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  1. TransientMoment

    To what extent do differences in intelligence exist?

    I hope someone does research on the intelligence of octopi. They seem really clever, like squirrels, but whether this equates to the ability to communicate effectively, who knows. In answer to the OP: I would say different levels of intelligence do exist, but it's hard to say because we don't...
  2. TransientMoment

    If you could have any pet, what pet would you like?

    I like tardigrades. There's probably a ton of them nearby and I just don't know it. @higs - That furball is cute. Does it bark? Is it potty-trained? And can it hum the French national anthem?
  3. TransientMoment

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I do this too, but...
  4. TransientMoment

    Why is there 2 ways to write lower case "a"?

    I hate posting Wikipedia, but: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A tl;dr - There were several ways of writing A, but in Italy, the two common forms we have today evolved. The circle with a line on the side is the "italic" (used in writing), and the circle with the line over the top is the "Roman"...
  5. TransientMoment

    The femininity and masculinity of personality

    lol - Hijack of Latin there by Jung. ("Anima" is Greek for the life-force of animals - nothing to do with personality, but the endings "a" and "us" are for feminine and masculine declensions (respectively) in Latin.) I wouldn't say males get their emotional side from females around them. I...
  6. TransientMoment

    It's always nice coming back here...

    Merrily, good sir, merrily, if you will but avoid thine incredulity.
  7. TransientMoment

    It's always nice coming back here...

    @redbaron - Yes, it has been quite some time... probably over a year or so since I was here last, but not too long, 'cause I hadn't yet forgotten my password. XD
  8. TransientMoment

    I don't like giving charity

    Wow, this thread. I'll throw in my .02 before bed. I think this all boils down to man being man. It doesn't matter what system mankind establishes - be it religion, politics, or economics - it will always fail because even one selfish person in a crowd will spoil it for everyone else...
  9. TransientMoment

    To What Extent Can AI Derive/Interpret Meaning?

    I think these can be answered. 1) Currently, humans only have the capability of creating machines that manipulate the physical word - protons, neutrons, electrons, and such particles. The motion of these things on their own is meaningless, which is evidence to me that qualia must supersede the...
  10. TransientMoment

    Careers an INTP would enjoy

    From what I've read, professorships in the States are dried up, but I'm not sure if that's also true in Canada. My guess is that it would be just based on the continuation of the previous generations holding those jobs. In this job, it's also easy to lose touch with the latest happens in the...
  11. TransientMoment

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    I wouldn't say laziness is instinctual, but it is natural. We become tired, and our bodies say, "Stop working so you can recharge". But the less you work, the more accustomed your body becomes to not working, which means that any effort you exert causes your body to say "this is tiring". The...
  12. TransientMoment

    Do you report drunk drivers?

    I don't report drunk drivers... mostly because when I see them, I'm driving myself, and where I'm at, I can't use the phone and drive. I also see them in the most unideal spots for reporting, like on a highway. "Yes, officer, the suspect was not wearing a hat."
  13. TransientMoment

    I hope my thoughs are all wrong

    You're over-analyzing it, which tends to happen in your twenties as a male 'cause your brain is changing it's wiring. Don't worry about it. Trust. Don't judge by inference. If there is going to be betrayal, it should be obvious. And ask some one else who knows the guy of their opinion. Playing a...
  14. TransientMoment

    It's always nice coming back here...

    Same old people rehashing the same old problems and offering the same old solutions and telling the same old jokes. There's something that transcends oldness here. Maybe just being with your own kind for a change instead of surrounded by strangers. The culture here goes without saying - no...
  15. TransientMoment


    Belated welcome.
  16. TransientMoment

    Why do we like online tests?

    "Why are you here?"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHY8NKj3RKs
  17. TransientMoment

    Non-Fiction Book Recommendations

    This isn't a which-is-better thread or only-read-this thread, but INTPs do have a general tendency to enjoy non-fiction over fiction. Let's stick with just making suggestions, please.
  18. TransientMoment

    Using emoticons is a female thing

    I use them twice as much as men and half as much as women.
  19. TransientMoment

    Anti-gravity Theory

    Oh, that's interesting. I probably should've guessed that (there are stations), but as I haven't seen anyone, I wonder where they are hiding. Eheh eheh. Except that, what you don't see in the news: The Tesla vehicle batteries have to go somewhere. Batteries in general are very expensive but...
  20. TransientMoment

    Do you identify with the child you once were?

    ^ Goes to show sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. I'm glad you've been able to mellow out. Hopefully your psychological wounds will heal completely the longer time goes on.
  21. TransientMoment

    What is your IQ?

    ^ I'd say neither were applicable. tbh, It's not like you have to be one type or another. Personality type seems to represent more how your brain feels comfortable working. If you're comfortable with people and being alone, you could be ambivert. As for IQ, I think that's something that can be...
  22. TransientMoment

    Eureka moment regarding trans people.

    If by "trans" we mean "transgender" and if by "transgender" we mean people with a body that appears to be more of the opposite sex than of the one their parts say they are, then I would think the issue is more complex than that. If there are 16 different personality types and 16 permutations of...
  23. TransientMoment

    Yay or Nay? Clothing with texts on them.

    It usually doesn't bother me as long as it's not provocative, intentionally insulting, or promoting some idea that everyone knows defies common sense. Of course, whatever you have on your shirt might say something about you, but I won't judge you unless I think you are the kind of person who...
  24. TransientMoment

    A battle of social ineptitude

    We could simply demonstrate social ineptitude by using this thread to show how we fail at communic... ... oh. Darn. Edit: I just looked at the test. I wouldn't pick any of those options. Where's answer "C" for "none of the above"? I'm fighting the rules of this quiz! Onward!
  25. TransientMoment

    INTPf vs. INTPx // First Battle - A BATTLE OF LOGIC

    lol. I reject that. XD As this is a deductive reasoning test, I felt free to answer with the pattern-identification that pleased me best.
  26. TransientMoment

    INTPf vs. INTPx // First Battle - A BATTLE OF LOGIC

    But if I do, it'll drive nuts some poor thinker several years from now who stumbles upon this thread in the Wayback Machine and wants to know the answer! Haven't you ever felt this way?? https://xkcd.com/979/
  27. TransientMoment

    INTPf vs. INTPx // First Battle - A BATTLE OF LOGIC

  28. TransientMoment

    Non-Fiction Book Recommendations

    I also recommend QED: The Strange Theory of Matter and Light. (book cover varies) There is a text book, but this isn't it. The textbook seems confusing, at least to me. The book I'm recommending is small (less than 200 pages) and is made up of the four lectures Feynman gave at a university...
  29. TransientMoment

    What's your favorite topic to study?

    I'm not looking for stats, I'm looking for your favorite topic. What do you like to study? And Why? Feel free to go into rambling detail (that includes rambling about the topic and/or about why you think the topic is interesting to you personally or interesting to humans in general).
  30. TransientMoment

    Non-Fiction Book Recommendations

    In a perhaps shocking if not simply an odd way, complementary to Serac's recommendation... John Paul II's Theology of the Body. It's an enlightening insight into the human body and God's intentions for mankind to begin with. If you're curious as to why Catholicism is against homosexuality...
  31. TransientMoment

    Anthropology - an INTP interest?

    Generally speaking, other human beings are the last thing INTPs want to study. I say that tongue and cheek, though, since it's possible that INTPs are curious about human history. I am to some degree, but as I have such a broad spectrum of interests, it doesn't take high precedence. Sometimes...
  32. TransientMoment

    INTP - relaxing the mind

    The kind of music you listen to has an effect on your mind. For some people, listening to calming music has an effect. However, for INTPs, I think the best benefits are actually listening to what you body is in the mood for. If you are angry, listen to dissonance. If you are happy, listen to...
  33. TransientMoment


    If you want poems, go see the feelers Fall on your knees laughing - they'll offer you kneelers Just don't ask them of the nuances of their work Their meanings hold reasons that will drive you berserk! I once met an old mathematician He said his poems were terrible, and I agreed But he added...
  34. TransientMoment

    Declaration of War

    Woooow.... Way to make a thread busy, kalika. Must be very boring over there. I'll admit, I checked it out once and found it lacking activity, though that's not surprising for an INTP forum (it adds to the authenticity). But for whatever weird internal human need, I wanted a community. For the...
  35. TransientMoment

    Future invention point system game I'm creating

    Future inventions? How about: Meteor shields Desert fruit (for Martian mission) Flying car/bus/train Hovercraft 3D Projection Techniques (holograms, military or medical projection mapping, etc) Quantum Encryption
  36. TransientMoment

    Anti-gravity Theory

    I recall reading an article a long time ago about the possibility of launching microchips into space by having them propel themselves with the earth's magnetic field. They would, however, need to be boosted to the appropriate speed initially by means of a rocket. The biggest factor preventing...
  37. TransientMoment

    Explaining oneself to others

    What,what,what? No. Hang on. (Edit: I was targeting the OP and earlier responses. Sorry QuickTwist.) First of all, problems aren't caused by one single factor. There are a number of reasons. Second, we see ourselves as victims for a number of reasons, not just one. Consider, for example...
  38. TransientMoment

    Help me design a game

    The thing about games is that you have to be in the mood to play them. If you overanalyze them like your normal, rational self does, you stop enjoying them because they are pointless time wasters. Some of the best games have stories. It's a rewarding, fulling experience for certain gamers. But...
  39. TransientMoment

    Strange occurrence in Facebook's "People you may know"

    Facebook collects information about you associated with your IP address. That information is collected via Facebook ads or widgets on other websites, such as the Facebook "Share" button. If a site says "Connect via Facebook", they already have info coming from Facebook and...
  40. TransientMoment

    How good are you at spotting a lie?

    Going along with what Adaire said: You have to know the truth to know a lie. You can't just find it based on cues. The only generally reliable cue is that someone lying usually takes a fraction of a second longer to respond than someone not lying because they have to invent some kind of truth...
  41. TransientMoment

    A work in progress.

    Hey! That's about the time I saw 'em. Not in the playoffs, that I recall, but same era. Sounds fun! I'd probably be more of hockey fan if they stopped acting like boxers. (*cough* Ok, so NYY vs Det wasn't exactly civil either. *cough*) Islanders have had some decent seasons. They seem to be...
  42. TransientMoment

    A work in progress.

    LoL. You sound like a New Yorker. X) I lived on the east coast for awhile, so I got to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade but didn't see the St Pat's one. Missed out. How was it? btw, I think Yankee fans are the best baseball fans in the world. Do you like the Yankees? (not to say the Mets are...
  43. TransientMoment

    A work in progress.

    Maybe you're handsome and not telling us? Anyways, welcome to the boards! I take it you've seen the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade up close on a number of occasions? If so, would you say it's better, normal, or worse and why?
  44. TransientMoment

    Staying with the forum

    I'm inclined to agree. Here's how it seems to me: The "reading minds" idea stems from people wanting to empathize or look into the life of another person. They dream up ideas (about someone else's thoughts or future) because they spend more time thinking about what they think other people are...
  45. TransientMoment

    Animekitty's Type

    Perhaps, though all of the INTJs I know are pretty fun people to be around. Coldness is more of a character trait than a personality one. Anyone can be cold. There are simply different flavors of cold personalities. lol my descriptors
  46. TransientMoment

    the four dimensions of reality: space time energy distance

    @Reluctantly & @Grayman Assuming I understand you both correctly (possibly not), I'd say you're both correct about particles. The reality is, we only have reality to describe reality. We don't have some reference point outside of reality by which to discuss the foundations of what we're talking...
  47. TransientMoment

    Profit seekers

    ads don't equate to greed. We all need money for something. It's a nice exchange unit rather than carrying around tons of actual products with us. Not to mention the value of money doesn't go down as fast as the value of most of the stuff we buy with it. I think the ad-spamming has occurred in...
  48. TransientMoment

    Can AI be regulated?

    When the AI reaches adult wisdom? Not to say it's not a nice dream. Heck, I got into programming to develop AI once upon a time. I don't think it'll relieve us of being slaves to society so much as it'll segregate society even more between the haves and have-nots. Sounds like the topic deserves...
  49. TransientMoment

    Can AI be regulated?

    Yes, I know that. I think it's rather depressing where humanity is taking itself. I suppose then, if we're going to draw the line, we may as well pick a decent one, right? ... I can't think of a good one, though. Every legal line has some problem with it. I suppose we could judge AI based on...
  50. TransientMoment

    Can AI be regulated?

    So you're saying that, because we live with problems, we should add more? That doesn't make any sense. It's like this: because we already breath carbon dioxide (a small % of air), we should continue to allow levels to increase. Doing so would ultimately amount to unbreathable air, which in an...
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