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  1. LPolaright

    Fictional INTP's

    I seem to think: John Shepperd from StarGate Atlantis (Sometimes he comes of as more of an ENTP, because of his duty. But generally I think INTP) Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds (The pure INTP version for a very high IQ, and NOT LAZY) Abed Nadir from Community. (Though he does hang between...
  2. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    I wonder how many of us, INTPs, failed according to our ego standards of our teens... Looking at it from an observational out-of-self point of view I would tend towards the fact, that we never outgrow our teenage self and keep on procrastinating our ideas until we find a companion that will help...
  3. LPolaright

    If you're still in doubt

    The only reason I sent him to cognitive functions and not explain what he should consider is because it involves the rest of his MBTI dichotomies. If he would provided with a type it would be easier to state all the possibilities. The J/P gives lots of weight to the final result of E/I. for...
  4. LPolaright

    If you're still in doubt

    Read in-depth about cognitive functions, it'll give you much more sense then "puree".
  5. LPolaright

    What are the limits of Ti-Ne?

    I can tell for certainty I'm really bad when it comes to fixing something - as you said xSTPs are good at finding a solution the the list of factual problems. I think we have more difficulty to that - as our complementing Si clouds our judgement and it lets us enter the subjective factual errors...
  6. LPolaright

    Character vs Personality

    I think religion tried to define several characters as "bad" and others as "good". Psychiatry tries to define characters to dangerous behaviors or future mental damages in order to take care of them. I'm not in favour of giving sentimental attributes to character such as "good" and "bad"...
  7. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    Investigating. I can't not give a shit - I'm constantly looking to be better then myself. I want to get to it several times in my life. I want it now! and I can't believe that my will to get it is not enough by now.
  8. LPolaright

    Character vs Personality

    Sure, with got a lot of personality typing systems, such as MBTI, Socionics, Pod'lair, Enneagrams. But what about character? as it is based on beliefs it is more prone to change but what qualities are there to "change"? knowing the qualities could benefit us for manipulation, communication...
  9. LPolaright

    If you're still in doubt

    I think a better solution would be turning to the cognitive functions - as they provide much more information regarding what the person should think his type is. Also, extreme shyness or over-confidence is a tricky quality when it comes to the point of typing I/E.
  10. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    Few words: Next level A.I. Congratulations on finishing the army! Your life sounds like garbage at the moment, which will make it so much better when you get over it. What classes did you miss for your bagrut? Good luck on working. I can't enjoy no-control over my status in life. And...
  11. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    As the title suggests, I'm turning 20 in a week (6 days, actually) and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. My world revolves around loads of thinking but no actual doing (as an INTP). Here is what I did manage to do so far (as in, the past 20 years): (Side project) *Think about...
  12. LPolaright

    Have you ever been wrong?

    I am never wrong for long. Thanking my definitions, for being dynamic and in a state of constant change.
  13. LPolaright

    can you forgive betrayal?

    I'm rather forgiving, but changing my approach to the people surrounding me - knowing that they also have their own interests that you cannot change. Nothing really makes me mad, and so, there's nothing to forgive. When I do get really really mad, I break the relationship almost completely -...
  14. LPolaright

    By INTP standards what type would you be?

    At the base - ESTP In my regular human life - INTJ Probably.
  15. LPolaright

    What are your alternative theories (to MBTI)?

    Re: Alternative theory to MBTI Can you explain why exactly you decided on these metrics? No...? You'll see that once you explain how it is different than the MBTI you'd actually see how close it is to the system. By trying to prove it wrong you get a deeper understanding. Tests are known...
  16. LPolaright

    Developing Functions

    I seem to be puzzled with the thought of "Developing Functions". Obviously I've seen this post: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=12634 (and my own:) http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=8618&highlight=developing+functions And I've come to realize certain rules that are quite obvious but...
  17. LPolaright

    Fictional INTP's

    He is INFP. His knowledge is divine when it comes to the depths of human feelings and how they work. He himself is filled with one intense complicated emotion - revenge. He loves helping people (even when he doesn't like to show it - for example when he got butt loads of money on an...
  18. LPolaright

    The Mythical INTJs...

    The best thing about being an INTP is making INTJs mad.
  19. LPolaright

    The Mythical INTJs...

    Frequency distributions of MBTI types usually relates to environments of their choosing - doesn't it? (rather than ANY environment like you proposed - just out of curiosity...) I think culture changes the distributions quite a lot. The army showed me a lot of variety of types and how each...
  20. LPolaright

    Drained Energy

    Surprisingly from Owl City Blog: Introverts are energized by indulging in what they're dominant function is: for P's: Ti or Fi Over indulging in explaining your process of thought, or feelings with a crowd or even individuals and you'll see you'll just won't stop talking. for J's...
  21. LPolaright

    The Mythical INTJs...

    Israel is full of 'em. I met 3 in the army, and my father. Some are lazy, some are proud, some are wrathful, others just can't get enough of something - but in the end almost all of them are manipulators, especially when they don't have any status or power. And yes they know how to blend...
  22. LPolaright

    Does Introverted thinking use Language?

    If I understood correctly: Se would represent the tone of the words that are being said, how it's being said - how it sounds, how is it written (looks, handwriting etc.). For example Se-dom people would probably have a better ability at using and detecting cynicism than Ne. Si would inject...
  23. LPolaright

    Adaptive vs Directive to the extreme

    I just reread Cognitive Functions 100 that Adymus wrote. (If you wonder where did the words come from: ) My question is as follows: What could cause our psyche to be too Adaptive or too Directive? And what could this cause us? And how is being successful or failure could affect us...
  24. LPolaright

    Does Introverted thinking use Language?

    As an INTP I find language - not more than a tool. Asking myself questions is a great help to get my Ti working. Rephrasing is a great way for my Ne to drive me. Though statements and facts seem to elude me, I try to connect them to the bigger picture. Writing my thoughts is sometimes easy...
  25. LPolaright

    Typing someone based on appearance/action

    I found that the best way to fast type people is to make them stray from their usual behavior. If you interrupt someone while they are speaking - and watching how they will react... When P's would usually just go with the flow and J's would interrupt you back. You should observe for...
  26. LPolaright

    ENFJ vs ESFJ

    The main objective is to figure out which one of the "directions" (as I call it) he uses: Si with complementing Ne or Ni with complementing Se Si would mean that the person in question would probably base his experiences a lot on the same routine, methodology based on his past luck. He would...
  27. LPolaright

    INTP or ENTP? This is a loooong A$$ post

    I see you more of an INTJ rather than INTP or ENTP. Not all J's are following a schedule, or find them comfortable. If they did, you could also say that introverts are not socializing more than E's. Or that N's are not connected to the reality. You talked about the fact that you don't...
  28. LPolaright

    Typing People: Methods

    from wikipedia. The general method: I mainly observe, look at my surroundings and how they react. I'm currently surrounded by a lot of people and thus it's hard to type everyone - I find it difficult focusing at one person at a time and I often forget what I typed before. But, slowly the...
  29. LPolaright

    MBTI's you dont get along with

    ESFP's I find them too physical, too loud, too sensitive to their own morals. I found them to be extremely irritating, and most don't have any inspirations. They also seem to believe in god or mysticism or both. Which takes me a bit off guard because I'm not interested in the subject...
  30. LPolaright

    MBTI Step 2

    Could anyone direct me to good resources on the subject? All I can find on the net are payed programs to learn it. The best resource i found is Wikipedia, and all kinds of pdf samples.
  31. LPolaright

    The Box

    Most INTPs would research how does "the MBTI" system works and thus they understand that these are just preferences rather than an actual personality system. Just part of a pattern in the bigger picture that we are now more trained to spot. Because of that preference of ours to understand...
  32. LPolaright

    LPolaright Reloaded

    I'm surprised to see people that remember me. As for the army in reply to you Gopher, hrmmm, I'm currently trying to fight the system in order to get what I want which is being an army detective that investigates crime in order to give myself a better chance in the future to be accepted to the...
  33. LPolaright

    Ti&Fi or Te&Fe combo is impossible in the first 4, why oh why?

    Ey skywalker, what's up with your theory with the trees and growing? :o Where is it now? Surely didn't expect to find you are still here. as for the question: the MBTI basically says you have 4 functions that you can split into two halves that complement each other. Letter-wise, yes they are...
  34. LPolaright

    House MD character types

    I think everyone missed the point: This thread is supposed to be HERE. You can't really type fictional characters as they always change - unlike people who stay the same all their lives (until they are hit with a tragedy of some sort). There are 2 kinds of House - A) the one whose on vicodin...
  35. LPolaright

    Three Wishes

    1st - An ability to move through dimensions (Like sliders, only unlimited in use and being able to just maneuver back to my home dimension). 2nd - An ability to move through time (Unlimited use) 3rd - Immortality - just to make sure that I wont die, even though they probably invented such a...
  36. LPolaright

    LPolaright Reloaded

    Ello people, I'm back. Still in the army. Still an INTP (rofl I'm saying it as though I could ever change). Still have crazy theories. Still want to share them. Still want to understand the MBTI and socionics better. Still want to find new systems. Still into cold reading and mentalism...
  37. LPolaright

    Ey man. Yes I'm kind of alright in the army right now, trying to reach special places in there...

    Ey man. Yes I'm kind of alright in the army right now, trying to reach special places in there. Thanks for the interest.
  38. LPolaright

    Witnessing a Suicide

    Today I've been a witness in a suicide amongst dozens of other fellows. ATTENTION: Read with discretion. Otherwise it might not be healthy. I don't know how to cope. I'm probably going to take a real look in a thread I read here once - something about trauma. All I want to know, is why...
  39. LPolaright

    INFP's - Explained

    Take a look at. I just replied on this thread and it disappeared :phear: Anyways, apparently I took the Socionics definitions for the function (Shame). Everyone has two extraverted functions and two introverted that compliment each other.
  40. LPolaright

    INFP's - Explained

    Oh rats! I was taking the Socionic's definitions of these functions. Didn't even notice it was an MBTI discussion. Yes James we all have the same lineup which derives from our MBTI letters INTP: Ti - Ne - Fi - Fe A method to transpose from MBTI letters to functions can be found here...
  41. LPolaright

    INFP's - Explained

    Sounds like hell for us :eek: It's probably J dominant :storks: AS for the actual OP and I might be a bit wrong about it - but Si in the tertiary makes people kind of hypochondriac, at-least by my observation. People seem to be rather focused on their mental and physical health and...
  42. LPolaright

    INFP's - Explained

    What's an Enneagram? :confused:
  43. LPolaright

    I'm being drafted to the Army!

    And it's not considered as military service. And you only get 30 seconds to talk in the phone with your parents. And you get screamed at almost all parts of the day. And you get shitty food. And you have to be with your cell-mate for all parts of the day (no privacy). And you are allowed...
  44. LPolaright

    Anyone else suffer this?

    Do you also get that? It's rather similar to that too. But yes. Almost always when I have free time I start a "train of thought" where each stop is a new idea thats coming up. It could vary - depends on how much time I have in my grasp, usually I get tired after writing a theory of mine on...
  45. LPolaright

    INFP's - Explained

    Actually I felt like that too not so long ago, until I've learnt the letters and their meanings - it let's you talk about specific incidents in more details. As for general conversation and theorizing, they do not help too much as each combination is rather relative. So, yeah... Maybe we...
  46. LPolaright

    Socionics: Psyche vs Reality

    Now I understand why I had so much trouble with Intuition and Feeling. One thing here, how is text or smell for example is dynamic rather than static? I agree that the number of pages and weight are static, but texture for example is the same as color is it not? It remains still on the...
  47. LPolaright

    I'm being drafted to the Army!

    Yea, I'm sorry I haven't answered in a long time - it's just that I'm still fighting the army regarding my profile and I have to go see doctors everyday in order to change it. But yes, you presented it very objectively based solely on experience and I thank you for that. But what would you have...
  48. LPolaright

    ping www.intpforum.com

    If you found MBTI vague you should take a look at this post :eek: :D You'll fit in well - we're all crazies down here.
  49. LPolaright

    ping www.intpforum.com

    What... The... Hell... :confused: Hello.
  50. LPolaright


    I find facebook repulsive - it has so much information about me that I wouldn't even share with myself, not to mention thousands and billions of people that just pass by, rating my thoughts and feelings to no end and react to them as though it's their business. After awhile it gets even worse -...
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