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  1. INTP based plot- ideas

    Freaked you out in real life or you were freaked out by the plot? Writing things down somewhere is a good idea.
  2. INTP based plot- ideas

    The plot so far: One day you wake up in an unfamilliar place and realise that you can no longer control your own thoughts. You remember nothing of yourself. The people around you are strangers, even though you know their names and understand that they are a "friend" or family member". You...
  3. I don't think it's weird but I'm used to it. In Islam it's considered a sign of good character...

    I don't think it's weird but I'm used to it. In Islam it's considered a sign of good character to be the first to greet someone else. Muslims say "peace be on you" to strangers. Fun comes in the form of philosophy, economics, physics, medicine, esotericism, metaphysics... day dreaming &...
  4. Lol I like messges from people I don't know. It balances out the obligatory discourse I try to...

    Lol I like messges from people I don't know. It balances out the obligatory discourse I try to avoid like the plague.
  5. hi.

  6. You're objective even when looking at yourself.

    You're objective even when looking at yourself.
  7. Frustration

    I doubt Einstein thought about himself that way otherwise he wouldn't have turned up at dinner parties without any trousers on. He couldn't care less about convention or scoring himself against others.
  8. Frustration

    Acting contrary to the ego makes it more intelligent.
  9. Frustration

    Ego as in the primitive self. Reasoning that stems from a basic need as opposed to a higher purpose.
  10. hey... thats all i want :)

    hey... thats all i want :)
  11. You are one interesting guy :)

    You are one interesting guy :)
  12. Frustration

    Ego isn't the same as arrogance although arrogance can be a characteristic of the ego.
  13. Frustration

    Admiration of total perfection is not arrogance. ^ it takes ego to assume that we have perfected the thinking that comes before an action
  14. Frustration

    My ego is my nemesis.
  15. Frustration

    If something requires ego to do it, is it worth doing?
  16. Frustration

    It's not possible. Sometimes I think that if I don't use my thoughts, they'll just disappear and then my unified theory might be missing the tiny part that would complete it. Then I think that if something is not truthful enough to be seen plainly then it's not worth preserving. Then I think...
  17. Procrastination

    *cue onslaught from trolls and people who have never seen the inside cover of a Qur'an* A philosophical perspective can only be questioned by those who understand* it. *Understanding is not comprised of reading newspaper articles written by philosophically defunct journalists, watching...
  18. Procrastination

    Me and a billion other human beings...
  19. Procrastination

    There is order to everything. The fact that so many people with the same abilities enounter the same experience is not down to knowing that everything is too easy, although our egos would have us believe it. It is actually down to knowing that everything that we already know through pop...
  20. Procrastination

    The reason that INTP's have no sense of serial time is because we are intelligent enough to realise that time is a) not universal despite the insistence of giant clocks plastered around every city and every form of media drummed into us second by second.If it was the drumming would not be...
  21. Fetish

    lol is it now..? ftr... I agree with the seperation of the sexes in most circumstances, otherwise it gets complicated. But online...and in an INTP forum....
  22. Fetish

    I'd join...
  23. You know you're an Intp when...

    People don't understand that you are looking at the stars to contemplate their physical/metaphysical dimensions, not to be romantic. People fall in love with you, get fustrated, try to make you jealous, fail, get angry and announce that they are ready to move on before you have even realised...
  24. How can I be less socially awkward?

    You're not socially awkward. You have a functioning sense of decency. Most of those people you see bantering backwards and forwards are either a) Repeating something they have heard someone else say on some kind mainstream media (read: speaking to conform to how they think they should respond...
  25. Maintaining Relationships

    I know too many people and all but two know me. They are both beautiful people and I could speak to them forever if time permitted. I would call one of them my best friend and the other I love purely. I can only deal with them in a one-on-one situation. They do not know each other. For most...
  26. Fetish

    Hey :) I just joined today. What made you think about this?
  27. Fetish

    Some random ideas... Powerful people are sick of being played to all day and wish to be subservient. Humans were not made to rule over each other and so this redresses the balance and helps the ego to regain balance. Humans seek self punishment in many ways, there are thousands of ways but...
  28. Fetish

    Two sides- 1. We are born with a predispositon to be attracted to certain traits/actions that would somehow fulfil our codes desire as the right match to create a baby or fulfil some other role we have been pre-programmed for. e.g. I like the way a mans wrist moves when he drives or speaks...
  29. Do you guys suffer from depression?

    No, but I'm guessing it's virtually nothing. You have a very good point though. Thank you for waking me up.
  30. Do you guys suffer from depression?

    :o I feel a bit over exposed now...it's really nice to meet you. I promise to never play any sycophantic games.
  31. Do you guys suffer from depression?

    I've been "depressed" from the age of 14 but I don't really believe in depression. Thats when things started happening that were blatently wrong. I think that society is so messed up that anybody with any sensitivity left will feel it. Everything is wrong in my life. None of it is my fault...
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