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  1. LightOfAnima

    ...That was Johnny Depp? I never even noticed! I'm good! And how are you? :) I loved it! It was...

    ...That was Johnny Depp? I never even noticed! I'm good! And how are you? :) I loved it! It was really interesting :) And the special effects were wonderful. 80's special effects are the best! Also, turns out part of one song I love was taken directly from the film? It was Jonathan reading...
  2. LightOfAnima

    No Mans Sky

    I read a web post by one of the developers of Outlast, and apparently the game was made with around 10 people! So truly it's amazing what small teams can achieve :) But mhhm, I almost bought No Man's Sky too for my brother as a gift, but resisted just as my cursor was hovering over the...
  3. LightOfAnima

    I loooooove your Signature XD -high fives!-

    I loooooove your Signature XD -high fives!-
  4. LightOfAnima

    Hey there, Miss Charming XD I remember joining yeeeeears ago and (embarrassingly) staying only...

    Hey there, Miss Charming XD I remember joining yeeeeears ago and (embarrassingly) staying only for a few days (woops!), but I remember you being mega nice :) P.S. I saw Nightmare on Elm Street ;)
  5. LightOfAnima


    Hmm... I myself am somewhat rather bored... Especially recently, but a solution I found was to learn programming, which not only gave me a worthwhile task to do but also rekindled my other interests. Starting something novel and perhaps ambitious apparently can help me, although I can't speak...
  6. LightOfAnima

    How Many Meals Per Day?

    My parents force me to est three times a day, usually, although yesterday I managed to skip a meal. Truly, I am incapable of feeling hunger, and wish to lose some weight, so I expect to eat somewhat less at college ^-^
  7. LightOfAnima

    Learning a language online

    Hmm... I am not sure how to advise, but I learned German as a third language when I was five (English is my fourth), from basically watching television in German. It was incomprehensible at first, but soon I began understanding it. However, this route by itself may be inefficient, since it might...
  8. LightOfAnima

    Greetings ^.^

    ...XD It's genuine... I do think it be the internet effect ^-^ In real life I a somewhat low in energy... I always noticed it. But my mind is often excited ^-^ Especially after a day consisting of learning :P But no, I haven't lied ^.^
  9. LightOfAnima

    Greetings ^.^

    Oh, The Fly! Were it to cross my mind, I would have surely mentioned it in my list XD And I also enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth and Cloverfield, which indeed do contain great elements of horror ^.^ Alas, I have not seen the others... Although Nightmare on Elm Street is a priority of mine. Anyhow, the...
  10. LightOfAnima

    Greetings ^.^

    ...XD Prithee, dear, I enjoy nightmares XD The abyss knows better than to displease me, I would hope. I did experience some vivid paranoia recently of a malformed creature hiding just out of sight, and I sense it to this day... But I tamed it, and despite its malignant desires, it is now...
  11. LightOfAnima

    Greetings ^.^

    Thanks XD I'll embark on a quest to find the thread you speak of :3 And I only realised I might have something like this week... I stumbled onto it by accident and it just explains so many things! ^_^ *huggles :3* *packs bags and goes in search of the great Architect* Edit: Found it ^-^
  12. LightOfAnima

    Greetings ^.^

    ... O.o Hey :D I love cute things too... ^.^ *bites* You seem..... Interesting XD Thanks for the welcome :p
  13. LightOfAnima

    Greetings ^.^

    Hey :3 And yeah... I checked out a few lists, including that one, and it seems to fit pretty well ^.^
  14. LightOfAnima

    Greetings ^.^

    Hey all ^.^ I just finished school this year, and intend to do computer science in college XD Mainly I'm into creation... Drawing, writing, painting, playing music... Like, art ^.^ Also, I'm kinda into knowledge and philosophy. Areas that are of particular interest to me are mainly psychology...
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