: A documentation of the...
  33. Rook

    Petting Zoo Polls

    Ermaaaagawd pets ar sooo cute... What pets do you all have??? Please share their cuteness with us, people! If you choose an "other category" you are advised to specify the type of animal you choose to confine within your shelter. Pictures of the animals are admired, and sharing their names...
  34. Rook

    The Ultimate Collection of Webcomics

    Here we post links to sites that contain webcomics within them. http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots.html http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=612 http://theoatmeal.com/ http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0001.html
  35. Rook


    So I have just coerced a feral farm cat to enter my home. For all the veteran Cateteers on here, what do I do now? I lured it all the way into my house by a process of extensive grooming and purring(apparently it is very attention starved/horny). I already gave it a small cup of yoghurt and a...
  36. Rook

    Intro Bootlegger's Telegrams of Modest Importance

    Well I never made one of these intro thingies, so seeing as I have been absent from ze forums for a long time (So long that I don't know how long) I decided to randomly make one. Instead of starting a big new thread, I'll just ask a few Q's here. How has the forum changed in the past..4...
  37. Rook

    I need intp advice: Version 2.0

    Well then, here I am again. After one semester in a great university, it seems that I have failed all of my subjects due to procrastination. This does not lead to the discontinuation of my course, but it does introduce some complications. Thus I have two goals with this thread: 1. Find a way...
  38. Rook

    The State of the Forum

    So here we are. Reading this forum, words filling our screens, information being processed by our brains. Topics are diverse, so too are the different personae discussing these topics. Of course such differences will lead to clashes, as has recently been seen, has been seen long ago, and will...
  39. Rook

    The Self Defence Survey

    Gun regulation has become a recurring topic on the forum, so I decided to see how many forum members actually do own guns. By estimate I would guess not many, but I may be proved wrong. The options in the poll concern to what extent forum members have gone to protect themselves from possible...
  40. Rook

    Another forum outrage

    I am quite irritated by the fact that there are so many forum outrage threads. In my opinion, this makes it more difficult for people who wish to read about the newest and latest forum outrage. This can lead to an increased usage of time, due to confusion as to what one must read if one...
  41. Rook

    Town of Salem

    Has anyone else ever partaken in this delightful game?
  42. Rook

    Elder Scrolls: Choose your race.

    What is your favorite race in the Elder Scrolls series? This is in terms of subjective preference, and not based on the in-game attributes given to the races. So, factors such as lore, roleplaying, npcs and physical appearance should influence your decision, instead of technical performance.
  43. Rook

    Elder Scrolls: Choose your race.

    What is your favorite race in the Elder Scrolls series? This is in terms of subjective preference, and not based on the in-game attributes given to the races. So, factors such as lore, roleplaying, npcs and physical appearance must influence your decision, instead of technical performance...
  44. Rook

    Unintended Hilarity.

    All over the internet, people express their views, opinions, and beliefs. While they may see their words as serious, others may see it as a humorous farce. I implore you to share links that were not intended as comic fodder, yet are. http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1100/science.html...
  45. Rook

    Who shall you save?

    You, your friend, and your significant other (wife, boyfriend etc.) are on a small plane, heading for a tropical island. There are six other passengers with the three of you. There is a prominent politician, a scientist, and an oil-tycoon. There is also a priest with his mother and his...
  46. Rook

    Who do you save?

    *You, your friend and your significant other(wife, boyfriend etc.) are sitting in a small plane, heading for a lovely tropical island. * # Formal request to delete this thread, or send it to the oubliette. Made a mishap concerning poll, mobile device inadequate for editing #
  47. Rook

    Hail, Creator!

    If you were given the powers of a God, thus the ability to create a universe from scratch, how would you proceed? Would you base your creation on the current laws of physics? Would you interfere with the unfolding of your universe to create sentient life, or would you pre-program it to...
  48. Rook

    What shall ye choose?

    Your ex is crazy, and hates your guts. Due to this he/she has liberated a nuclear warhead from the russians, and is now threatening to luanch it on a small city. A million people will die. There is a way to stop this, though. If you kill yourself, your ex will cease and desist.
  49. Rook

    The impossible quiz

    Anyone played it, or it's follow-ups? Highly entertaining, highly frustrating, almost impossible. Prepare to shout out in frustration, break your mouse, and lose your patience. Do not play this if you have a heart condition or a life. http://www.notdoppler.com/theimpossiblequiz.php
  50. Rook


    The forum has become boring of late. This may just be my opinion, but I figure it is sound. Where has all the interesting discussions gone? Or are they there, with me just not seeing their perks? Or am I boring? Perhaps we need a shake-up. A revolution. This the is my challenge: Each who...
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