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  1. Inquisitor

    Delete my account

    Please delete my account. Thank you.
  2. Inquisitor

    Ambiversion/Ambiverts Do Not Exist

    This absolutely brilliant article by a career type researcher and professor really illuminated some things for me. If you think you're "in the middle," think again. Taking a step towards differentiation may in fact be the healthiest thing you can do to make progress in your own personal...
  3. Inquisitor

    I'm an ENTP

    Turns out I'm not an INTP. Thought you guys should know.
  4. Inquisitor

    Great INTP career thread...

    Found this thread on another forum. It's basically 6 pages full of INTPs posting their various career/life stories. I found it to be useful and interesting. These kinds of threads are usually just high school/college students, but this one has loads of older INTPs sharing their career...
  5. Inquisitor

    Jung: Types can be divided into subtypes...what are the implications?

    In Psychological Types, Carl Jung says this about 2/3 of the way through the book: What are your thoughts on this? What are the practical implications of this regarding career/work and how does this relate to MBTI? Jung mentions 3 possible subtypes, not 2. MBTI only recognizes Ti being...
  6. Inquisitor

    Software Engineering vs. Careers with more humanism

    This is a topic that keeps cropping up on this forum. It's something I often think about b/c I'm currently studying computer science and the plan at the moment is to pursue a career in this field, most likely related to software engineering. Nevertheless, I often find myself toying with the idea...
  7. Inquisitor

    Are some types more likely than others to choose the wrong career?

    Just a thought experiment... If we accept from the start that there exist "best-fit" and "worst-fit" occupations for any given type, are some types more likely than others to be led astray and end up in unsuitable careers/occupations? Also, what are the factors that lead to poor...
  8. Inquisitor

    Body Type and Cognitive Type - Thread Split from: An INTP’s Career Journey & Reflections

    Would you characterize yourself as an endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph? Put another way, are you prone to weight gain?
  9. Inquisitor

    Top Brain/Bottom Brain?

    Found this article: There Is No Left Brain/Right Brain Divide Also this test: TB/BB Test I got Situational Adapter. What do you guys think of this book?
  10. Inquisitor

    What are the ideal ENTP careers?

    I'm chewing on this question to help a close friend. I want to come up with a short list of ideal ENTP careers. She is 27 y/o and needs to get started on some path. Chinese national. Fluent in English and Chinese. Educated in the US with a bachelor's in IR/politics (I think?). Formerly had...
  11. Inquisitor

    Have you read Carl Jung's Psychological Types?

    Just curious...
  12. Inquisitor

    SPLIT from "What gender are you internally?"

    This basically sums it up as far as I am concerned, except for the part in bold. Gender dysphoria likely has biological roots so it's incorrect to label it a mental illness (Causes of transsexualism). Same goes for homosexuality. The underlined part is a major concern. While homosexuality is...
  13. Inquisitor

    Best work/study partner type for INTPs?

    Say I've got a work or school project to do...which personality type is best suited to working closely with INTPs? I prefer working alone, but sometimes, you have no choice. I may have to do some programming assignments in my intro to CS class with a partner. I'm thinking an INTJ would be...
  14. Inquisitor

    Typological basis of greed?

    Are there certain types that are more prone to greed? When I say greed here, I am referring to lust for money, power, possessions, wealth, prestige, fame... From what I've observed, some people will literally feel like they failed at life if they don't become ultra-rich and powerful. What...
  15. Inquisitor

    Gender role reversals

    Does anyone ever notice that increasingly men are getting more effeminate and women are getting more masculine? I've perused past threads for this topic, so apologies if it has already been discussed. I see this trend occurring both in terms of physical appearance as well as behavior. Women...
  16. Inquisitor

    American Psycho - Patrick Bateman Type?

    This has been discussed on other sites, but I wanted to get people's take on this...What is Patrick Bateman's type? Obviously, there's not going to be a single right answer here because he's a fictional character who's an amalgamation of everything the author feels is wrong with society. That...
  17. Inquisitor

    Need input: Are the lower functions "slaved" to the dominant or are they independent?

    So...a recent discussion prompted me to post a new thread about this topic...There are two things I'm trying to clarify... My starting assumption is that all people have all 8 of the cognitive functions, but only one function is highly conscious, and all the rest are less so, with one being...
  18. Inquisitor

    INTP Career Counselor/Useful Advice

    I believe this guy is an INTP. He is a 60-70 something career counselor in San Francisco. He also has a radio show on an NPR-San Francisco affiliate in which he offers "workovers" for people who want to start a new career/change jobs/improve their work situation. Very smart guy. Prolific writer...
  19. Inquisitor

    Education Careers for INTPs

    I am an ESL teacher. Been in the field for about 4-5 years now both in China and now at a private school in the US. Thought I would share my thoughts on the suitability of this field for INTPs as well as the aspects I enjoy/hate. 1) Teaching: Generally, I have found that the act of teaching...
  20. Inquisitor

    Robot Chef

    I was cooking for hours yesterday and wore myself ragged. At the end of it, I knew what I needed was either: 1) Slave(s) to cook and clean for me. I am too poor to hire a personal chef and don't trust leaving a stranger in my house while I go off to work. OR 2) Robot(s) to do the same...
  21. Inquisitor

    Is Software Development/Roboticization Unethical?

    Just read this article in the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/19/opinion/sunday/the-machines-are-coming.html I am considering pursuing a CS-related career. This article made me feel uncomfortable with that aspiration. So far, the Internet has most definitely improved my quality of...
  22. Inquisitor

    Need dating advice...

    So... I like this girl, we're just friends... but I want to know her type as soon as possible...I want her to take one of the online tests like right now! How soon is too soon to bring this up? k thx bi :o
  23. Inquisitor

    Ayurveda Constitution Quiz

    What's your body type? So...I'm a big fan of Ayurveda, the Indian system of traditional medicine. I thought I would share that in this forum. As well as being an INTP, and by that I mean having a functional stack of Ti-Ne-Si-Fe, I also identify under Ayurveda as having a Vata-Pitta...
  24. Inquisitor

    Advice on ISFP mother needed

    My mother tested as an ISFP using AJ Drenth's type identifier. She seems to think that's her, and it rings true to me as well. Did a broad search online and in the forum on ISFP, but found little info...particularly interested in the role of the inferior Te in this type. Specifically the...
  25. Inquisitor

    Can indulging your inferior Fe be addicting?

    As a teacher, I find my job to gives me an emotional high every single day, but intellectually, I feel a little stultified. Plus teaching is really stressful for me and exhausting. I don't think I'm growing or using my Ti enough...and I don't feel totally satisfied at the end of every day...
  26. Inquisitor

    Hello, world

    Long-time lurker, ready to dive into the INTP Forum and others too probably...typology rocks...gotten a lot more into it now that I'm searching for the big answers...Have read mucho about INTP and tested myself countless times...looking to understand more about my Fe... 30 y/o ESL...
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