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  1. TransientMoment

    It's always nice coming back here...

    Same old people rehashing the same old problems and offering the same old solutions and telling the same old jokes. There's something that transcends oldness here. Maybe just being with your own kind for a change instead of surrounded by strangers. The culture here goes without saying - no...
  2. TransientMoment

    What's your favorite topic to study?

    I'm not looking for stats, I'm looking for your favorite topic. What do you like to study? And Why? Feel free to go into rambling detail (that includes rambling about the topic and/or about why you think the topic is interesting to you personally or interesting to humans in general).
  3. TransientMoment

    And... I'm here

    Hi! I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm an INTP, a philosopher (as you would expect) and a programmer. Just here to chat from time to time with like-minded individuals and do some mental exercising if you know what I mean. Also, I like jokes. Who doesn't? But INTP humor is rather quirky to...
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